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  • 1/19 9:20pm   Hi AR, This email is in response to your note in the NorfolkNet.
    I am Gerard Martel a long time Norfolk resident with extensive experience in most aspects of home improvement and repair.
    If you are still in need of these services, I can be reached by email at dgmartel@verizon.net
    If you prefer to speak to me directly please call me at the home phone 508-541-4110 if it goes to the machine just leave a short message with you phone # and I will get right back to you.
    Thank You,
    - GM

  • 1/19 9:17pm   Hi everyone! My name is Edilaine and I do house cleaning around and also in Norfolk. If you need help with cleaning your house, give me a call, I will stop by to give free estimate. I have references to give. Thanks,
    - EL

  • 1/19 9:16pm   I have a almost new Nordic treadmill, model number 831.24992.5 for sale. Contact box511@norfolknet.com
    - JT

  • 1/19 9:15pm   Was one of your resolutions to put some attention into the maintenance of your home? I can help! I am Mark McGuckian, a local carpenter. I will work with you to come up with money saving options to get your house looking the way you've always wanted. I specialize in everything from basement remodeling to window replacements. I bring with me a long list of happy local customers, so please feel to call about any job you may be thinking about. I can be reached at 508.440.5119 or 617.699.4494. Thank you and Happy New Year!
    - MM

  • 1/19 9:12pm   For JPB: Right you are, all lives matter. Some of your post was missing (as was part of mine re our blue state), but I wanted to mention that the group for whom black lives matter LEAST is apparently African Americans, as 93% of black deaths from murder are at the hands of other blacks according to the DOJ in 2007, which was the first statistic I found. The 8th cause of death among black Americans is from homicide according to the CDC (I did not continue wading through the many pages to get the dates or other details), if they can be believed.
    - AB-G

    [I admit the posts were short, but I posted the full text of each as received - Wm.]

  • 1/19 9:07pm   In search for a James Bond type car (Aston Martin, BMW Z3, etc) to use at the Norfolk Community Gala on March 21, 2015 at Lake Pearl. The theme of this year's gala is James Bond, License to Thrill. The car would be used as decor at the entrance of the building. Please contact Melissa at mdugas2013@gmail.com with any information.
    - AB, NCL

  • 1/19 9:07pm   The Norfolk Community Gala is less than two months away and we are in need of donations for the silent and live auction. Whether you have 1 item or 100 to contribute, your participation is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts. By donating an item or service, you'll help raise money for our community.
    Do you have sporting tickets, golf memberships, or concert tickets that you can donate? How about a timeshare or second home that you could spare for a weekend? Is there a special skill or service you can provide? Would your organization like to prepare a themed basket to donate to the auction?
    Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help us with our fundraising efforts! Please contact us at norfolkgala@gmail.com with any questions.
    Don't have an item or service to provide but still would like to contribute? Sponsorships options are also available and offer name recognition and ticket options. Please visit www.norfolkgala.com for more details
    - AB, NCL

  • 1/19 9:07pm   Last call for nominations for the2015 Norfolk Person of the Year! Don't miss this unique opportunity to recognize a Norfolk resident who makes our towna better place. It could be someone whoorganizers a community fundraiser, a volunteer who coordinates support for a family in need or any Norfolk resident who gives back to the town we call home.
    Please submit nominations to nclpersonoftheyear@gmail.com by February 1, 2015. In a few words,explain why you think this person deserves to be recognized and named the 2015 Norfolk Person of the Year. To nominate someone,you must live in Norfolk and include your name and address on your nomination. No anonymous nominations will beaccepted. While you may not nominate yourself, you may nominate a family member. Three finalists will be selected by NCL's Board and be posted at www.norfolkgala.com by February 10th.
    Norfolk residents may vote fortheir favorite nominee between February 16 and February 27, 2015 at www.norfolkgala.com. Each Norfolk resident, including children,may vote once. Nominees must be at least 21 years of age. Previous winners and NCL board members are not eligible. The winner will be honored at the Norfolk Community Gala on March 21, 2015.
    - AB, NCL

  • 1/19 9:05pm   Hi AR, If you are looking for handyman still you can call Jack at 617-755-8834. I'm a retired firefighter, live in town and am available.
    - JC

  • 1/19 9:05pm   I read in the newspaper that the Norfolk Town Chief Assessor left his position with the town at the first of this year. While I have not seen the vacant position advertised in a newspaper, it has been posted under the tab ``Job Opportunities'' on the Norfolk Town Hall website. The posting does not contain the date of the posting or a deadline for applying. It would be helpful to potential applicants, if the town Administrator would furnish further information on the Chief Assessors position along with a posting on the ``The Norfolk Net''. Thank you for your consideration.
    - KK

  • 1/19 9:04pm   Norfolk Person of the Year nomination period is open for 2 more weeks! If you know someone who makes Norfolk a better place, consider nominating them for Person of the Year to let them know how much their work is appreciated. Nominations are due by January 31st. For more information, please visit /www.norfolkgala.com/person-of-the-year.html
    - JT

  • 1/19 9:03pm   Hi, I have found a set of car keys this morning (1-15-15) by the train station and I am leaving them at the Police Station for claiming.
    - CM

  • 1/19 9:00pm   Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer Spring 2015 Registration now open!
    Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer (NLYS) invites players age 3 (as of September 1, 2014) through high school to register for their Spring 2015 season today. You do not have to live in Norfolk to join in the fun!
    To register, please visit the newly designed website at: www.norfolklionssoccer.com
    If you have any questions, please contact the registrar, Reynolds Lee, at lionssoccer.norfolk@gmail.com or 508-528-8015.
    - CD, Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer

  • 1/19 8:59pm   Want to know more about NCTV? Check out our FAQ blog post and submit your own questions before the FAQ becomes a permanent page on our website! If you have a question about us, odds are someone else does too! Submissions can be anonymous or you can leave your name and contact info so we can respond to you personally. http://www.norfolkcable.com/blog/2015/01/13/faq
    - Katy Woodhams, NCTV

  • 1/19 8:57pm   Is your dog bored at home? Leashrly Life has the solution. Let us take your pet out for a hiking excursion!
    The benefits of hiking with your dog are immeasurable. Hiking can be great therapy for a dog that is exhibiting boredom-based behavior at home such as shoe, rug or furniture chewing, lawn digging, or gratuitous barking. Hiking is a great way to get rid of this boredom!! If your dog is sleeping all day, a hike might just be the activity needed to perk him up and run off pent up energy.
    Even the toughest four-legged couch potato loves to get outside for much needed exercise. Dogs love variety ~ new scents to smell and investigate; rolling hills to race up and down; and grass, dirt or mulch to walk on instead of cement (especially now that the colder months can take a toll on their little paws). Just like us, dogs need stimulation and a little excitement. A hike for your dog will give him a mini vacation from his daily routine.
    When you get home, you'll notice the sparkle in his eyes after he returns from a place with lots of interesting sights, smells and things to do. He will love you even more for it!! Remember, a tired dog is a good dog -- and hiking is great exercise for pets! Call us today to schedule your pet's hike at 781-241-2083 or email lisa@leashrlylife.com. Please leave us your phone number if you email us. You can also visit us online at www.leashrlylife.com.
    - AW, Leashrly Life

  • 1/19 8:56pm   Hello, Looking for daycare recommendations (center or home) for an adorable infant who is currently 4 months old to start in April. Only Monday's and Wednesday's needed. Looking in Norfolk and surrounding towns.
    Thank you, Email Krystalhp@aol.com
    - KJ

  • 1/19 8:54pm   Re 12/24 3:55pm Regarding changing electric suppliers ~ you need to do your home work. ... - AB
    AB as I said before I or anyone else who sells Viridian Energy are not high pressure sales people. We do not do cold calls. We work though word of mouth, family, friends and friends of friends. If you would like I would be happy to make a presentation to you or anyone else. You can contact me by email at viridian.com/gogreenwithtree or (508) 958-1323. Viridian offers 50% or 100% green electricity at a very affordable price.
    - SB

  • 1/19 8:52pm   Axiom Computer - interested in using their services for computer maintenance and setting up newly purchased laptop and desktop pcs. Appreciate hearing about your experiences with this Wrentham company - in discussions they do seem to be competent. Would like to hear what your "real-life" experiences have been with them.
    Much Appreciated,
    - CRJ

  • 1/19 8:51pm   Open Burning for the Commonwealth will start on Thursday, January 15th and conclude on May 1st. To obtain a Permit, any resident can stop at the Public Safety Complex, 117 Main Street, at anytime to file. All filing will be a hard copy format, as the Department was forced to suspend on-line filing due to software issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    There is no charge for the Permit.
    Basic points to remember are: residents seeking to burn must contact the Communications Center at 508-528-3207 to determine if open burning is approved for the day; approval for open burning comes to the fire service from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and open burning may be done between 10AM and must be extinguished by 4PM.
    Please remember that only brush may be burned. Leaves, grass, construction debris, tires, trash, stumps or hay are not permitted to be burned by the DEP regulations.
    If any resident or property owner has any questions, please contact us at 508-528-3207 and ask to speak with the on-duty fire officer or myself.
    - Coleman C. Bushnell, Fire Chief, Norfolk Fire Department

  • 1/19 8:50pm   I'm looking to join or start a mastermind group for entrepreneurs who are building websites and/or have started online businesses. Anyone know of anyone or any local groups? Thanks mg20one@yahoo.com 774-244-6266
    - MG

  • 1/19 8:49pm   Dear moderator I noticed a post about black lives matter. Simply not appropriate for this forum.
    - RW

  • 1/19 8:48pm   Hi AR, I am interested in doing the work you have indicated. I'm a 40 year Norfolk resident and a retired salesman. I have been doing this type of work for over 10 years. References available. Contact Bob at 774-571-0980
    - BL

  • 1/11 10:53pm   Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a Handy Man (person) to do some small plumbing and electrical work around the house. Leaky shower, new outlets, replacing bathroom lights and fan, possibly more. Thank you!
    - AR

  • 1/11 10:52pm   Looking to buy a used TV - 32 inches or similar size. Call Donna 508-284-2589.
    - DM

  • 1/11 10:50pm   Hi, I'm looking for a part-time personal driver for local venues. Various days and times. Available on short notices a plus. Barbara - 508-932-5754
    - BP

  • 1/11 10:47pm   To All Norfolk Residents, please read this testimony from a NJ parent about the PARCC test.
    KP Middle school will be administering PARCC this spring. I urge you to OPT Out/Refuse this very bad test.
    Also, I will be placing an article on the Town Meeting Warrant to remove Common Core and PARCC testing from the Norfolk Public and KP Public Schools in a non-binding vote. Several towns have already successfully done this and many more are expected this spring.
    If you haven't done research on Common Core and PARCC, I urge you to look into the creation and subservient problems it is creating nationwide [Washington Post article here]
    Thank you
    - PT

  • 1/11 10:46pm   Teen Study Nights at the Norfolk Public Library
    Tuesday, January 20 and Thursday, January 22
    Grades 9-12
    It's midterm week at King Philip...so come spend the evening at the library studying! The entire library will be open until 10:00pm FOR TEENS ONLY to study, have free pizza while it lasts, purchase snacks for 25 cents, and, hopefully, relax a little bit! The library will close to the public at 7:30 and will be open until 10:00pm for students from any high school. No need to register, just be sure to sign in and out. Contact Marissa Antosh, Youth Services Librarian, at 508-528-3380 x5 or mantosh@sailsinc.org with questions.
    - MA, Norfolk Public Library

  • 1/11 10:44pm   End White Silence, it a right. All lives matter.
    - JPB

  • 1/11 10:43pm   Its a new year and mid-terms are right around the corner! I can help with getting that pesky math grade up through tutoring. I am a junior at KP who loves teaching math but lacks anyone to teach. Trial lesson is free! contact me at Zackinnator@Gmail.com
    - ZG

  • 1/11 10:42pm   Applications are being accepted for the position of Production Coordinator at NCTV from now until January 23rd at 5pm. Please visit www.norfolkcable.com/jobs for job description and details on how to apply!
    - Katy Woodhams, NCTV

  • 1/11 10:41pm   Good day Norfolk. I am looking for someone that could come and professionally install a rug in my 3-season porch. I was going to attempt it, but the room looks too nice for me to mess it up. Rug is already purchased. Please let me know if you can help, box510@norfolknet.com
    - PD

  • 1/11 9:56pm   First winter in Norfolk and looking for a reliable plow for our driveway. We don't want to sign up for a season, looking for someone who will do it on a storm to storm basis (when it's too large to do ourselves). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    - KH

  • 1/11 9:55pm   Winter exercise classes offered through Norfolk Recreation
    Get strength and cardio benefits in just 30 minutes a day with this new Circuit class !!!
    Mondays 7:30 - 8:00 AM. Beginning Jan. 12th Fee: $72.00 per session (12 weeks, once a week)
    Wednesdays 8:55 - 9:25 AM. Beginning Jan. 14th Fee: $72.00 per session (12 weeks, once a week)
    Also offering.
    Strength Training: Fridays: 9:00-9:45 AM Fee: $72.00 (12 week session) Beginning Jan. 9th
    Pilates-Based Floor Class: Fridays: 9:45 AM Fee: $72.00 (12 week session)
    Beginning Jan. 9th
    Location of classes: Multipurpose Room, Norfolk Town Hall
    For more information go to www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec (under Nanci Cahalane programs) or call (508) 520-1315 for more information
    - NC, Town of Norfolk

  • 1/11 9:54pm   There is space available in our upcoming self-defense class for women! Please considering registering. Learn how to keep yourself safe in a fun, controlled environment. This is a beginners class that caters to all ages and ability levels. A great class for moms/daughters, or a group of friends. Class will be held 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17 from 6pm - approximately 9pm at the H.Olive Day School. Register online through www.virtualnorfolk.org/ or in person at the rec dept. Any questions contact Officer Palladini, mpalladini@virtualnorfolk.org
    - MP, Town of Norfolk

  • 1/11 9:53pm   Are you looking to join an orchestra in 2015?
    The Parkway Concert Orchestra is looking for experienced volunteer musicians wanted for all positions, with particular emphasis on violin, viola, double bass and tuba. Geneviève Leclair, Music Director and Conductor WHEN: Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 starting on January 12 WHERE: First Congregational Church, 100 Winter St, Norwood, MA HOW: Contact us to attend open rehearsals on January 12 and 19 parkwayconcertorchestra@gmail.com (781) 444-5041 www.parkwayconcertorchestra.org
    SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: Dvorak's Slavonic Dances, Broadway and Opera favorites for concerts on March 8 and 15, May 3
    Parkway Concert Orchestra is a 50 piece community orchestra which performs classical and pops selections 6 times per year in multiple locations around the southwest suburbs of Boston.
    - MB

  • 1/11 9:52pm   Norfolk Community Television hosts FREE workshops on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm right in the center of town at 158 M ain Street! With a few brand new teachers, you're sure to learn something new, even if you've taken the class before. Check out what's on the list for January 2015:
    1/6/15 - Intro to Video Recording
    1/13/15 - Intro to Final Cut Pro X taught by Jordan Tynes
    1/20/15 - Studio Production (1 of 2)
    1/27/15 - Studio Production (2 of 2)
    All ages and skill levels are welcome! Parental consent and/or attendance will be required for minors. To view workshop descriptions, sign up, or see future months, please visit www.norfolkcable.com/classes. Call, e-mail, or come by with any questions!
    - Katy Woodhams, NCTV

  • 1/11 9:49pm   The Un-Common Theatre Company is thrilled to announce auditions for their Spring Production of "13" on Tuesday, January 20th beginning at 6:30pm. The production will feature a cast of 7th to 12th graders and will be performed at the Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro on April 10th, 11th and 12th, 2015.
    Un-Common is excited to welcome our new creative team of Director and Choreographer Courtney Bottomley and Music Director Patrick McCrossan to lead this production of this Broadway favorite! The Un-Common Theatre Company is dedicated to producing quality productions performed by aspiring young actors, singers and musicians and supported by aspiring young technicians. We provide opportunities to work under the guidance of theatre professionals and perform in professional theater houses.
    When Evan Goldman's parents get divorced and he's forced to move from New York City to a small town in Indiana, Evan just wants to make friends and survive the school year. Easier said than done. The star quarterback is threatening to ruin his life and his only friend, Patrice, won't talk to him. The school freak sees an opportunity for blackmail and someone is spreading the nastiest rumors.
    A grown-up story about growing up, "13" featured the only all-teenage cast to hit Broadway! "13" is a story for all ages about navigating the labyrinth of high school dramas and discovering that cool is where you find it, and sometimes where you least expect it.
    Schedule your audition today and be part of bringing "13" to life on stage. Join us as we share this timely story and its many unforgettable characters and songs including The Lamest Place in the World, Opportunity and Brand New You.
    Auditions will be held at the Robinson School in Mansfield, MA on Tuesday, January 20th for students in Grade 7 through Grade 12. Auditions will begin at 6:30pm and are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. All roles are available. To make an appointment, email uncommontheatre@verizon.net. Please provide your name, grade, age, e-mail address and telephone number. A representative from The Un-Common Theatre Company will contact you with an appointment time and more information.
    For more information about this production and audition requirements, please check the website at www.uncommontheatre.org
    - JD

  • 1/11 9:46pm   Dear SH: Eastern Pearl has great Chinese Food. It is fairly new, on route 1 in Walpole just before the Hess Station. Family owned, delicious and fresh food. Gluten free options too.
    - LR

  • 1/11 9:45pm   Looking for a part-time personal driver for local drives. Various days and times. Available on short notice a must.
    - BP

  • 1/11 9:44pm   AA, you do realize that this state is the ``bluest of blue'', meaning
    - AB-G

  • 1/11 9:39pm   BHS: Basement was already finished when we bought our house in Norfolk but Pat and Mike Treacy did an A-1 job to build a porch on the front of our house and a deck and screened in deck on the back of our house. I would use them again for any building project. Call Bob at 617-664-0937 if you would like details.
    - RP

  • 1/2 5:49pm   Good morning my name is Robert Caprarella, I am a professional painter in business for close to 30 yrs. Living in Norfolk and been a high end painter for all those years. Started in Dover. Fully insured. Robert Caprarella Painting. 508-269-9598
    - RC

  • 1/2 5:42pm   Hoping everyone got new computers and phones for the holidays and looking to sell old ones. I am an Adult Student in a vocational training program and need to take online courses. I am a Norfolk resident looking to purchase locally. Student discount appreciated. Thank You.
    - DP

  • 1/2 5:41pm   I am looking to buy a portable garage for my car this winter. I am not sure which ones will hold up to new england weather and need some advice. Would appreciate any input. Also, if someone has a portable garage for sale I am interested. Thank You
    - DP

  • 1/2 5:38pm   My wife's sister who resides in Arizona told us about a practice in their area to show support for law enforcement in this trying time of protests and general demonization of all the police. People are putting a candle with a Blue Bulb in their window. They intend on displaying this lit candle throughout the year to show support for, not only their local police, but for all law enforcement personnel in the country. We think this is an excellent idea. My blue candle is lit and will remain lit to show my support. Norfolk residents please get behind this and spread the word.
    - AA

  • 1/2 5:33pm   Hello BHS, I recently came across your post regarding recommendations for contractors for finishing your basement.
    Complete Builders, LLC is a Norfolk based company that has completed numerous residential projects throughout the area including interior renovations, additions, and custom homes. Visit us at www.CBuildLLC.com to learn more, and contact John@CBuildLLC.com at 774-696-6541. We look forward to hearing from you!
    - RD, Complete Builders, LLC

  • 1/2 5:18pm   Parkway Concert Orchestra is looking for additional members! Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) are particularly desired, but all instruments are welcome.
    Rehearsals are in Norwood at the First Baptist Church on 1A / Winter Street from 7:30-9:30 on Monday nights. Remaining concerts for this season will be held locally in March and in May.
    Contact jennife943@hotmail.com (Note: there is no "r" in jennife) for further information.
    - MB

  • 1/2 5:16pm   We recently moved to this area and looking for a reliable handyman to help us with small projects. I would appreciate if you can recommend someone. Please contact yuliacostello@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • 1/2 5:15pm   As you plan to celebrate the beginning of 2015 and set your resolutions, why don't you add the resolution of helping someone else, doing a good deed, or save a life.
    Join us at the 11th Annual Gary Mirliss Memorial Blood Drive
    When: Saturday, January 10, 2015, From 8 AM to 3 PM
    Where: King Philip Middle School, 18 King Street, Norfolk, MA 02056,
    It is only with your help that our goal of 200 units can be reached
    We hope to see you there.
    - GM

  • 1/2 5:06pm   The Norfolk Cultural Council is presenting a group show by some of its members January 3-31 at the Norfolk Public Library. The exhibit is in the Community Room. Please check the library website for hours: library.virtualnorfolk.org. The council organized this exhibit when there was a cancellation and used the opportunity to display paintings and photographs from several of its members. The exhibit features artwork by Madeleine Bolger, Janyce Conklin, Rick Tedoldi and Robin Wessman. Please stop in to see the exhibit! The council is also looking for new members. If you are interested in joining please contact the council at this email address: ncc@virtualnorfolk.org
    - AW

  • 1/2 5:05pm   Fuel assistance is a federally funded program and is available to Norfolk homeowners and renters (who pay their own heating bills). Eligible participants, regardless of age, can receive financial aid, advice, and assistance with heating and related issues regardless of the nature of the heating system or the type of heating fuel used.
    A Tax Relief Program allows Norfolk seniors the opportunity to earn a substantial reduction of their property tax by assisting in various town departments. For this program applicants must be 65 or older and can earn (the hourly rate will be increased to $9.00 in 2015) a credit as high as $750.00 which will be credited to the senior's real estate taxes.
    A SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Counselor is available to Norfolk Seniors on the second Tuesday of every month from 9 a. m. at the Center (or by appointment). A SHINE Counselor is a committed volunteer who provides accurate, unbiased and up-to-date information regarding all health care options. She or he is trained and certified by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs in many areas of health insurance, including Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D; Medigap insurance, Medicare HMOs, retiree insurance plans, prescription drug programs, Medicaid, and Medicare assistance programs.
    Maggie Gunderson, the Norfolk Senior Center Outreach Worker, will be glad to answer your questions regarding these and many of the additional programs available at the Center as well as assistance with applications, advocacy, and referral regarding the full network of community agencies and providers for a variety of issues faced by seniors. She is available all day Wednesday at the Senior Center for your calls (or visits). An appointment can also be arranged by calling (508) 528-4430.
    By calling the same number a full schedule of all Norfolk Senior Center programs and activities can be obtained or interested parties can visit the Council on Aging site at : www.virtualnorfolk.org/public_documents/norfolkma_coa/index
    Norfolk residents are also encouraged to contact those friends, loved ones, relatives, or neighbors who may benefit from one or more of these programs. The Senior Center is located at 28 Medway Branch Road and is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    - TM, Norfolk Council on Aging

  • 1/2 5:04pm   For finished basements WWW.TREACYBROTHERS.COM 508-528-5663 Norfolk,Ma.
    - PT, treacybroshers.com

  • 1/2 5:03pm   Do you know someone who makesNorfolk a better place? Someone who makesa significant, positive impact on our community? The Norfolk Community League (NCL) is nowaccepting nominations for its 2015 Norfolk Person of the Year. Maybe it's a coach who leads and inspires ourchildren, a neighbor who volunteers their time throughout the year to enrichour community, or anyone who makes the town we call home a better place.
    If you know a Norfolk residentwho should be considered, please submit a nomination (in 500 words or less) to nclpersonoftheyear@gmail.comby February 1, 2015. Let us know why youthink this person deserves to be recognized and named the 2015 Norfolk Person ofthe Year. To nominate someone, you mustlive in Norfolk and include your name and address on your nomination. No anonymous nominations will beaccepted. While you may not nominateyourself, you may nominate a family member. Three finalists will be selected by NCL's Board and be posted at www.norfolkgala.com by February 10th.
    Norfolk residents may vote fortheir favorite nominee between February 16 and February 27, 2015 at www.norfolkgala.com. Each Norfolk resident, including children,may vote once. Nominees must be at least21 years of age and previous winners are not eligible. The winner will be honored at the NorfolkCommunity Gala on March 21, 2015.
    - AB, NCL

  • 1/2 5:00pm   I just moved into Norfolk a weeks ago, try to find a good Chinese restaurant to dine in. Any suggestion would be appreciated!
    - SH

  • 12/27 4:27pm   TO: BHS looking for a builder to finish a basement: Please call knowles Construction Co., Inc. We are Norfolk company in business since 1986. great references. We build homes, remodel, decks, etc. Please give uis a call at 508.376.8602.
    See our web site: www.knowlesconstructioncoinc.com
    - TK, Knowles Construction Co

  • 12/27 4:25pm   All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday January 3, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. FMI, please call the church office 508-528-0262
    - DLJ

  • 12/27 4:24pm   VS: As with all matters related to building/demolition/ earth moving, the people to ask are on the Planning Board. If you go to the town website or call TH, you will be able to get in touch w. them.
    - AB-G

  • 12/24 4:08pm   I have to share this wonderful experience with you all.
    So for months I have been researching cars to purchase for my college student. Something not too expensive, handles well, has space and gets good mileage. So off I send my husband to look at a few cars I found for sale online. The call I received from him was "I love it!". My husband drives a BMW and is also owner of a Corvette and was very impressed with the handling of the Prius. Here is the best part. There is a little auto dealer right in Walpole who exclusively sells the Prius's. The gentleman who owns it is very knowledgeable on this automobile, no pressure sales, willing to help. If you have a need to buy a car that gets over 40 miles to the gallon, handles well I highly suggest calling or stopping buy A1 Auto Sales on 1A in Walpole. The owner is Dan, very nice young man.
    - CW

  • 12/24 4:07pm   Free exercise equipment: older treadmill (still works!), trampoline, abs roller. Package deal, take all three or none. Call for info: 508-596-8806
    - ET

  • 12/24 4:06pm   Has anyone reading this lost a key to a Honda that has a fitness club card attached? If so, please write to box509@norfolknet.com
    - DLJ

  • 12/24 4:05pm   Could someone please tell me who is doing blasting? Where is this taking place? I live on Main Street.
    - VS

  • 12/24 4:03pm   Julie Dempsey has been battling cancer for 4 years, Julie, husband Ryan and her sons live in Norfolk. Julie's 2 sons lost their dad, Duane Holmes on Father's Day, he coached Norfolk Little league last year. There is an online fundraiser called "Help Julie Beat Colo-Rectal Cancer" http://gfwd.at/11gVAd7. Every little bit helps, thank you, so much. If anyone has questions, my email is mla1360@msn.com
    - MC

  • 12/24 4:02pm   A reading of ``A Christmas Carol'', featuring many illustrations by SACC students (from HOD and Kennedy), will be aired on NCTV this Christmas season. We hope you'll enjoy it.
    - AB-G

  • 12/24 4:01pm   Our septic is a Bio metrics FAST wastewater system ...our contract with Wastewater treatment services went from $420 last year to $520 this year + $150 for some extra testing. Anybody has this kind of system and could tell me which contractor they use? I would like to stop using Wastewater Services.
    - FB

  • 12/24 3:59pm   Happy Holidays from Rocky's Auto Body! If you don't receive your card next week, stop by for one. Emma stars, as usual.
    - Marcia & Rocky, Rocky's Auto Body

  • 12/24 3:58pm   Looking for a contractor/builder to finish my basement
    We have an unfinished basement that we would like to turn into living space. Please pass along recommendations for builders that you have had a positive experience with.
    Many thanks.
    - BHS

  • 12/24 3:57pm   Norfolk needs your help! The Norfolk Community Preservation Committee is conducting a survey of Norfolk residents as a key step toward updating the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP). Completing an OSRP that gains approval from the Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services (DCS) provides two primary benefits:
    (1) It provides a document to guide future Town decisions pertaining to open space and recreation, and
    (2) It makes the Town eligible for grants that can be used to purchase open space and develop recreation facilities.
    Public participation is a key component of preparing a plan so Town residents are urged to take a few minutes to provide an indication of the types of recreation activities and sports they or family members participate in, which facilities and open spaces they use and their thoughts about future efforts to meet open space and recreation needs in Norfolk. The last time Norfolk had a DCS-approved OSRP, the state provided funds that helped purchase the Lind Farm Conservation Land. The survey can be accessed through the Town web site, virtualnorfolk.org, or directly at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Norfolk-OSRP. If you prefer a to fill out a paper copy of the survey, you may obtain one Town Hall at the Offices of the Planning Board or Recreation Department and completed surveys can be returned to the Planning Board Office. Responses will be accepted until January 31, 2015.
    - CA, CPC

  • 12/24 3:55pm   Regarding changing electric suppliers ~ you need to do your home work. In nearly all cases the first six months of your contract with your new energy supplier you will certainly see a savings but just to be clear you are only seeing the savings on the price per kiloWatt hour (kWh) and then after 6 months with the variable pricing structure will likely see an increase of 5% to 50% or maybe even more. The price of transition, transmission and delivery of that electricity is still made by NSTAR (at least for Norfolk) and that too is increasing ~ although not as much as the kWh charges. This morning I got a call from the previously pitched (12/15/14) green energy provider. This is call is a high pressure, fear laced sales pitch that your energy bills could be so costly this winter it was like I may not be able to pay my mortgage. After a polite, I'm happy with my current provider, I got a little bit of attitude and the beginning of ``you'll be sorry and here's why'' I just hung up the phone. Do your homework. And as the saying goes ~ if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    - AB

  • 12/24 3:53pm   A holiday coupon for Carols Place! Happy Holidays!
    - JK, Carol's Place

  • 12/24 3:50pm   My family and I, in partnership with Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Children's Hospital Boston are hosting a Blood Drive, in memory of my father Gray Mirliss on Jan. 10th, 2015 at the King Philip Middle School, 18 King St., Norfolk, MA 02056 from 8:00am ~ 3:00pm.
    Please plan to join us for the 11th Annual Gary Mirliss Memorial Blood Drive. In participation with Brigham, Women's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Children's Hospital Boston
    What better way to end the holiday season than by donating blood: Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015 Place: King Philip Middle School, 18 King Street, Norfolk, MA. Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    Walk-ins will be accommodated on a 1st come 1st serve basis so we recommend that you make an appointment! Spots are filling up fast!
    To make you appointment you can go to www.halfpints.childrenshospital.org Sponsor code MIRLISS
    - GM

  • 12/24 3:48pm   The Norfolk Police Department is offering 2 sessions of Women's Self Defense both starting in January. One session is specifically designed for young women ages 16-22 and the other session is for all adult women. The R.A.D. Program outlines risk awareness, reduction, and avoidance, while building basic hands-on defense skills. The goal is to provide women with several options for self-defense so they can make an educated decision about resistance in case of attack.Contact Officer Michelle Palladini with any questions about the course: mpalladini@virtualnorfolk.org. Fee: $20 Advance registration through Norfolk Recreation is required. To register go to www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec, Click on Browse Program Descriptions/Register on-line, on the next page Click on Register for Activities, on the next page click on Programs and a drop down menu will appear. Scroll all the way down to 15 Winter Women's Self Defense Classes and choose your class.
    HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE SESSION: Ages 16-22 DATES: 1/2, 1/5, 1/7, 1/9 TIME: 3:30-5:30pm at KP Middle School Room 105/Auxiliary gym
    ADULT (18+) SESSION: TUESDAYS: 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17 TIME: 6-9pm at HODay School Library
    - AP, Norfolk Recreation

  • 12/24 3:47pm   Merry Christmas!

  • 12/15 4:09pm   Happy Holidays Norfolk! Are you sill looking for one more unique Christmas gift? Shop online now... Lucky Ducky Daycare sells GIFT CERTIFICATES that are available for next day delivery, or same day pick-up. www.luckyduckydaycare.com/#!gift-certificates/cc4u
    Feel free to call (508)528-2626 or email learn-with-us@luckyduckydaycare.com if you have any additional questions.
    - YM, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 12/15 4:08pm   Come See Improv Soup This Friday!!!
    No matter what (if anything) you celebrate at this time of year, it is ALWAYS worth celebrating IMPROV SOUP.
    Bring your friends and family to the show thisFriday December 19th at The Burrell School Auditorium, 16 Morse St, Foxboro, MA. Tickets are a bargain at $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults, available at the door.
    Join us for an evening of fabulous improvisational comedy and guaranteed entertainment for the whole family!
    - ND, Un-Common Theatre Company

  • 12/15 4:06pm   Christmas is less than two weeks away. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Copies of Norfolk Stories II are being sold in the Town Clerk's Office for $ 15 each. This oral history of Norfolk, published by the Norfolk Historical Commission, would make a great gift. Copies of the first Norfolk Stories I are also available for $ 15 a copy and if you buy both you will have 44 interviews with Norfolk residents that span the 20th Century.
    BB, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 12/15 4:05pm   The Norfolk Board of Health, in conjunction with the Walpole Area Visiting Nurse Association, will be offering free flu shots for all Norfolk residents ages 4 years and older on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., at the Norfolk Town Hall, located at 1 Liberty Lane in meeting room 124.
    For more information, please call the Norfolk Board of Health at 508-528-7747.
    - BF, Board of Health

  • 12/15 4:03pm   MEMORIAL BENCHES AVAILABLE FOR DEDICATION on Norfolks Town Hill
    Norfolk Recreation, with the support of the Board of Selectmen, is pleased to announce the opportunity to purchase and dedicate a memorial bench on Norfolks Town Hill. Dedications are limited to a person(s) with long-term ties to Norfolk either through residency or service. Benches are $1,375 each. Wording is limited to space available on bronze plaque. If interested, please contact the Norfolk Recreation Commission via Ann Proto at Norfolk Recreation (508)520-1315 or proto@virtualnorfolk.org. In the case of multiple interests or if any other resolution is necessary, the Norfolk Recreation Commission will have final approval. This project was initiated due to a request made by the Collins Family for their parents, Stan and Helen. Below is a picture of the Collins Family Memorial Bench now on Town Hill.
    - AP, Town of Norfolk

    [Photo attachment I'll add later - Wm.]

  • 12/15 4:01pm   Just wanted to say a special thanks to the Norfolk Police and EMTs, as well as all the good Samaritans who helped me when I fell at the train station on Tuesday morning. To the person who provided a blanket, you can claim it at the police station if you have not already. Happy holidays to all.....
    - LK

  • 12/15 4:00pm   College kids are home and available for dog sitting Dec 13-Jan 11. They have hosted 12-15 dogs over the last year for 2-12 days at a time. They get lots of loving! And good walks, too! Email alisonlutes@gmail.com to check arrangements. Happy Holidays!
    - AL

  • 12/15 3:56pm   In response to the following post; 12/9 1:03am I'm wondering if any folks have switched their electric supplier. I have heard from 2 different companies but am reluctant to switch until I have more information. Thank you, - MMS
    MMS, have you heard about Viridian Energy, if not contact me at gogreenwithtree@gmail.com or visit my web site at viridian.com/gogreenwithtree to get more information.
    - SB

  • 12/15 3:55pm   AB-G: Why do assert that "I doubt many teens read the NN (nor should they)"? It seems to me that many Norfolk teens follow NorfolkNet, to the benefit of all of us. These local teens offer to babysit, do yard work, and provide many other services. Sometimes it is for high school spending money, and other times it is for college. Either way, the teen and the ``employer'' both generally benefit. One of the other positive outcomes of Norfolk Net is the facilitation of these types of opportunities for community interaction. How better to get to know your neighbors then to do chores for them at a reasonable rate? I'd like to think our kids can handle the G/PG content hosted here.
    - CS

  • 12/15 3:53pm   Local Norfolk citizens and Tritown neighbors, the King Philip Music Association still has about 25 fresh Christmas wreaths for sale. Only $14.00 each with a red bow. Why buy at a commercial store when you can help out a worthy cause?? Please won't you support our local music students and staff who give back to our communities at various concerts on common, Frosty Parade, Pan Mass Challenge, etc... If you are interested you can contact me at mcappuccino@verizon.net 'Tis the season!
    - MC, KPMA

  • 12/9 1:07am   Norfolk Cooperative Preschool will be holding their annual Open House for new families on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 9:30-11am. Stop by and take a look at our school. Registration for new families will begin on Monday 12/15/14. A free gift will be given out to all who attend.
    - LH

  • 12/9 1:05am   Come Home for the Holidays and bring your family and friends to the next IMPROV SOUP SHOW Friday December 12th from 7.30 - 8.30pm Improv Soup, the Un-Common Theatre Co.'s improvisational comedy troupe, is made up of teenagers from all over Southeastern Massachusetts and is directed by Improv Soup Alumni Colleen Murphy (Brighton, MA)!! The Soupians perform a fun and interactive show for the whole family one Friday a month at 7:30 P.M. at the Burrell School Auditorium, 16 Morse St. in Foxboro, MA. Tickets to a night of fabulous improvisational comedy cost a mere five bucks for students and seniors and seven bucks for adults!
    The remaining dates for the 2014-15 Season of Shows are:
    January 23rd, 2015
    February 13th, 2015
    March 13th, 2015
    April 17th, 2015
    May 15th, 2015
    June 12th, 2015
    Please direct any questions to Chris at (508)904-3939 or check out the website at www.improvsoup..org
    - CL, The Un-Common Theatre Company

  • 12/9 1:04am   Hi JH if you still have fire wood can you email me at parrip@comcast.net
    - PMP

  • 12/9 1:03am   I'm wondering if any folks have switched their electric supplier. I have heard from 2 different companies but am reluctant to switch until I have more information. Thank you,
    - MMS

  • 12/9 1:02am   Boy Scout Troop 80 is organizing a Christmas tree pickup service for Norfolk residents. The deadline to register for the collection is Jan 6,; the pickup is slated for Sat. Jan. 10, Participants should leave their tree next to the street by 9 a.m. The fee is $10 for trees up to 10 feet tall and $15 for taller trees; seniors will be charged $5. Checks should be sent to Troop 80, Norfolk Boy Scouts, PO Box 757, Norfolk. To sign up for the collection, provide your name, address and phone number via e-mail at treestroop80@gmail.com or call 508-541-4119.
    - ES

  • 12/9 1:00am   Coats 4 Kids Drive Underway
    The Norfolk Lions, the Norfolk Public Schools and the Town of Norfolk are pleased to announce that the Coats 4 Kids winter outerwear drive is in full swing. Please consider donating your gently used or unwanted coats, whether they are for infants, kids, men or women to this annual drive. Drop off locations are at the Lions Christmas Tree sales located next to Dunkin Donuts, the H. Olive Day School, the Freeman-Kennedy School and at the Town Clerks Office. All coats will be cleaned by Anton's Cleaners. Donations for this important cause can be made until mid-January. The Lions would like to send a special thanks to Dover Trucking for once again donating new totes for our collection stations. If you have any questions about the drive, please contact Kate Morog at 508-541-8555. Happy Holidays!
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 12/9 12:57am   Math tutoring available for students up to pre-calc for 20$/hr. I am a King Philip Junior currently taking honors pre-calc. I love math and I can explain multiple different methods to every problem to ensure your child's success. Contact Zack G at zackinnator@Gmail.comt
    - ZG

  • 12/9 12:57am   Give the Gift of Music with Ivy Music Academy Gift Certificates!
    A music lesson gift certificate is the perfect idea for Christmas! We offer a wide variety of music lessons taught by our Ivy experienced Instructors and the gift certificate you purchase is redeemable for any of the lesson types we offer.Perhaps best of all, our unique music lesson gift certificates never expire, so recipients can use them whenever it's convenient for them.
    To order a music lessons gift certificate give us a call at 781 647 5390 or e-mail us at ivymusicacademy@gmail.com
    Our music lessons gift certificates can be printed or emailed depending on your preference.
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 12/9 12:55am   It is time to mark your calendars!! We are very pleased to announce dates for the upcoming summer of 2015 for our summer day programs!
    Current grade 6 entering grade 7 June 29 - July 3**
    Current grade 3 entering grade 4 July 20, 21 (two day program)
    Current grade 7 entering grade 8 July 27 - July 31
    Current grade 4 entering grade 5 August 3 - August 7
    Current grade 5 entering grade 6 August 17 - 21
    **Make up week for grade 6 entering grade 7 will be July 6-10 if school if snow days or cancellations push into our original week.
    Please check out our website at www.daretodreamsummer.com and please "Like" us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you back with us in 2015!
    - SP, DARE to Dream Summer Day Program

  • 12/9 12:49am   Hello! My name is Samantha T. and I am a freshman at the King Philip High School. I am trying to earn a little extra cash and if anyone is interested in a baby sister I would love to help! I took the 4-h babysitting course in 6th grade so I am all certified!
    Contact me at box508@norfolknet.com
    - ST

  • 12/9 12:47am   MISSING - yellow lab named Leo - he wandered off this morning (12/2) about 10 am from Barnstable Road. He is wearing a black and dark blue electric fence collar. He is very friendly. Please call 617 921-7302 or 508 528 4877 if you have seen him. Thank you - The Connelly Family
    - CC

  • 12/9 12:46am   Dog walkers needed!
    Do you love animals and enjoy the outdoors? Interested in spending time with pets and earn some extra money? Growing pet service business is looking for qualified dog walkers/pet sitters to add to our staff. Ideal candidate is reliable, responsible, trustworthy, punctual, conscientious and friendly. Having some prior experience with dogs (personal and/or professional) a plus. Individual must feel comfortable with all types of breeds and temperaments and must be willing to work in all types of weather. THIS IS NOT A TEMPORARY POSITION. We are looking for a long-term partner to support our clients.
    -Must possess a valid Massachusetts drivers license, have a car and the ability to read maps
    -has a computer and cell phone with texting capabilities
    -is available weekdays during normal office hours; most walks are mid-day so MUST be available during those times. Weekend work may also be required.
    -lives in the Norfolk, Franklin, Wrentham, Walpole, Foxboro, Medfield, Millis, Dedham, Westwood or Norwood area and is willing to travel to local surrounding communities
    - having the ability to take pets into your own home for overnight care is a plus
    Walkers will earn money for each pet visit, along with a gas allowance for travel. To apply for this position, please email us and include resume and cover letter briefly explaining why you would make a good candidate. Must possess ALL of the above requirements to be considered. Serious candidates only, please.
    Contact information: 781-241-2083 or 617-304-4750
    - CC

  • 12/9 12:43am   Many kudos and heartfelt thanks belong to the young person or persons who dropped a dime on the ( alleged) perpetrator of animal cruelty on Grove St. Obviously, in addition to being more than despicable this miscreant was a poor judge of character. It's a good thing a video was made, because we might never have known what was going on. What an embarrassment for the town had these teens not come forward to seek justice for that dog. I hope the defendants don't land in front of some silly judge who lets them off because they're "just juveniles". I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law. Fortunately the animal cruelty laws were stiffened after that poor dog, who had to be euthanized, was found in Quincy. Richard Ross was involved in that legislation. I doubt many teens read the NN ( nor should they) so if any of you happen to know the brave young defenders of that dog, please thank them for me. The town should honor them in some special way.
    - AB-G

  • 12/9 12:42am   It's that time of year again!! Dog tags in the town of Norfolk all expire December 31st so if you want to get ahead of the process, dog registration is beginning on December 15th. You can register by mail, in person, or on the Town Clerk's website. If you renew by mail, please include a self addressed, stamped, return envelope.
    Registration forms will also be included with your census for your convenience.
    The cost is $10.00 per dog if they are spayed/neutered, $15.00 each if they are not. Please make checks payable to Town of Norfolk and send them to the Town Clerk's office - 1 Liberty Lane.
    New this year - the town voted to accept a Mass General Law that waives the dog registration fee for our residents 70 years of age and over, so if you are in that age group, we are going to need proof of age at the time of registration.
    - CG, Town Clerk

  • 12/9 12:36am   JH, how do we contact you about that 1/2 cord of wood?
    - TB (2)

    [My error, I created an invisible email link. Here it is: Jbeckerhoffman@gmail.com - Wm.]

  • 12/9 12:36am   Hi LH, my name is Edilaine, I'm house cleaner and I've been cleaning for families in Norfolk for many years. If you still needing someone to clean your house I have some opening. I can give you many references if needed. Call or tax 774 291 1887. Thanks
    - EL

  • 12/9 12:35am   Hello, fellow Norfolkians. I was expecting a package last Friday and according to FedEx it was delivered to my front door (except it wasn't). The sender shipped with no-signature required. Anyway, it was a nice 35 day chiming wall clock valued at around $70. I don't suspect someone took it from my front porch because my Wife and I were home all day and the dog never barked. Anyway, I figure it was delivered to the wrong address. If you happen to know someone that received a nice clock that they didn't order (or pay for ;)), I would appreciate the courtesy of them contacting FedEx or me. I am sure it's a simple mistake. I know it's not as easy leaving out a wrongly delivered parcel from the USPS, but it would be much appreciated.
    We live on North Street. I did open a claim with FedEx, but who knows how that will turn out.
    Thank you!
    - PMM

  • 12/9 12:32am   BR - What other kinds of animals will this farm across from Jane and Paul's have? Will they have pigs? How do we find out details about this new farm?
    - NT

  • 11/30 5:44pm   Hello, please feel free to share my contact info to the two people looking for firewood and cleaning services. Thank you. Christine,
    - CW

    [Update 12/15 3:59pm: was asked to remove contact info - Wm.]

  • 11/30 5:39pm   Someone from NN who wanted a plant contacted me, and I said when it was ready I would email her. I've lost the email, somehow. Could she please get back in touch with me as I have the plant ready for her.
    - AB-G

  • 11/30 5:38pm   Christmas is coming in less than four weeks. Looking for something to give? The Norfolk Historical Commmission has published a new book, Norfolk Stories II and you can pick up copies in the Town Clerk's Office for $ 15.00 each. You'll get the story of what it was like to live in Norfolk in the last half of the Twentieth Century. This is a collection of interviews with twenty-five Norfolk residents who describe their experiences during that era. Read and enjoy this oral history captured in their own words. Pick up two copies, one for yourself and the second for a gift.
    - BB, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 11/30 5:36pm   The holiday season is officially upon us! Make your entertaining easier with gorgeous cookie and dessert platters or cakes and simplify gift giving with beautiful assorted homemade boxed truffles that make the perfect hostess gift!
    Annie's Just Desserts is a Norfolk business. Deliveries are always free within Norfolk. All desserts are made fresh to order and are always made from scratch so they taste as good as they look. Contact me to place your order: www.anniesjustdesserts.com/contact-annie
    - AD, Annie's Just Desserts

  • 11/30 5:35pm   Firewood for sale: Split and dry red oak, Half a cord, $100 delivered. Also bundles available for pickup Jbeckerhoffman@gmail.com
    - JH

  • 11/30 5:34pm   Norfolk Lions Announce that Santa is Coming to Town on Sunday December 7
    Santa Claus will roll into Norfolk on Sunday, December 7th and a host of groups will turn out to celebrate his arrival with a variety of activities.
    Santa and his entourage will be ushered into town by the highly acclaimed King Philip High School Marching Band under the direction of Mr. Joshua Wolloff. The band recently achieved status as the National Champions in the US National Bands Division 3 competition, so come on out to congratulate them on their achievements while getting in the holiday spirit!
    Prior to the parade, Santa stops in at Hillcrest Village to hand out cookies and treats and receive hugs and kisses from the residents. Shhhhh don't tell Mrs. Claus!
    Santa's parade will begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Hillcrest Village on Rockwood Road. Santa's elves, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch, Norfolk Police and Fire Departments, area Scouts, and others will join Santa along Route 115, through the center of town, turning right onto Liberty Lane and ending at the Norfolk library.
    At 4:00 p.m. residents are invited to visit with Santa in the Meeting Room of the library and have their pictures taken. Santa's elves will be bustling around the room assisting all. This year, Santa is going digital and you can download your photos after the parade. Refreshments will be provided by the Norfolk Recreation Department.
    Children are invited to bring their homemade ornaments to help the adults decorate the town Christmas tree, which will be lit for the first time to mark the beginning of the season.
    The Santa Parade and festivities are sponsored by the Norfolk Lions Club and the Norfolk Recreation Department, with the cooperation of numerous town departments, including our Fire, Police and Highway Departments, the staff of the Norfolk Public Library, and Norfolk Recreation.
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 11/30 5:33pm   For Tree Removal we use MJO Tree Service form Norfolk. Ask for Jonathon 508-397-7421
    - WS

  • 11/30 5:32pm   JEC - That is a farm going in across from Jane & Paul's. They will have animals--goats etc.
    - BR

  • 11/30 5:31pm   Has anyone noticed a new noise in the town? Tonight a smaller plow was doing our road. It had a extremely loud beeper. This is the first year they have had them. He spent 20 minutes creating a lot of noise at 9pm. No one is around. No one is on the road. No one goes near a working plow in the middle of the night.
    There are broad band devices which use white noise instead and maintain a local warning field instead of waking everyone up in a 2 block radius. www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkFdFP5ffRo
    Please send an email to dpw@virtualnorfolk.org and ask for white noise beepers to be installed.
    - BB

  • 11/30 5:29pm   I live in Norfolk; I have dry split red oak fire wood for sale. 1/2 cord 115$. Free delivery. Email me with questions or requests, jbeckerhoffman@gmail.com
    - JH

  • 11/30 5:25pm   You: have very dusty, loud, lonely drumset. It used to wail!, but is now hogging up a nice corner and you've been drying shirts on it. It's worth a mint but really you want it played by some zealous young-blood and will take the equivalent of pizza and a case of beer for it.
    Me: I have earplugs, a prayer that my guy will convert to harmonica, keyboard, humming, or upright bass. I also come with budding young percussionist who came into this world tapping his feet, so I have made room in basement for "Neil Pert jr." Please contact through this website if you are ready to have my cherub crushin' your hi hats, snares, cowbell and bass. When you meet him you'll likely throw in concert signed Alex Van Halen sticks and we will thank you profusely. [You can use box506@norfolknet.com - Wm.]
    - MN

  • 11/30 5:24pm   Looking for someone to lay tile in a foyer. Any recommendations Thanks.
    - JF

  • 11/30 5:22pm   All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday December 6, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. FMI, please call the church office 508-528-0262
    - DLJ

  • 11/30 5:21pm   - EM, I can recommend Chiropractor Dr. Dennis Coakley of Medway. He also is a Licensed Acupuncturist 508-533-6794 coakleychiropractic.com
    - PAR, For limb trimming, tree removal and snow plowing, check with Norfolk?s Green Trees Arborcare 508-384-2992 greentreesarborcareinc.com
    - JO, How could someone get in touch with you if they have a high chair available? Also, there is a Norfolk Children's Items Yard Sale Facebook group.
    - DLJ

  • 11/23 8:05pm   For sale: Baldwin Acrosonic model 2096 upright piano with matching bench. One owner. Mint condition. Fine furniture details. Beautiful cherry finish.
    Impeccable tone and responsive touch. Baldwin Acrosonic is America's number one selling piano and is consistently recommended by piano teachers to their students. $2500. Call 508-384-8179 leave message.
    - DC

  • 11/23 7:29pm   Hello, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced house cleaner? Thanks!
    - LH

  • 11/23 7:28pm   Tree removal service (insured arborists only!) recommendations please -
    We would like to take down as well as limb some trees in our back yard, but want to have the hard wood cut up in lengths for future use as firewood. The trees would have to be climbed. So we need an insured AND reasonably priced AND knowledgable arborist. Any recommendations please?
    Need name(s) ASAP! Thank you.
    - PAR

  • 11/23 7:23pm   Two male guinea pigs with cage are looking for a forever home. We are fostering two 1 year old guinea pigs for a friend and are looking for a forever home for these sweet boys, Smudge and Caramel. We are asking a small rehoming fee of $50 as we do not want them to become snake food, and are looking for a good home where they will get lots of love. Guinea pigs require a decent amount of space to run, and so we are including their cage setup. The setup will include the cage, the pan, water bottle, hay rack, and hidey houses. The cage, as is, will require a minimum of 28"x 56" of floor or table space, but if needed, the cage can be reduced to 28" x 42". To see what kind of cage they have you can google guinepigcages.com. By the way, if you have never had a guinea pig, guineapigcages.com is an excellent resource to learn about proper guinea pig care. Please contact me with inquiries at lynn.levinson@gmail.com
    - LL

  • 11/23 7:19pm   I began voice lessons a few months ago with Elyssa at Ivy Music Academy. I had taken lessons from another voice instructor here in Massachusetts, as well as from a prominent voice instructor in Newport Beach, California, who trained many of the celebrity singers. In spite of all of my previous lessons, I felt that I never was able to excel with my voice. I have always loved singing but always struggled with my singing voice.
    I found Elyssa to be the most enthusiastic instructor I have ever worked with. She is very talented, attentive to detail and loves her job, which I believe is so important. Additionally, she's just a wonderful person!
    I also have to say that everyone else at the academy is terrific. It's a very warm, welcoming and friendly place to study.
    I look forward to my lessons so much, that, rather than going only once a week, like I started, I now go 3 times a week at my request. I just love Elyssa and Ivy Music Academy.''
    - DD

  • 11/23 7:17pm   Any recommendations for firewood in Norfolk?
    - NH

  • 11/23 7:16pm   Looking for someone to clean my gutters for not too much money. Anyone know of a reliable company or person?
    - RS

  • 11/23 7:15pm   Avaiable 8 foot by 40 foot storage container for rent with electricity and one parking space for $250 per month. Email box505@norfolknet.com
    - SB

  • 11/23 7:14pm   Norfolk Cooperative Preschool will be holding their annual "Open House" for new families on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 9:30-11am. Come on in and see what NCP is all about. There will be a free gift for all children attending. www.norfolkcoop.org
    - CP

  • 11/23 7:13pm   If you are looking for a fun activity with your little one please join us on Monday Mornings at the Norfolk Cooperative Preschool for a free playgroup. The Playgroup is held in the Pre-school playroom from 9:15-10am for ages 12 mos - 2.5yrs. Space is limited to 10 children so please sign-up on the schools website at www.norfolkcoop.org
    - CP

  • 11/23 7:12pm   I am reaching out to the community, in search of used highchairs in good condition. I am a teacher in the KP district. Grandchildren are coming for the holidays so I need them soon.
    I would consider purchasing them for a reasonable fee. Thanks!!
    - JO

  • 11/23 7:11pm   EM - please go to Dr. Kevin Cooper at LifeForce Health Center on Route 1. He has a string of initials after his name (which is good for the credential factor but also for integrated therapies). Years ago, I was referred to him by an orthopedic surgeon (which tells you a lot about his effectiveness) and he literally changed my life. You will very happy you found him.
    - CA

  • 11/23 7:10pm   I, too, am wondering what is going in across from Jane and Paul's farm. Doesn't anyone know the answer... for sure? (Not just speculations).
    - JEC

  • 11/23 7:09pm   Robert Roofing and Gutters in Norfolk cleans gutters. Call Rob at 857-247-8709.
    - KS

  • 11/23 7:06pm   Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a 9th grader at KP High School and I'm looking for babysitting opportunities. I am very good with children and will give 100% of my attention to your kids. I am trustworthy, reliable, loyal, and responsible.
    I can do simple housework when children are asleep. I am available Tuesdays 3:00 - 8:00 PM, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am also available on short notice. I can be reached at (781) 690-1816.
    - JP

  • 11/23 7:04pm   Hello, I have a set or Remo Rototoms in really mint condition. It comes with the stand and the three rototoms, they sound great! I would like to get $150 for them. I also have more drum stuff that I am willing to sell. You can contact me at 401-580-3545 or email me at 1sharktooth@comcast.net Thanks,
    - DA

  • 11/23 7:01pm   Where's the best place in the area for firewood?
    - NH

  • 11/23 6:59pm   The Un-Common Theatre Company's Young Performers Production is excited to offer auditions for students in grades 1 through 6 for Disney's Alice in Wonderland, JR. on Sunday, December 14, 2014, from 10 am to 1:30 pm. Directed by Mount Saint Charles High School Senior Sean Leehan, Choreographed by Franklin High School Junior Kalen Hughes and Music Directed by Professional Vocal Instructor Linda Barbieri, this show will feature a cast of 1st through 6th graders and will be performed at the Qualters Middle School in Mansfield, MA, March 13-15, 2015.
    Lewis Carroll's famous inquisitive heroine comes to life in Disney's Alice in Wonderland JR., a delightful adaptation of the classic Disney film. Join Alice as she chases the White Rabbit, races the Dodo Bird, gets tied up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, raps with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar, and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game! The story is narrated by not one, but three Cheshire Cats! You'll also meet dozens of other wonderfully wacky characters including rock lobsters, talking fish, royal cardsmen, unbirthday partiers, as well as a group of mean-girl flowers.
    Disney's Alice in Wonderland JR. is a fast-paced stage adaptation of the timeless film, featuring such classic Disney songs as "I'm Late," "The Un- birthday Song" and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah." The whole family will enjoy travelling down the rabbit hole and joining Alice in her madcap adventures in Wonderland!
    Auditions will be held at the Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro, MA for students in grades 1 through 6 on Sunday, December 14th, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Callbacks will be held from 3 to 5 pm. To make an appointment, email uncommontheatre@verizon.net. Please provide your name, grade, age, e-mail address and telephone number. A representative from The Un-Common Theatre Company will contact you with an appointment time and more information.
    For those who are new to the audition process or would like to improve their auditioning skills, Un-Common is also offering an Introduction to Auditioning Workshop on Thursday, December 4th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Orpheum Theatre in Foxboro, MA. The workshop will be presented by Michael Hammond, Director and Choreographer of Un-Common's Fall Production of Seussical, and Linda Barbieri, Music Director of the upcoming Disney's Alice in Wonderland, JR., with Alice in Wonderland's Director Sean Leehan and Choreographer Kalen Hughes presenting an overview of the upcoming Young Performers Production. A breakout session for parents will also be offered to introduce and review the process of the production from auditions to opening night. The workshop fee is $25 per child which includes the parent session. Email uncommontheatre@verizon.net to reserve your space.
    For more information about audition requirements and the Introduction to Auditioning Workshop, please visit www.uncommontheatre.org.
    - ND, Uncommon Theatre Company

  • 11/23 6:56pm   Shop Small Business Saturday on November 29, 2014. Lucky Ducky Daycare sells Gift Certificates in the following amounts: $100.00-$500.00! We accept most major credit cards. Receive a FREE Tote bag with your purchase and (save 20% off the face value)"ONE DAY ONLY". Lucky Ducky Daycare is also hosting "Parents Night Out" on Saturday 11/29 from 3-8 p.m. Additional R.S.V.P information and tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lucky-ducky-daycare-parents-night-out-for-ages-4-11-years-old-tickets-14233547925
    learn-with-us@luckyduckydaycare.com/(508)528-2626 /Pre-School, and School Age Childcare (for Grades K-5) www.luckyduckydaycare.com
    - YM, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 11/23 6:56pm   11/16 10:13pm Could somebody please share a reference for an exterior siding professional to replace the siding and three windows for one side of our home. Hoping for somebody local, trustworthy and reasonably priced. Thank you. - DMD
    BH House Frames LLC of Franklin MA is a great contact to repair siding and window replacement. I have worked with Brian Robsham for over a decade on many residential and commercial projects; professional, trustworthy and reasonable. 508-560-2753
    - RD, Complete Builders, LLC

  • 11/23 6:54pm   Immediate opening for infant/toddler in Norfolk family child care. Personalized care in a warm and secure environment where your child can learn and grow.
    Open Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. Licensed by the Dept of Early Education and Care, MA.
    Small group setting, smoke free home, meals and snacks provided. Located in a quiet family neighborhood. References available.
    I can be reached at norfolkchildcare@live.com or 508-520-3694.
    - TCT

  • 11/23 6:50pm   With school and football season approaching, J. Hockman Inc. will support the local community by donating $5 for every septic pump completed in the towns of Norfolk, Plainville and Wrentham. Proceeds will assist with King Philip's fund raising efforts for a new artificial athletic field.
    Call 508.384.1400 to schedule a pump today!"
    - KG, J. Hockman Inc.

  • 11/16 10:29pm   I am looking for italian classes for my 7 and 9 year old if anyone can recommend somewhere local. Thanks!
    - SG

  • 11/16 10:28pm   Norfolk Lions Club is in full swing with their annual Christmas Tree Sale!! This month long event is one of the Lions Club's most important fundraisers and a great opportunity for the Lions to connect with so many members of the community during the holiday period. Sales begin the day after Thanksgiving, on November 28, and continue until all trees are gone. We hope to see you down at the lot early for best selection.
    As has been its tradition in the past six years, the Norfolk Lions Christmas Tree Sale is located on the lot next to the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street in downtown Norfolk. We thank the owners of our local Dunkin Donuts for their continued support of the Norfolk Lions.
    Selling hours are weekdays from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM and weekends from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The Lions will be happy to trim the bottom of your tree, wrap it and secure it to your car, although pickup trucks are very much appreciated. We accept cash and checks to the Norfolk Lions Club; sorry no credit cards.
    Did you know that it takes 10 to 12 years of growing time and professional care to bring a Christmas tree to harvest? Our trees come from northern Maine and they are fresh and beautiful! We have both Balsam and Frazier Fir trees, as well as wreaths. We also have tree bags and tree life preservative to promote needle retention and help keep your tree fresh.
    All of the proceeds from the sales of the trees go right back into the local Norfolk community and to various Lions charities. "Monies that the Lions generate go to seed such research as blindness prevention, diabetes prevention and numerous other causes", says Ed Melanson, this year's President and King Lion. "Norfolk Lions has donated over $250,000 in it's over 50 years of service to the community".
    This year we will have a collection bin at the tree lot for Coats 4 Kids. We will be collecting coats for men, women and children to be given to families in need in our community. Any and all coats in good condition are needed and all will be dry-cleaned courtesy of Anton's Cleaners.
    We will also be collecting non-perishable food donations for the benefit of the Norfolk Food Pantry. Like many of us, the food pantry has been hit hard during these economic times and we would like to help out. Bill Hawkins, co-chairman of the Christmas Tree Sale, further comments, "Your contributions to the Norfolk Food Pantry would be appreciated and could not come at a better time of year."
    Again this year, the Boy Scouts of Norfolk will be offering a tree pick up service after the holidays. For $10, the Scouts will pick up a tree at any house in Norfolk and bring it to the transfer station for recycling. You can register for this service at the lot when you buy your tree.
    The Norfolk Lions Club currently has 82 men and women members and is growing! We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Novatos Bar and Grill at 218 Dedham St (Rt. 1A) in Norfolk, MA. For more information or to get involved with the Norfolk Lions Club, please visit www.NorfolkMALions.org, or send email to norfolk lionsmembership@gmail.com or talk to any Lions member you may know.
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 11/16 10:27pm   Hopefully you have all read your town meeting warrant, up and down, back and forth. Our apologies for the printing challenges that many of you are experiencing. Our printer will have more warrants delivered to town hall on Monday, with pages in the correct order.
    Copies are available today at the Library and Senior Center and on the web at www.virtualnorfolk.org.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to see you at Town Meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm at the King Philip Middle School.
    - JH, Town of Norfolk

  • 11/16 10:26pm   Hi - does anyone have any recommendations for a local person/company that cleans gutters? Thanks,
    - JS

  • 11/16 10:25pm   FB: for gutter cleaning, call Craig Robinson here in town. You can reach him at 508-530-2453 or 508-520-1459.
    - VR

  • 11/16 10:24pm   Looking for a finish carpenter to do some work on my kitchen cabinets. Anyone have any recommendations?
    - JFO (3)

  • 11/16 10:23pm   We are considering switching cell phone service carriers from Sprint to T Mobile. T Mobile does publish signal coverage maps, but I was wondering what the real-life experience of other T Mobile customers has been with signal strength in and around Norfolk. Thank you.
    - KC

  • 11/16 10:20pm   I go to Absolute Health on South St in Wrentham. Dr. Chris it terrific. Phone 508-384 0944
    - JR

  • 11/16 10:14pm   Hello TG. Many thanks to your reply about my whole house humidifier inquiry. I have never heard that before about these units, so I will proceed with caution before making a recommendation to my neighbor. THANK YOU for replying and for your help.
    - AMG

  • 11/16 10:13pm   Could somebody please share a reference for an exterior siding professional to replace the siding and three windows for one side of our home. Hoping for somebody local, trustworthy and reasonably priced. Thank you.
    - DMD

  • 11/16 10:11pm   KP - ask DESE, MCAS is only mandatory to graduate not to take every year. And just like the SATs there is no studying for it just practice and if the teachers have done a decent job at teaching reading, writing, math and science then any student should be able to walk in and take the test and pass. It is not authentic and again, just like the SATs, (which is why many of the top colleges don't put much credit to them) any student who can sit for three hours straight with a decent enough education should be able to pass without 7 years of taking it! And students can take it several times in high school as needed. I've also been told even students on IEPs rarely fail after the second or third try. It's not authentic, it's not cumulative and the stress and anxiety of these poor kids is palpable in the schools during MCAS time. Btw, I don't work in Norfolk and telling the teachers and the Superintendent about your dismay is preaching to the choir. It starts at the top.
    - JW

  • 11/16 10:10pm   Need someone to clean our gutters of pine needles and leaves. Any recommendations?
    - FB

  • 11/11 12:23pm   Hello: I am looking for a chiropractor in the area. I am interested in one that could possibly help with chronic headache. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
    - EM

  • 11/11 12:22pm   Un-Common Theatre Company's Improv Soup Show Friday, November 14th
    Improv Soup continues its 17th season with their monthly show on Friday November 14th at 7:30 pm at the Burrell School Auditorium in Foxboro, MA. This unique teenage improvisational comedy troupe is made up of 14 teenagers from all over Southeastern Massachusetts. The Soupians perform long and short form Improv based on audience suggestions, developing team building skills and learning to work as a unit and supporting each other during the process.
    This year's cast of truly hilarious teens is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable evening of fun for all ages. Created in 1998 by Christa Crewdson (Arlington, MA), Improv Soup is currently produced by ChrisLowey (Foxboro, MA) and directed by Improv Soup Alumni, Colleen Murphy (Brighton, MA) who continues to develop Superior Soupians. This talented group is one of the few teen Improv Troupes in Massachusetts.
    Tickets are a bargain at $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults, available at the door.
    Please join us for an evening of fabulous improvisational comedy and guaranteed entertainment!
    The current troupe consists of: From Foxboro, MA: James Donoghue & Sophie Philibert; From Mansfield, MA: Shannon Carney, Patrick Driscoll & Derek Lynch; From North Attleboro, MA: Val Stevens; From Norwood, MA: LauraAilinger; From Sharon, MA: Georgia Rose Fraser, Sam Fromkin, Ethan Gekow, Julia Getz & Noah Habbe; From Sherborn, MA: Franci DuMar; From Wrentham, MA: Dan Regnier
    The 2014/15 schedule is as follows:
    November14, 2014
    December 19, 2014
    January 23, 2015
    February 13, 2015
    March 13, 2015
    April 17, 2015
    May 14, 2015
    June 12, 2015
    All shows are held at 7:30 P.M. in the Burrell School Auditorium, 16 Morse St,Foxboro, MA. We hope to see you there!
    - CL, Uncommon Theatre Company

  • 11/11 12:21pm  
    - JT

  • 11/11 12:20pm   Hello, I have been the small engine repair business for a long time (1982), looking to service any and all outdoor power equipment (snow blowers, lawn mower, gas & diesel tractors). I will pick up and return it to you locally (Norfolk) for *free* and beat the local repair shops labor rate by far, so if interested email me [...]. Or call me @ [...].
    I can save you money, with just the pick-up & delivery alone - some of the local companies charge up to $70.00 for Norfolk residents, I'm offering a quick turn around if possible (unless major parts need to be ordered). please remember to provide your contact info and best number and time to call you back.
    we also do residential Snow Plowing (filling up quickly)
    - JV

    [Update 11/16 10:21pm: removed contact info, JV is flooded with work at the moment - Wm.]

  • 11/11 12:19pm   Reminder: The Norfolk Public Library is now open on Sundays, Noon - 4pm. If you have a hard time getting to the library during the week, take advantage of the Sunday hours!
    - RG, Norfolk Public Library

  • 11/11 12:18pm   If you, or someone you know, is still looking for a spot for a 1st or 2nd grade boy for indoor session 1 at Fore Kicks, Rosie Hamilton is looking to form one more team for the "Macro League". Please contact Rosie at rosaliehamilton@forekicks.com if you are interested, or if you have any questions.
    Session # 1 Begins: 11/7/14 Ends: 1/16/15
    Please note first week games for this league will start on Nov 7, 2014.
    NO PLAYER MEMBERSHIP FEES or additional referee fees. SPECIAL: Teams playing in session 1 save $50 off session 2 league fee MORE GAMES: Our leagues include 8 league games.
    Our 5v5 Macro league is designed for 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls (6-8 year olds) to serve as a step towards the 6v6 format and to develop the abilities of our younger soccer players. A goalie position is introduced but still limits the number of field players to four to maximize each player's touches on the ball. Play will be on our special taraflex surfaced courts with a special ball designed for this format. Teams only may register and must have a responsible adult (over 21) accompanying them each week.
    Teams may roster up to 12 players. Games will consist of two 25 minute halves with referees. No standings or scores will be kept or emphasized. Each player will receive our popular Fore Kicks T-shirt participation award.
    Games will be played Fridays, with kick-off between 4pm-7pm for 8 games over 9 playing weeks; starting Nov. 7, 14, 21, Dec. 5, 12, 19, Jan 2, 9 and 16 (no games on Nov. 28, or Dec 26). Please click on the detailed info and registration button below for more information and sign-up information.
    All teams are responsible for providing a valid contact email address when registering as this will be the primary method of communication with all teams prior to and during the season.
    - CM

  • 11/11 12:17pm   Looking to get my hardwood floors sanded and refinished. Any suggestions? Thanks
    - LS

  • 11/11 12:16pm   AMG; I had two different companies tell me not to install a humidifier system because it would rot my duct work. I should have listened to them!! Had to replace the duct.
    I have since bought stand alone humidifiers; they come in different sizes. Good luck!
    - TG

  • 11/11 12:15pm   http://www.virtualnorfolk.org/public_documents/norfolkma_atm/index
    I found town meeting warrant has finally been posted.
    - MN

  • 11/11 12:12pm   Re: Walgreens post of position available. I will help spread the word, only if you mount a cork board in your vestibule so we can share other community events and offers there. I asked once ~two years ago and got the ole "company policy says no". So are you the friendly "corner store" as your current campaign sugggests?
    - MN

  • 11/11 12:11pm   NCTV is getting ready to put together the workshop list for January - June 2015 so our question for you is: What do you want to learn?! We have some new teachers who are excited to get going and we want to tailor our workshop list to your interests. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Please take our quick 6 question survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/7LP7MFM
    - KW, NCTV

  • 11/11 12:08pm   We are looking to re-home our two beautiful Goldendoodles. These two dogs are litter-mates, (brother and sister) and were born in August, 2013. They are lively, loving, and full of energy. We are asking that these siblings be taken AS A PAIR. We are not willing to separate them, as they are very bonded to each other. They have been raised in a family with 2 young children (4 and 6), as well as guinea pigs. These two dogs require attention, love, and exercise. A fully fenced (conventional or electric) is highly recommended, as they love to explore. Both dogs have been fully vetted, and are spayed, neutered, and microchipped. Please contact me with inquiries at lynn.levinson@gmail.com
    - LL

    [Update 11/22 7:23pm: We found a home, thanks so much! - LL]

  • 11/11 12:06pm   I want to thank all the first-time Republicans for making a valiant effort in the ``Bluest of Blue States'' to put it kindly. I especially want to recognize Norfolk's Patricia Saint Aubin who worked incredibly hard and was elegant and gracious during her concession speech. Hopefully these brave souls will not give up on politics.
    - AB-G

  • 11/11 12:04pm   11/02 7:20pm Hello. I sure would appreciate the thoughts of you construction experts out there. I want to install 2 new storm doors on a modular home I own in Barrington, New Hampshire. The house is in excellent condition as are the door frames. I have been researching Home Depot and Lowe's products, went out to view them, but when I read about them online, I can't get a good sense of which to buy. There are a lot of negative posts out there regarding Anderson storm doors (even the 400 series that I am considering) and the "Tradewinds" name by Larson. I am trying to find 1 full view and 1 highview with built in screen and I don't want to have to replace them in 2 or 3 years. My budget is mid $200's per door plus installation. Can you experts share your opinions, please? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.
    Any licensed and insured Norfolk contractor reading this who does pick ups and installations in Southern NH area?? almgl1@verizon.net
    Thanks so much. - AMG
    Hello AMG,
    You requested feedback from construction experts so I thought I would reply to your post regarding storm doors (Complete Builders, LLC of Norfolk: Your Professional MA Residential Builders & Design Specialists www.CBuildllc.com
    I am not familiar with the Tradewinds/Larson brand you mentioned so I will direct the info to the Anderson/EMCO series that HD offers.
    Probably the number one feature to look for as you are making choices/comparisons is whether or not the storm door has a wood core. This is common in the EMCO series found at Home Depot (which is actually an Anderson brand). The downside to the wood core is that if moisture penetrates that wood core it will affect the lifespan of the door (thus counterproductive to your comment that you want it to last longer than a few years).
    Although these doors are within the price range you mentioned it is best to find out if the 400 series that you are considering has that wood core; you may be spending it all again within a few short years. The Anderson 2000 series and 2500 series offer full view and also a foldaway screen option for about $250. Home Depot charges $127 for install. This includes the $30 to come out and measure and see if your door opening needs any other work done to accommodate the storm door; such as a repairs to existing door jam or a "build out". Those types of things would add cost to the install but are evaluated and priced out beforehand. If you should decide after the measuring that it just doesn't work for you, my understanding is that HD will only charge the $30 for the time their installer spent coming out to measure and evaluate. Not sure if you are an avid DIY'er but storm doors tend to be a very challenging install; "some assembly required" is an understatement and the $127 install fee is worth every penny. I hope you find this info helpful in making your storm door selection for your NH home.
    - RD, Complete Builders, LLC

  • 11/11 12:03pm   AMG... Both Andersen and Larson are good choices. When a vendor sells lots and lots of storm doors, they will generate some negative press as there will always be those who can never be happy. Try to look at the positive press too. Choices are somewhat limited and I have installed a lot of both doors over the years. Andersen will immediately back up their door if there is a problem plus they have a great installation guidance phone line as well. Hope this helps.
    - BF (2)

  • 11/11 12:02pm   Hi - Looking for recommendations for companies that build retaining walls. I think it's too big of a job for a mason.
    - JW

  • 11/11 12:00pm   Don't miss out on the Norfolk Community League's Comedy Night on November 15th at the Italian American Club in Walpole. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $30 per person and includes appetizers and snacks (cash bar). We'll be having three great comedians including Ira Proctor as our headliner! Tickets are limited so get yours today at www.norfolkcommunityleague.org/events. The event is open to everyone so please invite your friends!
    - JT

  • 11/10 11:59pm   The Norfolk Community League is excited to host a Comedy Night on November 15, 2014 at the Italian American Club, 109 Stone Street in Walpole. Doors will open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm sharp. Tickets are $30 per person and includes appetizers and snacks (cash bar). There will be three great comedians - Gary Petersen, Mike Whitman, and Ira Proctor as our headliner! Check him out at www.iraproctor.com and www.capecodcomedy.com! Don't wait, purchase your tickets today - tinyurl.com/nclcomedynight! This is a great chance to meet up with some friends and have a ton of laughs!
    - AB, NCL

  • 11/10 11:58pm   Looking for a personal driver for local trips. Must be available on short notice. Please call Barbara, 508-932-5754.
    - BP

  • 11/10 11:57pm   Does anyone know of someone who is affordable and can do a Fall clean up (raking/leaf blowing only)? No need for mowing or pruning... Thanks!
    - AW

  • 11/10 11:56pm   Hi, if anyone is looking for house cleaner. I have been cleaning for families in Norfolk for 5 years and I have some opening. please call 774 2911887. thanks
    - EL

  • 11/10 11:55pm   Growing pet care company looking for Administrative Assistance. Great opportunity for someone looking for Mother's hours and to grow with an expanding business.
    Appropriate candidate: Is extremely detail-oriented and organized; Can work well independently in a fast-paced environment; Has excellent communications skills (both written and verbal); Is looking for a long-term position in pet care.
    Responsibilities include:
    - Implement and manage recruitment efforts for the business
    - Must be versed in using on and offline recruitment sources
    - Interview, check references, and hire for all open positions
    - Promote business online through directories and other low-cost sources
    - Develop, manage and expand monthly business e-newsletter
    - Experience with MailChimp and top social media sites
    - Support team in the management of all the day-to-day activities of the business such as client communications and timely responses to requests, generating invoices, making deposits, setting up and managing schedules, and more.
    - Marketing support and follow up
    Requirements: Approximately 40 hours a month. Remote, work-from-home position (approx 10 hours a week where some weeks will be more and other weeks will require less time). Individual must have their own computer and access to mobile phone (with a data plan), experience texting, emailing and the ability to manage and navigate web-based software.
    Training is detailed so only looking for someone interested in a long-term, permanent position.
    Please respond via email with salary requirement, a resume and letter of inquiry of why this would be an ideal position for you. Email: junebug1306@yahoo.com
    - AW

  • 11/10 11:32pm   JW - I would be careful with your words. MCAS is a mandatory exam for all students. PARCC is not, yet. I surely hope that your child's Principal, and probably my child's too, didn't tell you that you can opt out of MCAS too.
    That said, you are 100% right that they teach to the exam. It is totally wrong that the standard daily learning activities are altered for this prior to the exam period. I bet the Principal didn't admit to that though. All it does is get the kids worked up about a test that they should be able to pass regardless. Parent/teacher conferences are this week in Norfolk. Every parent should tell their child's teacher that they oppose the 'cram session' before the upcoming exams. If enough parents voice a concern it might make the Superintendent realize that something is wrong; or at least make her comment on it.
    - KP

    Older messages are continued in the archives, (here) - Wm.

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    For Sale: Festool ETS 125 EQ Hand Sander

    condition new. Comes in his own container called "systainer". Sanding pads included.

    Price $ 200 negotiable
    Contact : jbabb@umich.edu

    [photo 2]


    8" Telescope

    Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with tripod and other extras.

    $850 or BO.

    Call Bob at 508-577-2372


    FREE Gordon Laughead Upright Piano

    Piano needs tuning but is otherwise in great shape. This is a very well built piano from a top-of-the-line manufacturer. Piano must be picked up at residence.

    A Google search revealed the following:

    "The G. Laughhead brand has been compared to some of the finest spinet-style pianos; very reliable and durable.

    The Gordon Laughead Piano Co. was established in Michigan, in 1948. They entered the piano manufacturing business much later than others; however, the instruments are of a very high caliber. This piano has a very pleasant tone quality and the key/action mechanism is as smooth as virtually any other 36" scale piano.

    Call ***
    G o n e



    My name is Hallie. I am looking to babysit more in town. I am a freshman at King Philip. I also am currently working at S.A.C.C., the after school childcare program for elementary school students after school, I work there right now mon-thurs until 5:30, but over than that I am pretty flexible. I am one of seven children so I am expierience do win kids. I am on student council at school and am I very responsible student. I love kids and can always help out around the house or with there homework etc. You can reach me at hpotts12345@hotmail.com.


    Baldwin Acrosonic Upright Piano

    For sale: Baldwin Acrosonic model 2096 upright piano with matching bench. One owner. Mint condition. Fine furniture details. Beautiful cherry finish.

    Impeccable tone and responsive touch. Baldwin Acrosonic is America's number one selling piano and is consistently recommended by piano teachers to their students. $2500. Call 508-384-8179 leave message.

    [pic 2]



    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a 9th grader at KP High School and I'm looking for babysitting opportunities. I am very good with children and will give 100% of my attention to your kids. I am trustworthy, reliable, loyal, and responsible.

    I can do simple housework when children are asleep. I am available Tuesdays 3:00 - 8:00 PM, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am also available on short notice. I can be reached at (781) 690-1816.


    NORFOLK: Loft Bed by Valco Furniture-Rancho Collection

    Solid BIRCH w/ cherry finish. The Rancho Collection by Valco Furniture embodies old-fashioned country charm -- with old-fashioned standards of workmanship and quality. Includes rollout desk (bookshelf to the left pulls out to a desk), desk chair, book shelf and hutch w/ sliding door. Side guard rail and ladder also included. Gently used, like new ??? purchased in 2003 for $1,400 from Gardner, MA furniture store; beautiful solid piece of furniture. Priced at $650.00 or BO
    Dimensions = W: 40 1/8 x L: 79 3/4 x H: 49 3/4

    email box504@norfolknet.com


    Trend High Chair $20

    Baby Trend High Chair. Lightly used. Washed and clean.


    3 position seat recline
    3 position one hand operated tray
    Tray storage
    5 point safety harness
    Casters with brakes
    Folds compact for storage
    Dishwasher safe removable tray
    6 position height adjustment

    Call [...]
    S o l d


    Snowblower Toro 1028 LXE - $575 OBO

    10 HP Tecumseh, 28" cutting width. Electric start. Works great! Consistently maintained since bought in 2005. Current model $1799 new. This powerful machine can handle it all. Will use a plow service this year so don't need this any more. Pick up only and you must load. Call Rich 508-479-6611.


    Free Firewood

    2 large Oaks recently cut down & into 2 ft lengths.
    Need your own truck or trailer & load yourself.
    Contact me to schedule time.


    Art Stamps

    Assortment of 50 used and little used art stamps for making greeting cards, etc. Purchased from Hero Arts, Magenta, Stampendous and others. Sizes range from 1-1/2in x 1-1/2in to 5in x 4in. Original value well over $400. All stamps being sold as one group.


    Call 508-528-7551


    Rockwell "Mind of Her Own" Collector Plates

    There are 8 plates with the first one issued in 1986 and the last one issued in 1988. The series includes: Sitting Pretty; Serious Business; Breaking the Rules; Good Intentions; Second Thoughts; World's Away; Kiss and Tell; and On My Honor. All plates originally bought by me and in excellent condition in original shipping box. There are certificates of authenticity for all but one plate.


    Call 508-528-7551


    Booster Seat

    Babies R Us


    Call 508-528-7551


    Honda Accord SE

    2006 Honda Accord SE, 105K miles, 1 owner, excellent shape
    Best Offer contact shawdoe@verizon.net


    Snow Blower Service and Repair $139.95

    Small engine mechanic with 30 yrs. experience available for all your Snow Blower equipment needs. Snow Blower Service includes engine tune-up, spark plug, oil change, flush fuel system, install new gas with stabilizer, adjust carburetor, Service and grease transmission, check and adjust transmission and auger belts. Service and grease auger, check shear pins, impeller, gear box lubricant, auger skids and cutting edge. Plus the whole machine gets degreased and power washed. Pick-up and Delivery for Norfolk residents is $80.00. Call Stu at 508-851-0723.


    Oak Dining Table And Chairs

    48 " round add two leaves and it measures 72 x 48. 4 side chairs.

    [pic 2]


    Powertools For Sale

    if interested email jbabb@umich.edu or call 508.244 2897

    Prices negotiable

    - Delta 6" bench grinder with flexible lamp and stand $ 100
    - 3 " grinder Chicago electric $ 50
    - 10" compound miter saw $ 100
    - Delta 8" drill press $ 100
    - DELTA shopmaster midi lathe with stand $ 200

    [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4]

    10/5, 10/10  

    Free Firewood:

    Pine and Oak, de-limbed and cut into 6 foot sections. 13 sections total. You are welcome to them all. I'll help you load, but you'll need to bring a truck.

    Respond to: remckinney@yahoo.com


    Girl's Clothing (Like New)

    Great selection of girl's/junior's clothing. Sizes Medium to X-Large. Brands include: Abercrombie, Hollister, PINK, Northface, Gilly Hicks, American Eagle and Juicy Couture.

    [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4]

    I have a lot of zip-up hoodies, pullover sweatshirts, sweatpants, tee shirts and a couple of Northface Denali jackets. All clothing is in EXCELLENT condition; some new with tags. Prices range from $3.00 to $20.00. Northface jackets are $45. Please email me with any questions at lisa1213@earthlink.net

    Cash Only
    Pick Up Only


    Brooke's Babysitting

    Hi there! My name is Brooke and I am a life-long Norfolk resident, currently attending the King Philip school system. I am an experienced, fun-loving, and responsible babysitter. Do you need help with your little ones on weekdays after 3pm or on weekends? Well then, I'm the sitter for you! I have experience taking care of babies, toddlers and elementary school kids, too. I love to play and have fun with little ones, and I will also encourage and help school-age kids with homework as needed. Look no further for a local, affordable, reliable, trustworthy babysitter. Please contact me at brookebabysit@gmail.com to tell me about your childcare needs and how I can help.


    King Bed and Bureau

    White formica king bed with headboard and one side table. Six drawer matching bureau. $150.00.

    Pic 2 Pic 3


    Free Wardrobe Moving Boxes

    Free Wardrobe Moving Boxes. 4 Large and 1 Medium
    used twice still in okay shape

    Call Rosemarie 508-498-9636


    Crib, High Chair

    For Sale: Graco Classic Crib, cinnamon color, with mattress, used only one week during a family visit. $100.00

    Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair. $25.00

    Telephone: (508) 528-0270


    Dog Walkers / Pet Sitters wanted

    Do you love animals and enjoy the outdoors? Interested in spending time with pets and earn some extra money? Growing pet service business is looking for qualified dog walkers/pet sitters to add to our staff. Ideal candidate is reliable, responsible, trustworthy, punctual, conscientious and friendly. Having some prior experience with dogs (personal and/or professional) a plus. Individual must feel comfortable with all types of breeds and temperaments and must be willing to work in all types of weather. Email junebug1306@yahoo.com with letter of interest and resume.



    2006 Mustang Convertible for Sale - $8,000

    2006 Mustang Convertible with only 68,000 miles for sale.
    Call or text Scott at 617-901-6092.


    Furniture For Sale

    Victorian Trace hutch with (7) matching chairs [pic 1]

    (7) piece kitchen table set (cherry)

    Thomasville (cherry) Armoire [pic 5]

    Painted Wine/liquor desk/cabinet [pic 4]

    I also have a lot of pictures to sell (or give away)

    Remodeling house and need more space. It all has to go ASAP, first to come with reasonable offers will have some quality furniture for a very low cost.

    Email me at lentinidana@gmail.com

    pic 2 pic 3


    School Band instruments for sale

    Gemeinhardt flute, nice soft case: $150.00.

    Selmer AS 300 Alto Sax, mint condition, with study black hard shell case, $500.00.

    Please message cindy@humancomm.com, or call (508)-520-1572,


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