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  • 9/14 10:23pm   EM - A reputable source for dog breeders is the Purebred Dog Breeders Referral Service, which is a not for profit organization whose members are local dog clubs. You can email them for names of area breeders and the website also includes links to information on various breeds from the AKC. www.purebredpuppy.org/clubs.html Responsible dog breeders don't breed often but it is worth the wait.
    - KT

  • 9/14 10:22pm   The Norfolk Department of Public Works has installed the second historic information panel in the park by the Mill Pond on Main Street in City Mills. Designed by members of the Norfolk Historical Commission, the layout and digital master was completed by students at the Tri-County RVT High School and the fiber glass panel and stand fabricated by Pannier of Pennsylvania. This is the second of five panels in the series being funded by Community Preservation Funds. The first panel was completed and installed on Town Hill last summer on the site of the First Meeting House and traces the History of Town Hill and the area around it.
    The City Mills panel traces the history of this western section of Norfolk which was annexed from Franklin when Norfolk was incorporated in1870 and made up almost one fifth of the new town. Two other panels have been completed and will be installed soon. The first, Highland Lake Grove Park will be located on Fales Park Road which was the access road from Main Street to Highland Lake and tells the story of the Railroad Excursion Park that operated on the Lake from 1875 - 1900. The third will be sited at 24 Campbell Street at the entry to Fales Memorial Park Preserve and is titled : Settlement a Stop River Falls. The fifth panel is scheduled to start the process of digitalizing the layout at Tri-County shortly and should be ready for installation early in 2015. This one will depict the History of Pondville and will be located at on the green at the intersection of Valley Street and Old Pond Road.
    - BB, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 9/14 10:21pm   I am in search of Patriots tickets. Please contact me if you are trying to sell: 5087266093. Thank you!
    - TB

  • 9/14 10:20pm   Ludwig snare drum for sale including stand and case $75.00 box498@norfolknet.com
    - CC

  • 9/14 10:19pm   RECYCLE AND DONATE! - Local IT service provider LANConnect Systems, Inc is hosting an electronic waste recycling event to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry. The event will take place on Saturday September 27th from 10am to 2pm in the Franklin Village Shopping Plaza parking lot. To participate please bring any unwanted electronic devices including computers, laptops, printers etc, and a canned good for each item to be recycled. All electronics will be recycled and the Franklin food pantry will be on site collecting donations and non-perishable food items. For more information call LANConnect Systems, Inc. (508) 346-3246.
    - AE

  • 9/14 10:18pm   LOST DOG? A young female boxer appeared at 59 Seekonk St on 9/13 at 5 PM. She ran off up Seekonk St. I got in the car to follow but didn???t see her again. I called Hilary.
    - AB-G

  • 9/14 10:17pm   HUGE Multifamily yard sale - Noonhill Ave, Saturday September 20th 8:30am. Everything must go! 8+ Families are cleaning house. They'll be books, electronics, toys, furniture, household goods, tools, bikes, and much more.
    - NT

  • 9/14 10:14pm   2 Family Yard Sale Sept 20 & 21, 2014 at 22/24 Holbrook Street, Norfolk from 9:00 to 3:00 (no early birds).
    Items - furniture, kitchen items, band saw, tools, steel work bench, old trailer, old Victor record player, pump organ, typewriter, sewing machine, Baileys slot machine (big), Christmas items and many more misc. items.
    - LFG

  • 9/14 10:10pm   Attention : beware calls being made on behalf of AmVets (?) - just got hung up on when I asked this person to send me more information after his request for $$$ to send care packages to Norfolk area military. He said, "oh, brother" and hung up.
    Doesn't sound legitimate to me. Just a warning to anyone out there that may be considering a donation to this organization.
    - CK

  • 9/14 9:55pm   The Preamble to the U.S. constitution is "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
    Lincoln's Gettysburg Address closes with "... that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
    Many people feel that "we the people" have lost control of our government - that the policies and practices of our government are set by, and are for the benefit of, large organizations (domestic, foreign, and multinational) - not the citizens of the United States. This concern is shared by people across the political spectrum - Tea Party people, conservative Republicans, conservative Democrats, moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats, liberal Republicans, liberal Democrats, Libertarians, Liberals, etc.
    There is a non-partisan effort to wrest control of the government from the large organizations and return it to the citizens, as the founders intended. There are several different groups committed to this effort.
    The author Jeffrey Clements is on a book tour for the new edition of his book "Corporations Are Not People". His last stop in Massachusetts is at the new Franklin High School at 218 Oak Street in Franklin, MA on Monday, 22-Sep-2014 at 7:30 PM. All are welcome at this free forum. The format will be a talk by Jeff Clements followed by a public question and answer session. In his presentation, Clements will offer both a bipartisan and non-partisan argument that "individuals need to join the historic work to overcome partisan divides and re-engage in self-government by all Americans - community by community, state by state, and ultimately, in Washington itself." Clements will discuss the types of actions that "ordinary citizens" can take.
    If you are concerned that "we the people" are not being well served by our government and our voices have little influence in comparison with the voices of large organizations, consider coming to hear Jeff talk about the problem and how we might approach solving it.
    - DR

  • 9/14 9:54pm   Can anyone recommend someone who will do a small gutter repair job at reasonable rates? I am not looking for an entire gutter replacement just repairs in a few spots.
    Any advice would be appreciated!
    - JB

  • 9/14 9:52pm   Need help getting the kids to school? Lucky Ducky Daycare, has slots available in the Before School Program. Monday-Friday (7:00 a.m.-8:30 a.m.) for Grades K-5. FREE breakfast buffet served daily and we are conveniently located at a school bus stop.
    Visit our website at: www.luckyduckydaycare.com or email us to schedule a tour: learn-with-us@luckyduckydaycare.com.
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 9/14 9:47pm   Howdy Neighbors,
    Does anyone know where to buy K1 Kerosene? I just got a kerosene heater for my outdoor garage to take the edge off while working out there during the winter. The instructions caution to only use K1 grade (clear) kerosene, not the "red-dye" kerosene. Apparently, most fuel oil suppliers sell the red-dye type, indicating that it is not taxed for transportation use. From what I have been reading on the net, the red-dye kerosene smells and leaves deposits in the heater. Any assist?
    - MJ

  • 9/14 9:45pm   If any of you have young artists in the family, we invite them to submit illustrations to accompany our Hallowe'en storytelling show on Norfolk Cable. Once we've decided on the story, we can make it available so the artists can choose what to draw. We will then incorporate the illustrations into the show. Naturally their name will appear with their work. We are also interested in having a young audience in costume during the show. For more information, please ask for my email. [Use box497@norfolknet.com - Wm.]
    - AB-G

  • 9/14 9:44pm   I see part of the stone wall as well as a pillar near the corner of the cemetery is toppling over . It didn't look as if a car had run up over the plantings to hit the wall. Kind of surprising...
    - AB-G

  • 9/14 9:40pm   Norfolk Public Library Presents Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail : Wendy's Journey Sept. 16th @ 7pm
    From April to September of 2013, Wendy Johnston backpacked the entire 2,700 mile long Pacific Crest Trail from the US/Mexican Border to the US/Canadian border through California, Oregon, and Washington. Join Wendy for a talk focusing on the lessons that she learned on her 5-month journey, followed by a visual representation of her journey through photos taken along her hike. It is Wendy's hope that you will leave inspired and encouraged to follow your own dreams!
    - RG, Norfolk Public Library

  • 9/14 9:35pm   King Philip 2014 Fall Preview Show ``On The Town''
    Please join director Joshua O. Wolloff and the King Philip Marching Band for their first public performance of "On The Town". Admission is free and refreshments will be served by the King Philip Music Association.
    Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 6pm King Philip Regional High School 201 Franklin Street, Wrentham
    - JN

  • 9/14 9:30pm   The DPW has completed the installation of the Norfolk Historical Commission's new historical information panel in the park area by the Mill Pond on Main Street in City Mills.
    Take a moment and pull in and check it out. You'll learn some interesting things about this western section of town.
    - BB, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 9/14 9:29pm   A Flea Market will be held at the Federated Church of Norfolk on Saturday, October 25 from 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM.
    The church vestry will be transformed into a wonderful market place. Included in the sale will be furniture, glassware, tools, and a wonderful assortment of special treasures just waiting for you.
    The Federated Church's own Heavenly Chefs will have morning coffee and pastry and a delicious lunch available so that shoppers can take a break from treasure hunting to have some refreshment.
    The Federated Church is located at the corner of Main Street and Route 115 across from the Town Common. The sale will be held in the church vestry, which is handicapped accessible. The entrance and parking lot are behind the church and entered from Main Street. For more information, contact the church office, 508-528-0262.
    - LD

  • 9/14 9:28pm   Hello - I'm looking for someone to re stain our deck and screened in porch before winter. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
    - KB

  • 9/14 9:27pm   I'm looking to have an addition put on to my house next spring. Can anybody recommend a local contractor they've used for an addition? Would love to use a local company if possible. Thanks
    - TL

  • 9/14 9:26pm   Announcing fall youth programming at the Norfolk Public Library! New programs include a Saturday storytime and playgroup, music and movement for grades K-1, and "Paws to Read," a program for children in grades 2-6 to read one-on-one with certified therapy dogs. We are also having a meet-and-greet with the therapy dogs on September 29! More information is available in the library and at library.virtualnorfolk.org/public_documents/NPL_childrens/youth
    - MA, Norfolk Public Library

  • 9/14 9:24pm   To all Norfolk residents and businesses: The new edition of the NORFOLK LITTLE GREEN PHONE BOOK is currently being updated.
    To have your business included in the yellow pages section of the Norfolk Book in print and on-line you can call 508-429-5588 or go to our website: www.littlegreenphonebook.com. The DEADLINE IS SOON.
    If you have an addition, correction or want your cell phone listed in the new Norfolk Little Green Phone Book, e-mail the information to: russo@northeasternpub.com or Call 508-429-5588
    The Norfolk Little Green Phone Book will be mailed free of charge to every home and business at the beginning of the new year. The Norfolk directory is over 150 pages and filled with town information, library hours, transfer station hours, places of worship, a school directory, a listing of town officials, clubs & organizations, local mall listings and phone listings by street.
    You can go on our online directory to find local business and services www.littlegreenphonebook.com
    - SR and CR, Little Green Phone Book

  • 9/14 9:23pm   FOR SALE: 2 Red Sox vs Tampa Rays tickets - Fenway Park, one pair for Wed. 9/24 and another pair for Thurs. 9/25 @ 7:10pm. Grandstand 9 Row 1 Seats 13 & 14 $40.00 for each PAIR.
    - MRC

  • 9/14 9:21pm   Norfolk Lions Sponsor 2nd Annual Youth Variety Show
    Do you have the music within you? Do you have movement? Want to let your comedic side out? Maybe you and a few friends get together on the weekends in your garage and have a jam session or maybe you put on a play in your living room? If so, you need to bring your talent to the stage!
    The Norfolk Lions are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual Young Performers Variety Show will be held on Sunday, November 9 at 6:00 PM at the King Philip Middle School in Norfolk. This show is open to performers ages 8 to 18, from Norfolk and surrounding towns. First, second and third prizes of $200, $100 and $50 will be awarded at the end of the show.
    Auditions will be held on Sunday October 19 & 26 at 4:00 PM, and Thursday October 23 at 6:00 PM at the Norfolk Public Library. Acts can be no longer than 5 minutes and no accompaniment will be provided, so auditioners must bring their own music (iPod, CD, etc.). To schedule an audition, please register at www.youngperformersvarietyshow.com or call Jonathan at 508-308-7974.
    Tickets to the show are $8 for children and seniors, and $15 for adults. To order tickets please visit www.youngperformersvarietyshow.com. All proceeds from the show will benefit local Norfolk charities.
    So if you are a singer, dancer, actor, instrumentalist, comedian, magician, gymnast, juggler or have any other hidden talent - start preparing your act now. We are looking forward to seeing you perform!
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 9/14 9:19pm   JMC - we have ben very happy over the years with Bill Burow Appliance Service. Bill is extremely fair, reliable and does his best to minimize the expense to the customer. The sticker in my fridge has 508-528-8359 or 781-329-2038 as his numbers.
    - CS

  • 9/14 9:16pm   I am a Norfolk resident looking for a part time babysitter - no set schedule - to care for my 10month old. Thank you [Please email box496@norfolknet.com]
    - JC

  • 9/14 9:15pm   Looking to encourage you on your path to healthy living, Harmony Center in Medfield is delighted to again offer ''Food Becomes You.'' Starting on Thursday, Sept. 25th, from 9:30 to 11:00 am, this six week program will guide you on an exciting journey -- learning to love whole foods like vibrant veggies, glorious grains and green smoothies, as well as incorporating powerful strategies to avoid freaky fats and sinister sugar. Rather than dwelling on calories and restrictions, this supportive and educational group program will empower you to become a healthier you through nourishing foods and lifestyle changes. Please go to www.harmony-center.org/classes/FoodBecomesYou.html for more information and to register.
    - BT, Food Becomes You

  • 9/14 9:12pm   Ok, here we go again... In search of DONATIONS to now start decorating the KP Music Window at KP middle school now that the two high school ones are complete. Looking for some old Vinyl 45 records, 8 track tapes, cassette tapes and some old CDs. Anything that you may want to get rid of that has to do with music that would fit in display window. We are getting creative again on this one!
    Will still take any plastic toy instruments too! Email, call or text me.
    Thanks !! mcappuccino@verizon.net 508 553 9944 - home; 781 589 3521 - cell
    - MC

  • 9/14 9:11pm   Organized By the Norfolk Community League: Kick off the fall with family fun at the farm! Ward's Berry Farm, 614 South Main Street, Sharon on Saturday,October 4th, 3:00 pm (Arrive at 2:40).
    Please join us for a scenic hayride, pumpkin picking and feeding some barnyard friends. The picnic area will also be available, whether you choose to pack asnack/lunch or try the market's delicious offerings. Be sure to bring yourcamera to capture those festive photos!
    Please arrive 20 minutesearly so that the hayride can beginpromptly at 3 pm.
    Cost for the event is $10.00 per child, which includes hayride and 1 pumpkin to bring home. Adults and children 12 months or younger ride free!
    Tickets can be purchased via Paypal online at http://norfolkcommunityleague.org/events or by check. Please makeyour check payable to "NCL Family Hayride" and mail to: NorfolkCommunity League, P.O. Box 450, Norfolk, MA 02056. SPACE IS LIMITED 1ST COME 1ST SERVED! ACT FAST, BUY TICKETS NOW!
    - AB, NCL

  • 9/14 9:10pm   For appliance repair, I have had great service from Burow Appliance Service www.burowappliance.com 508-528-8359
    - DLJ

  • 9/14 9:09pm   Good day! I am A friendly, licensed Electrician for over 11 years. Mac Electric is your residential Electrical Specialist. We are an electrical contracting company providing homeowners the best electric repair service in the South Shore area. We service South Shore, North Shore, Metro West, and everywhere in between with fast same day service. If you are looking for an electrician for your project, remember: big or small, Mac Electric does it all. Call Michael MacDougall 508-718-9266. Thank you!! Havea great day!!!
    - MM

  • 9/14 9:07pm   The Norfolk Community League and Mass Audubon's Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary present The 1st Annual Wood Duck Derby
    Get your ducks in a row for 1st Annual Wood Duck Derby!! The Derby will be held on September 20, 2014at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk during the Stony Brook FallFair. Wood Ducks (aka Rubber ducks),which have been adopted by supporters of the fundraiser, will splash into theStony Brook pond and race downstream towards the finish line to win greatprizes for their adoptive parents.
    Supporters of the event can adopt a single duck for $5, aQuack Pack (5 for $20) or a Flock of Ducks (25 for $100) for a chance towin. Ducks can be adopted by visiting www.norfolkducks.com.
    Everyone is encouraged to come to the event to cheer on theducks while also enjoying Stony Brook's Fall Fair! There will be lots of fun games, music, foodand entertainment for you and your family to enjoy!
    All proceeds from the Wood Duck Derby go to supporting MassAudubon's Stony Brook Wildlife and The Norfolk Community League. For complete event details, please go to www.norfolkducks.com.
    - AB, NCL

    [Update 9:56pm: We'll be selling ducks at the library. - AB]

  • 9/14 9:03pm   Free! Solid oak entertainment center. Email amykevin2@msn.com
    - AF

  • 9/14 9:02pm   I am 22 years old and currently looking for morning babysitting hours. Right now my availability is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 2:30PM. I have some flexibility nights and weekends too. I have been caring for children for years from newborns to teenagers. Please send me an email bgentile92@gmail.com and we can talk further!
    - BG

  • 9/14 9:01pm   VS - I am a Town resident and also a taxpayer as you are. I am also not pleased about having to spend two years replacing the brick that was previously installed in the round-abouts and crosswalks in the downtown area. However, the contractor did not choose the product that they installed. The bricks were made of concrete and were eaten by road salt. Some combination of the Town and State (I believe there was State funding for part of this project) approved the bricks and it falls on them as the Owner to pay for repairs. There is only one town near us that spent the extra money up front for granite. Everyone else has replaced what they did or dealt with the deterioration. Like it or not, we're on the hook.
    - KP

  • 9/14 8:57pm   Does anyone know the correct address of the Norfolk Public Library?
    In 1951 it was on Main Street and the entrance was through the Old School House.
    In 1985 the entrance was moved to the new expansion on North Street on the back side of Town Hill.
    Today we enter the library parking lot from Liberty Lane with the entrance facing Liberty Lane.
    The current address is still listed as Main Street.
    How can you explain this ?
    - BB

  • 9/14 8:54pm   For appliance repair, call Bruce at Lakeview Appliance Repair. He's in Bellingham. We have been using him for 20 years. He even came once on a Sunday and also installed my new Bosch DW. Reasonable, too.
    - AB-G

  • 9/14 8:53pm   Registration is open for the Norfolk Police self-defense programs for women. Come and learn ways to keep yourself safe, as well as basic self-defense!
    We are offering a Monday night and a Saturday morning session. Register at www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec
    Contact Officer Palladini with questions: mpalladini@virtualnorfolk.org
    - MP, Norfolk Police Departmant

  • 9/6 11:24pm   Users of town water and transfer station take note - the Board of Selectmen at their meeting on 9/2 voted to open a minimum 120-day comment period on water and solid waste rates. According to the Town Administrator, comments may be sent to dpw@virtualnorfolk.org
    - GH

  • 9/6 11:23pm   Here is a recommendation from a very satisfied customer of EcoFriendly Roof Cleaning. My roof was in good shape but had so much lichen and black mold that my wife was convinced that we needed a new roof. I did some research and contracted Charles at Eco and $675.00 later my problem was solved and guaranteed for two years! I have no financial interest in this company other than wanting to promote his exceptional work. As the MB saga taught us, consumers are the driving force in is economy. 4013474437 is the number if you are in need of this service. Good luck.
    - MA

  • 9/6 11:22pm   5 Red Sox tickets for game this Sunday, 9/7 @ 1:35 PM, Face value of tickets $75.00 each, Coca Cola left field pavilion reserved 18, seats 11-15
    Selling them for $50.00 or best offer each. It is also "Kids Run Around the Bases Day" after the game. 508-520-9023 or 508-284-7000.
    - GM

  • 9/6 11:21pm   Fall Tennis lessons run by the US Sports Institute in conjunction with Norfolk Parks and Recreation open for registration NOW! Sign up online at ussportsinstitute.com or though the recreation department!
    - PH, USA Sport Group

  • 9/6 11:18pm   Does anyone have a recommendation for appliance repair. We have tried to contact Patriot Appliance and they have not returned any calls, so looking for other recommendations.
    - JMC

  • 9/5 8:02am   Does anyone know what kind of soffit vents are needed to balance a ridge vent that's a 2 inch running cut on either side on of the center beam? We've asked for quotes and the proposals are all over the map. Thanks,
    - AR

  • 9/4 9:28pm   Just a good recommendation for firewood... Call Ernie Stockton @ 508-966-4459 (Bellingham)... Last year I bought six cord and was very pleased. I just ordered two more
    - BF (2)

  • 9/4 9:27pm   Does anyone know who is paying for the stonework that is being redone at the round-abouts? It was previously done with brick. Whoever the first contractor was, who did the brick, should have to pay to redo the stone. I hope the taxpayers aren't paying for the contractor's mistake.
    - VS

  • 9/4 9:26pm   4 Red Sox tickets for sale for this Sunday, September 7th. They are in the Coca-Cola Pavilion with other Town of Norfolk residents. Additionally, it is "Kids Run Around the Bases Day" after the game. $75/ticket or best offer. 508-734-0919 and leave a message.
    - WB

  • 9/4 9:25pm   YARD SALE: Saturday, September 6th. All quality items! Table lamps, collectibles, original oil paintings, small furniture, holiday decor, Ethan Allen bookcases, many antique items, books, kitchen items, home decor and more! 9am -2pm. 4 Fredrickson Road, Norfolk. Mark your calendar. No early birds, please.
    - JT (11)

  • 9/4 9:18pm   The Stony Brook Fall Fair is coming!
    - HC, Mass Audubon

  • 9/4 9:15pm   Piano lessons! My name is Sanja Cemerski and I am a piano teacher with MM in Piano performance and 23 years of experience. Being a new teacher in the area, I am looking for new students. All levels, ages and styles are welcome. The best part is I teach at students' homes, therefore no more driving or/and waiting for parents or siblings. If you would like to find out more about piano lessons please call me at 314-488-3460 or email me at sanyacemerski@gmail.com
    - SC

  • 9/4 9:14pm   All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday September 6, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. For more information, please call the church office 508-528-0262.
    - DLJ

  • 9/4 9:13pm   It's not to late to sign your little one up for preschool! There are still a few spaces available! Hello, my name is Laurie Hayes and I am the owner and teacher at My Little preschool. My program is designed for children 2.5 to 4 years of age. Children do not need to be potty trained to attend! The hours are Tuesday thru Friday from 9:00-1:00, following the school year calendar. Parents have the option to choose their child's schedule in terms of how many days, and which days they want their child to attend. I provide the children's snack and lunch, and have created an age appropriate curriculum. The daily activities may include: art, cooking, science, songs and stories, music, and outside gross motor play, to name a few. Please visit my facebook page at facebook.com/mylittlepreschoolnorfolk. I can also be contacted at (508) 528-7373 or send an email to littlepreschool@aol.com for more information! I look forward to hearing from you!
    - LH, My Little Preschool

  • 9/2 10:46am   My name is Emma. I am an honors student at King Philip High School and am a senior Girl Scout working on my gold award. I am 15 1/2 years old. I'm available to babysit on Wednesday thru Sunday after school and evenings. I can help with homework too. Please contact me with my email at
    - EP

  • 9/1 9:03pm   DM: I agree, I agree, the building across from Jane and Paul's looks huge and is so close to the road. I have to wonder if it is a commercial business. I can't believe that the town or Jane and Paul would want a ginormous McMansion on a quaint country road!
    - JD

  • 9/1 8:56pm   PING PONG TABLE is sold. Still have plenty of lamps, furniture, tools, antiques, electronics, books, toys, housewares, odds and ends of every description. Amazing what you can accumulate over 25 years in Norfolk! No reasonable offer refused at our MASSIVE MOVING SALE, this Saturday, September 6, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine ($5 fee Early Bird fee from 8 am. to 9 a.m. if you can't help but show up early). 17 Fredrickson Road, Norfolk.
    - DW

  • 9/1 8:54pm   KB - There is a great tailor in Franklin. The name is Dona's Tayloring 508-528-0837. She does great work.
    - LV

  • 9/1 8:46pm   Looking to have your lawn equipment repaired or serviced? Also a good time to get the snow blower ready for the winter. Reasonable rates, quick turn around, free pick up and drop off in Norfolk. Call Mike to set up an appointment at (508) 400-2836.
    - MV

  • 9/1 8:43pm   14th Annual Haunted Train Ride and Spooky Maze Cosponsored by Norfolk Community League and Norfolk Lions
    Saturday, October 18th from 5:00 until 8:30pm at Holmes Fields on Myrtle Street in Norfolk. Rain Date is Saturday October 25th.
    Come join us a for a Haunted Train ride through the woods and a trip through the Spooky Maze. Costumes are encouraged as well as canned goods for donation to the Norfolk Food Pantry. The Haunted Train ride is geared to kids from Kindergarten through Middle School. As the evening gets darker, the ride gets scarier! There will also be food, music and fun to keep you entertained in line!
    This popular event requires a ticket. $6 per ticket with the proceeds going to worthy Norfolk causes through distributions from NCL and Norfolk Lions.
    Tickets Sale will be Tuesday, September 16- Thursday, September 18th from 3-7 at the Norfolk Public Library. There are a limited number of tickets available and they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. No tickets will be sold at the event. You must have a ticket to enter the parking lot.
    Community groups interested in participating in the Haunted Train ride can contact the Committee. Any teens needing community service hours can also be utilized. Please send an email to hauntedtrainride@gmail.com or contact Tara S. at 508-384-6354, Tracy H. at 508-541-2388 or Tom G. at 508-541-4119.
    - JT

  • 9/1 8:39pm   Curious if anyone knows what is being built across from Paul and Janes farm. I saw the house on cleveland street, but this structure that is stood up so far looks much larger than a house. As a Fruit st resident I'd love to know what is being built on the street. I can't find any details about it online.
    - DM

  • 9/1 8:38pm   MISSING - 1 year old tiger cat since Thursday morning around Boardman St /Rockwood Rd. Please call Marie at 508-528-3689. Answers to "Pepper".
    - MS

  • 9/1 8:37pm   Another thank you going out to Rocky's Auto Body. Job well done, and they are so great to work with!
    - SD

  • 9/1 8:36pm   Still deciding what to do with your kids this fall? Lucky Ducky Daycare, has Pre-school/Pre-k slots available (Monday- Friday 7:00a.m.-5:30p.m.) and there is still a few openings in the before and after school program.
    Additional info is available at www.luckyduckydaycare.com
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 9/1 8:35pm   Hi. I am looking for some stones and rocks to finish a wall in my yard. If you have some piled up that you no longer want and are looking to have gone, or if your taking down an existing stone wall or maybe even digging a foundation I would be glad to take the rocks off your hands.
    It will just be me, my truck, and possibly a wheelbarrow; I will not mess up your yard.
    AM-W, I lost your email from earlier in the summer, but if you still have some rocks, I am still interested. Thanks everybody. You can reach me at bp4402@hotmail.com and please put rocks / stones in the subject line.
    - BP

  • 9/1 8:26pm   Halfway to St. Paddy's Day Bash
    While the calendar will soon say September, for a few hours next month it will feel like March 17. The first Halfway to St. Paddy's Day Bash will be held at Lake Pearl Luciano's to support the Massachusetts Chapter of The Cure Stars Now. The fundraising event, to benefit efforts to find a cure for brain stem tumor (DIPG), will provide a complimentary beer and wine happy hour from 7-8 p.m., followed by an Irish-themed buffet dinner and dessert. There will be live music by the local group, Band MLC, and an Irish step dance presentation, along with an impressive silent auction.
    The driving forces behind the event are John and Lisa Mackintosh whose 9-year-old daughter Nicole died from DIPG in 2011. DIPG is also the same cancer that affects Danny Nickerson, the young boy from Foxboro who received hundreds of thousands of birthday cards. ``Because there is little industry investment in childhood cancers,'' explains John Mackintosh, ``most do not garner the media attention that Danny has. Many children have died from DIPG in our area. The disease typically strikes children in the 5-10 year age group. It's the worst disease I've encountered. There has been VERY little investment in understanding the disease so the news to parents at diagnosis is the same today as it was 30 or 40 years ago. No cure. No known cause. This is simply unacceptable and this is why we are committed to funding research that will make a difference for children in the future.''
    All proceeds benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation to fund vital pediatric cancer research in honor of Nicole. It is in her memory that her parents continue to raise money to help other children who face a similar battle. ``With over $2 million in research already funded through The Cure Starts Now, we hope this event will allow us to take one more step towards the cure,'' Mackintosh says.
    To register for the event visit the Halfway to St. Paddy's Day web page. Registration will close on Sept. 8th and there will be no tickets at the door.
    There will be many exciting auction items including:
    a. Patriots Tickets
    b. Red Sox Tickets in the State Street Pavilion (including a Fenway parking pass and Sox caps) for the Fenway ``Halfway to St. Paddy's Day'' night.
    c. Limo night on the town
    d. Ski lift tickets
    e. Golf passes
    f. Spa items and designer jewelry
    g. Fine art
    h. Family portraits by professional photographers
    i. Catered meal for 6 in your home.
    j. ``Steak & Clay'' BBQ and sport shooting event passes
    k. Gift cards to local restaurants
    l. Autographed sports memorabilia by Dustin Pedroia, Joe Andruzzi, and Jordyn Wieber
    - MM

  • 9/1 8:24pm   Just a reminder, the Massachusetts State Primay Election will be held on September 9. Voting in Norfolk is at the Freeman Kennedy School, 70 Boardman St. Polls open at 7AM and close at 8PM. The last day to obtain an absentee ballot is September 8th at 12PM. All absentee ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk's Office by 8pm on the 9th to be counted.
    - CG, Town of Norfolk

  • 9/1 8:23pm   Can anyone recommend a local reasonable DJ that also does karaoke?
    - BP

  • 9/1 8:21pm   Old Town Hall parking permits - NORFOLK RESIDENTS ONLY!
    The Board of Selectmen's office is now accepting applications for parking permits for the Old Town Hall parking lot for 2014-2015 If we receive more than 90 applications, we will hold a lottery and create a waiting list for people who were not selected.
    The cut off date for applications is Monday, September 15, 2014 at 6 p.m. The drawing will be held Tuesday, September 16, 2014
    If you would like an application, you may pick one up at the Board of Selectmen's office or access our website at www.virtualnorfolk.org and you will find it on our homepage.
    For more information, please contact Marian at 508-440-2855 or harrington@virtualnorfolk.org.
    - JH, Town of Norfolk

  • 9/1 8:20pm   KB: There is one place to go, if you have some nice items, but he's not cheap. He will not do anything that can't be done properly. He takes in or takes up jeans for $20, for example. You will not be able to tell anyone has altered them. The Medway Tailor is in the phone book. He's on 109 E across from the big shopping center and not far from the Burger King. If you go to a cleaners, you're taking chances.
    - AB-G

  • 9/1 8:07pm   With school and football season approaching, J. Hockman Inc. will support the local community by donating $5 for every septic pump completed in the towns of Norfolk, Plainville and Wrentham. Proceeds will contribute to King Philip's fund raising efforts for a new artificial athletic field.
    Call 508.384.1400 to schedule a pump today!
    - KG, J. Hockman, Inc.

  • 9/1 8:06pm   Located in Norfolk, serving all surrounding towns: J. Hockman, Inc.

    J. Hockman, Inc. provides residential and commercial clients throughout southeastern Massachusetts with a wide variety of top quality services at affordable rates. A fully licensed, insured, and bonded company, the professionals at J. Hockman take great pride in providing customers with competitive estimates, timely service and excellent workmanship.
    Septic Services
    We specialize in providing a full spectrum of septic system services to cover all your varied needs, from septic system installation and Title V inspections to septic pumping, maintenance and repairs.
    Our full-service excavation capabilities include site work such as foundation digging, landscape and tree removal, and the excavation and installation of drainage/recharge systems and water, sewer, and sprinkler mains.
    Asphalt Paving
    Our paving services include asphalt removal, prep, installation, and maintenance, as well as the installation of private roads, parking lots, driveways and curbing.
    We specialize in the installation and restoration of lawns and also provide tree and landscape removal.
    Our professionals provide a variety of water, sewer, and drainage installation and upgrade services, including the installation of water treatment systems.
    Snow and Ice Removal
    We offer full-service snow and ice removal services to commercial clients including plowing, removal, sanding, and calcium spraying for lots spanning up to 15 acres.
    J. Hockman, Inc. owns a full fleet of specialized equipment and a complete inventory of support tools that are transported to each work site using our company-owned trucks and trailers - allowing us to provide our clients with top quality, complete service while remaining on time and on budget.
    We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project!
    - KG, J. Hockman Inc.

  • 9/1 8:05pm   Hello Norfolk and King Philip Community... I am In search of items to decorate the KPMA windows at high school and middle school with Rachel B.:
    - 1 or 2 recorder instruments (the ones the kids were given in 3rd grade)
    - Any other plastic toy instruments that we will be spray painted
    - medium size toy police card and taxi cab
    - a few doll house (or slightly larger) sized desks
    - old fashioned alarm clock
    - small doll sized umbrella
    Please contact me if you can donate any of these items. I will pick up. [Contact box492@norfolknet.com - Wm.]
    - MC

  • 9/1 8:03pm   In search of good, clean hardwood for burning in the fireplace this winter. Would love recommendations with contact info.
    Thank you,
    - MP

  • 9/1 8:00pm   This summer has flown by, and sad to say, but winter is right around the corner. If you are looking for some money-saving, winter-preparing home improvements, give me a call! I am Mark McGuckian, a local carpenter with a long trail of happy customers. Call me at 617.429.1885 to discuss anything from siding to flooring. Thanks!
    - MM

  • 9/1 7:59pm   To JM - Gray's hardwood floors for hardwood floor refinishing.
    - EF

  • 8/24 3:35pm   CHEST FREEZER FOR SALE. Good condition. Will save you its cost in wasted groceries in first year. A steal at $100 (but we have papers). Call or text Dan at 617-388-6085.
    - DW

  • 8/24 3:34pm   PING PONG TABLE & PADDLES FOR SALE. A lifetime of memories playing with your kids? Priceless. This set carried away in your truck? $50. Decent condition. Call or text Dan at 617-388-6085.
    - DW

  • 8/24 3:33pm   MASSIVE MOVING SALE!! Saturday, September 6, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. $5 Early Bird fee from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Selling 25 years of accumulated good stuff, new stuff and old stuff, of interest for all ages. Antiques, clothing, toys, furniture, tools, lamps, almost everything that's not nailed down. Come early for best deals and make an offer. Then come back again for look at restocked items. Everything must go! 17 Fredrickson Road, Norfolk. For more info call or text Dan at 617-388-6085.
    - DW

  • 8/24 3:32pm   Can anyone recommend a local tailor, for tasks such as hemming pants and taking in dresses?
    - KB

  • 8/24 3:31pm   I was looking to get my hardwood floors refinished and was wondering if anyone had suggestions or recommendations... thanks
    - JM

  • 8/24 3:29pm   Norfolk Police is offering fall sessions for our Women's Self-Defense Program (RAD). Start looking at your schedules and spreading the word for our upcoming classes! You can register for classes through Norfolk Recreation starting on September 3 @ www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec or in person.
    Class 1 - Women 18+ (Mom/Daughter teams welcome with parental discretion) - 4 Mondays: September 15, 22, 29 and October 6. 6pm-9pm.
    Class 2 - Women 18+ (same as above) - 4 Saturdays: October 18, 25 and November 1 and 8. 9am-12pm.
    Class 3 - Senior Citizens (women only) - 4 Wednesdays: September 17, 24, October 1 and October 8. 2:30-4pm @ the Norfolk Senior Center (register at the senior center).
    Class 4 - Another teen class will be held over winter vacation. Stay tuned for dates.
    Please contact Officer Palladini with any questions mpalladini@virtualnorfolk.org
    - MP, Norfolk Police

  • 8/24 3:28pm   Norfolk Recreation is offering a hands-on College Application Workshop for High School Seniors starting September 10. This program is taught by Gwynne Sawtelle, a Norfolk resident and experienced high school English teacher.
    The fall of senior year is a stressful time for high school students, especially if college application essays are on the to-do list. Wouldn't it be great to get a head start on the writing before sports practices and science homework start to fill your calendar? If so, consider signing up for this workshop taught by Gwynne Sawtelle, a Norfolk resident and high school English teacher heading into her 20th year. The class meets for three 90 minute sessions, and you'll have access to the teacher via email in between. The first will involve looking at sample essays and questions, brainstorming, and outline writing. During the second we'll edit and revise. During the last we'll fine-tune and look at some supplemental essay questions so you can get a head start on those, too! Register at www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec starting August 27. Class dates: Wednesdays, September 10, 17, 24 from 7:00-8:30pm. Location: Rec. Office, ground floor of Town Hall. Maximum participants: 10, Fee: $95. Any questions may be directed to Norfolk Recreation at 508-520-1315 or recreation@virtualnorfolk.org
    - AP, Norfolk Recreation

  • 8/24 3:22pm   NCTV is back on the air as of 8/21/14! Thank you for your patience!
    - KW, NCTV

  • 8/24 3:20pm   Norfolk recreation is offering exercise classes this fall. Some classes are tried and true favorites and some are NEW!
    The combo class which is 1/2 hour of strength training and 1/2 hour of Pilates based exercises will run on Monday & Wednesday evenings (6:30-7:30).
    Friday mornings: Strength training at 9:00 and Pilates at 9:45
    New circuit class!!
    This class may be just what a busy person needs! It is being offered early in the day (perhaps before work or getting kids off to school) and runs for just 30 minutes.
    This class incorporates short bursts of exercise using frequent repetitions, followed by another burst of exercise targeting a different muscle group.
    The circuit class will be offered Mondays 8:30 - 9:00 AM or Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:00 AM
    On-line registration opens on Wednesday August 27th.
    Please visit the Norfolk recreation website or call the office at (508) 520-1315 for more information. www.virtualnorfolk.org/rec
    - NC, Norfolk Recreation

  • 8/24 3:19pm   If any college students are looking to furnish their apartments and are in need of some furniture,i.e. end tables, t.v. stands, shelf for books, kitchen table and chairs, wall hangings, curtains, george forman grill (only used once), sandwich maker (brand new never used) or any other item I have them for sale. If interested email: explorer45@verizon.net
    - DH

  • 8/24 3:18pm   A huge thank you and recognition are given to Rocky's Auto Body for another wonderful job done putting my car back together, after a recent accident. Working with Marcia is always a reassuring and pleasant experience and guys, the work is excellent. Thank you, Rocky's!!
    - BW

  • 8/24 3:17pm   Parkway Concert Orchestra Genevieve Leclair, Music Director and Conductor.
    Openings for Fall 2014:
    Experienced volunteer musicians wanted for all positions, with particular emphasis on violin, viola, double bass, bassoon, horn and tuba
    WHEN: Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 starting on September 8
    WHERE: First Congregational Church, 100 Winter St, Norwood, MA
    HOW: Contact us to attend open rehearsals on September 8 and 15 parkwayconcertorchestra@gmail.com (781) 444-5041 www.parkwayconcertorchestra.org
    SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: Rossini's William Tell Overture, Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, Dvorak's Slavonic Dances, Broadway and Opera favorites for concerts on November 9, December 7 and 14, March 8 and 15, May 3
    Parkway Concert Orchestra is a 50 piece community orchestra which performs classical and pops selections 6 times per year in multiple locations around the southwest suburbs of Boston.
    - MM

  • 8/24 3:15pm   We are looking for after school care (3-6pm) for our two boys, ages 2 and 5. Position would also entail some driving and household chores such as laundry. Please contact Jen at 540-921-7574.
    - JW

  • 8/24 2:52pm   10/3 All are cordially invited to an Auction Fun-Night at the Norfolk Senior Center on Friday, October 3rd (5 p. m. to 8 p. m.). Admittance is free and Norfolk's very own Moderator and Council on Aging Chairman, Jay Talerman, will be donning an auctioneer's hat for the occasion as he describes a variety of interesting items submitted for bids. Articles to be auctioned will include attic treasures and basement finds, knick-knacks, collectibles, memorabilia, nostalgia, signed and unsigned sports and entertainment items, as well as the strange, the artistic, and the not-so-artistic. Due to the generous support of the Friends of the Norfolk Council on Aging, complimentary soft drinks, wine, appetizers, and a variety of snacks and refreshments will also be available to add to the evening's camaraderie.
    Attention All Submitters: To submit an item for the auction, participants must sign-up at the front desk of the Senior Center on or before September 30th. Bidders, observers, or guests do not have to register. All proceeds will revert to the owners of the submitted items and submissions should include a brief description of the item or items for bid, must be accompanied by the owners on the night of the event, are limited to two items, and they must be removed promptly if unsold. No heavy items or heavy furniture. The rule of thumb is that if you can carry it in, it is eligible. If you have a question regarding your submission, please call (508) 528-4430. Submitters are encouraged to register early as there will be space limitations restricting the total number of submissions permitted for the event.
    Do you have a friend, neighbor, or relative residing in Norfolk who has yet to visit the Senior Center? This event can also provide an ideal introduction to Norfolk's beautiful Senior Center, its staff, its volunteers, and the many services available to the community.
    To receive a schedule of all Senior Center activities, call (508) 528-4430 or visit the Council on Aging site at http://bit.ly/XR2e2c. The Norfolk Senior Center is located at 28 Medway Branch Road and is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
    - TM, Norfolk Council on Aging

    [Update 3:24pm: corrected the senior center open hours - TM]

  • 8/17 6:29pm   I am looking for someone to take down the shutters from the 6 windows on the 2nd floor of our house in Norfolk so they can be repainted and put back up. Job would include taking down shutters, removing the old shur-lock fasteners from the house, and putting shutters back up after they have been painted. Interested? Please call 508-346-3807. Thanks
    - GR

  • 8/17 6:28pm   Ivy Music Academy has been busy preparing for the new semester and we are thrilled to share some of the exciting things in store.
    Along with regular lessons, this semester we will be providing a Musical Theatre Workshop taught by Ivy Voice/Piano Instructor, Elyssa Lata. This program will be an exciting mix of acting and singing from such musicals as Wicked, Jekyll & Hyde, A Chorus Line, and many more. All participants are promised a solo and duet. This program will be available on Saturdays for a period of 2-3 hours.
    Please register for the classes either by calling (781)-647-5390 or emailing us at ivymusicacademy@gmail.com
    We hope that you are as excited by this new oppurtunity as we are, and we look forward to another great semester!
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 8/17 6:27pm   Stop by the Walgreens in Norfolk and get your Flu Shots along with other immunization. No appointment necessary!
    - KL, Norfolk Walgreens

  • 8/17 6:26pm   Good day! I am A friendly, licensed Electrician for over 11 years. Mac Electric is your residential Electrical Specialist. We are an electrical contracting company providing homeowners the best electric repair service in the South Shore area. We service South Shore, North Shore, Metro West, and everywhere in between with fast same day service. If you are looking for an electricianfor your project, remember: big or small, Mac Electric does it all. Call Michael MacDougall 508-718-9266. Thank you!! Havea great day!!!
    - MM

  • 8/17 6:11pm   Registration for the 2014-2015 academic year is open. Lucky Ducky Daycare provides a multi cultural learning environment for children aged 3-11 years old. The Pre-School Program has openings on M-W-F (8:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.). At Lucky Ducky Daycare your child will learn social, motor, academic & developmental learning activities. The children are taught through fun hands-on educational experiences in science, math, language, listening and verbal skills. For more information contact us at (508) 528- 2626 or by email - luckyduckydaycarenorfolkma@gmail.com Click link for additional information about us ... https://www.linkedin.com/pub/yashah-reid-mango/92/276/870
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 8/17 6:10pm   YARD SALE: Saturday, September 6th. All quality items! Table lamps, collectibles, original oil paintings, small furniture, holiday decor, Ethan Allen bookcases, antique items and more! 9am -2pm. 4 Fredrickson Road, Norfolk. Mark your calendar!
    - JT

  • 8/17 6:08pm   Optimal Health Series on Thursday, September 11, 18, and 25th from 7-8:30pm at The Organic Angel 114C Pond St. Norfolk. Optimal Health comprises of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, the key is to nourish all three areas. The way you eat, move, relax, live can create an environment of healing or an environment of toxicity within your body. Discover, learn, and apply some changes in your life to optimize overall wellbeing. Call Angela at 781-738-1577 to register for any or all of the classes in the series. Class One: We are what we eat. Class Two: Herbs - our food and therapeutic intervention. Class Three: The Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection. All classes are $25. Call for more details or stop by the shop.
    - AC, The Organic Angel

  • 8/17 6:07pm   Thank you to all who suggested local auto body shops. Ended up using Rocky's and couldn't be happier. Marcia is wonderful, and my car looks brand new.
    - SD

  • 8/17 6:05pm   I have a steel outdoor wheelchair ramp available for free as long as you can pick it up [in Millis]. Purchased it for $550 and used for two months. box493@norfolknet.com
    - JD

  • 8/17 6:02pm   St. Jude Church Religious Education Registration
    Welcome to New and Returning Families - Walk in registration for students enrolling in Grades One through Ten is scheduled for September 7 and 8th, downstairs in St. Jude Parish Hall, 86 Main Street, Norfolk. Registration will be held on Sunday, September 7 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and then on Monday morning, September 8 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and again on Monday evening from 7 to 8 p.m. We look forward to welcoming you as we prepare for another year of faith learning and sharing! Questions, please contact us at 508-528-1470.
    - CC

  • 8/17 6:01pm   Hello, I'm interested in hiring a contractor to install a bathroom vanity and re-tile said bathroom floor. I'm looking for recommendations for a contractor that is licensed and insured and that does small projects like this. Again, I will be purchasing the vanity at Lowes, so I only need the installation done for that piece.
    - PD

  • 8/17 5:59pm   Does anyone know of a local dog breeder for German shepherds? I try all these websites and they are all fake or not worth my time.
    - EM

  • 8/17 5:55pm   I am looking to have some jewelry appraised. Any recommendations/advice?
    - DP

    Older messages are continued in the archives, (here) - Wm.

    Have an event coming up? Let others know, mail it in clk. Old items are archived.

    9/6 All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday September 6, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. For more information, please call the church office 508-528-0262.

    9/20 Stony Brook Fall Fair September 20, 2014, 10-4 pm. Join us for a special day of games, crafts, food, and fun for the whole family as Stony Brook continues its 50th anniversary celebration! Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward supporting Stony Brook's school, community, and camp programs, and conservation efforts. More details [here]

    10/24 A Flea Market will be held at the Federated Church of Norfolk on Saturday, October 25 from 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM. The church vestry will be transformed into a wonderful market place. Included in the sale will be furniture, glassware, tools, and a wonderful assortment of special treasures just waiting for you. The Federated Church's own Heavenly Chefs will have morning coffee and pastry and a delicious lunch available so that shoppers can take a break from treasure hunting to have some refreshment. The Federated Church is located at the corner of Main Street and Route 115 across from the Town Common. The sale will be held in the church vestry, which is handicapped accessible. The entrance and parking lot are behind the church and entered from Main Street. For more information, contact the church office, 508-528-0262.

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    To pin a notice below, mail it in . Keep it brief, and in case of doubt, refer to our Ad Posting Guidelines. Items older than one month are archived here.
    Crib, High Chair

    For Sale: Graco Classic Crib, cinnamon color, with mattress, used only one week during a family visit. $100.00

    Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair. $25.00

    Telephone: (508) 528-0270


    Dog Walkers / Pet Sitters wanted

    Do you love animals and enjoy the outdoors? Interested in spending time with pets and earn some extra money? Growing pet service business is looking for qualified dog walkers/pet sitters to add to our staff. Ideal candidate is reliable, responsible, trustworthy, punctual, conscientious and friendly. Having some prior experience with dogs (personal and/or professional) a plus. Individual must feel comfortable with all types of breeds and temperaments and must be willing to work in all types of weather. Email junebug1306@yahoo.com with letter of interest and resume.



    2006 Mustang Convertible for Sale - $8,000

    2006 Mustang Convertible with only 68,000 miles for sale.
    Call or text Scott at 617-901-6092.


    Furniture For Sale

    Victorian Trace hutch with (7) matching chairs [pic 1]

    (7) piece kitchen table set (cherry)

    Thomasville (cherry) Armoire [pic 5]

    Painted Wine/liquor desk/cabinet [pic 4]

    I also have a lot of pictures to sell (or give away)

    Remodeling house and need more space. It all has to go ASAP, first to come with reasonable offers will have some quality furniture for a very low cost.

    Email me at lentinidana@gmail.com

    pic 2 pic 3


    School Band instruments for sale

    Gemeinhardt flute, nice soft case: $150.00.

    Selmer AS 300 Alto Sax, mint condition, with study black hard shell case, $500.00.

    Please message cindy@humancomm.com, or call (508)-520-1572,


    Loft Bed For Sale

    Just in time for college back to school. Maple loft bed and student desk/chair with bookshelf +combination, nearly new. Won't last at $500 or BO for the entire set. Call or text Dan at 617-388-6085.


    Fiberglass Door

    Fiberglass door in excellent condition. Approximately 32"x79-1/2". Used to exit to the bulkhead in our basement. Rarely used and never painted. Paid over $350. Asking $100 or best offer.

    Contact box495@norfolknet.com


    Playhouse, Table and Chair Set

    1. Free outdoor child playhouse. Picture attached.

    2. Outdoor table and chair set. Round glass table, four chairs and an umbrella with stand. $50 or best offer.

    [playhouse pic 2]
    [table pic 1]
    [table pic 2]

    Call Jonathan 508-944-1519


    Items For Sale, and Free Nordic Track

    #1 - dresser and mirror... laminate wood on the dresser. dimensions of dresser: 50 1/2 " W x 31 1/2 "H x 18" D, mirror is 36" x 30"
    asking $75.00 for both pieces

    #2 - youth white dresser with red hardware. 32" W x 47" H x 18" D
    asking $45

    # 3 White rocker
    asking $20

    #4 - Pine Factory Youth single bed - bunky board and all hardware included
    asking $50

    #5 - Sharp Carousel Microwave
    asking $25

    #6 - Nordic Track Cross Country skier - free

    Contact Stephanie if interested - cell: 508-254-6839

    [wood dresser]
    [wood dresser2]
    [white dresser1]
    [white dresser3]
    [white rocker1]
    [pine factory youth single bed]
    [sharp carousel microwave]


    Pellet stove - Fireplace insert

    Excellent condition used Pell Pro insert with Bay View glass front, large surround shroud, thermostat and T exhaust fitting.

    Heats up to 2000 square feet with extended 40 lb hopper for long burn time.




    Twin Bed

    Twin bed: wooden head and footboard with rails. We also have a clean box spring to go with it.

    $20 Call (508)404-8869


    Seeking Part-Time Nanny

    Seeking a part-time nanny near Norfolk to care for our 6 year old boy.

    Hoping you can start in September. You'll be responsible for caring for our 1st grader before school, some afternoons and on the occasional snow days and half days. It is important to us that you have your own car and an excellent driving record. You should be willing to help with homework and possibly drive him to hockey practice. Our son loves playing sports, so we hope you do too. Please be a fan of outdoor activities. He also likes arts and crafts.


    Chest Freezer

    3' x 3' x 4' (approx.) chest freezer for sale in Norfolk. Cream colored, not pretty, but works great.

    $50. Call 9788879240.


    Tiffany Style Kitchen Chandelier

    For sale: Tiffany Style Kitchen Chandelier. Green and Cream. Excellent Condition. $40.

    Call or email Colleen at 508-520-1978 or ceflorence@yahoo.com


    Bedroom Set

    Twin trundle bedroom set with chest of draws, bedside table and desk with chair.

    Best offer. 508-528-5649


    My Little Preschool

    My name is Laurie Hayes and I am the owner and teacher at My Little preschool. I have always wanted to have my own preschool business, and after many years of working in all facets of childcare, in 2008, I finally made my dream come true. After remodeling my home with a classroom and play yard, My Little Preschool was born. The program is designed for children 2.5 to 4 years of age. Children do not need to be potty trained. The hours are Tuesday thru Friday from 9:00-1:00, following the school year calendar. Parents have the option of choosing their child's schedule in terms of how many days, and which days they want their child to attend. I provide the children's snack and lunch, and have created a fun, age appropriate curriculum. The daily activities may include: art, cooking, science, sensory play, songs and stories, music, and outside gross motor play, to name a few. Please contact me for more information! Excellent references provided upon request.

    Facebook page at (https://www.facebook.com/mylittlepreschoolnorfolk). I can also be contacted at (508) 528-7373 or send an email to littlepreschool@aol.com for more information!


    Babysitting Available, August and September

    Babysitting available in August and September by a lifelong Norfolk resident and 2013 graduate of Elon University.

    I spent much of high school and college babysitting regularly for a few families in town and volunteered and worked for Norfolk Recreation's children's camps for years. I absolutely love being with children, spending time outside, swimming, and organizing games. Most recently, I served as a health educator, teaching middle and high school students about health. I have two months off before I start my new job with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Michigan.

    If interested, I would love to meet your family! I can be reached via e-mail, jennieproto@gmail.com, and phone, (774) 571-1565. Thank you!


    Fischer Price High Chair, Archery Equipment

    For Sale: Fischer Price Space Saver High Chair. $45.00.
    (Was used only 5 days for grandson's visit).

    For Sale: Archery equipment: Bear Bow 6H80/66", 53#, and a Woman's Left handed Coronado bow. Best offer accepted.

    Call: (508) 528-0270


    McCulloch 2.1HP Chainsaw

    Moving must sell McCulloch 16" Chain Saw 2.1 HP with Extra Chain and Bar Oil.

    Call Al 508-520-7108. Price $70 or Best Offer

    [Photo 2]


    Toro Lawn Tractor

    Moving must sell. Toro Lawn Tractor Model 16 Horsepower 38 inch with dual bagger.

    Maintenance done every year. Call Al 508-520-7108. Price $600 or Best Offer

    [Photo 2] [Photo 3]


    Steel Front Door

    For sale:

    36 x 80 Pre-hung steel front door with 2 windows and 2 1/2 sidelights.
    Requires a 68-1/4 in. x 82-1/8 in. rough opening for a secure fit.
    From the outside the door knob is on the left and opens inward.

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