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This is the Norfolk, Massachusetts community web page and on-line newsletter. It is not run for profit, we're not selling anything; we just hope you find the information useful. We welcome posts and messages from town residents, and would love to hear from you! Mail us your comments, suggestions, or just to let us know you visited. clk

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 Norfolk Notes 
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  • 6/28 11:17am   I guess if reviews are going out for business' in our area then, in fairness, the not so good experiences have to be mentioned too. Some years back, I hired Rocky's to handle some body work on my Ford pick-up truck which involved some rear quarter rot repair as well as the replacement of the rear chrome bumper. In less than one year, the bumper developed dozens of pin-hole rust spots and the body work, which involve the use of filler began to bump out and crack. It was breaking away from the original metal of the truck. I brought the truck back to them and asked about these problems. I was pleased when they said they would replace the bumper (more loss of use of the truck though) but, the lifting body work... I was told that this is what happens when filler is put upon a rotted body and that if they took an ice pick, it would go all the way through! They would not fix the rot I paid to have fixed, they just covered over it. I thought to myself... that would be like me putting roof shingles over rotted plywood. It just would not hold up. In the end, I did get a new bumper but was forced to live with the degrading body work I paid for... I was over-all unhappy and do not recommend them.
    - BF (2)

  • 6/28 11:15am   Join Holistic Health Coach Katie Lamie for a 90-minute workshop and learn how you can eat to thrive with Superfoods at The Organic Angel (located on 114c Pond St in Norfolk) on Saturday, July 25th 12-1pm. We'll cover ways to incorporate chia seeds, goji berries, cacao and acai into your diet and their various health benefits. Come and learn about how superfoods can help curb cravings and provide your body with a clean boost of energy. Recipes and samples will be provided! Cost $20. Please RSVP to angela@theorganicangel.com Thanks,
    - Katie Lamie

  • 6/28 11:14am   Local artist and designer!
    Hello all, I am Norfolk resident and a full time art student in Brooklyn, New York. I am home for the summer and offering my talent out to Norfolk and other surrounding residents for commission work. I have done numerous commissions in the past and have returning clients. Some of the work I have done includes:
    Pet Portraits
    Human Portraits (Children, Adults, babies, etc.)
    Landscapes (House Portrait, Vacation photos, seascape etc.)
    Styles range:
    Oil Painting
    Graphic Design
    For a full portfolio you can check out my website: www.behance.net/lauren_gilleland
    For any interest, questions, or to make a commission you can contact me at Lgillela@pratt.edu
    - LG

  • 6/25 8:13pm   On Monday, June 1, Norfolk Grange at 28 Rockwood Road, began the process of being power washed, scraped, primed and painted after several years of a structural and interior restoration process. At long last, we were able to secure a volunteer paint team and saw exterior restoration become a reality. Norfolk Grange #135, the Historical Commission, the Community Preservation Commission and the community at large are now able to look at this historic building (built in 1863) with pride.
    We would like to thank all of the volunteers involved and would also like to recognize the following vendors both in Norfolk as well as surrounding towns: John Primpas, owner of Dunkin' Donuts, Norfolk: for lots and lots of boxes of ``joe'' and donuts, daily; Camger Coatings, Norfolk, for their many donated gallons of primer; Sherwin-Williams of Franklin, also for many donated gallons of paint; Tom Terpstra of Terpstra Painting, Norfolk, for his hours of consultation; Aqua ~Barriers, Norfolk, for donating the use of their aerial lift without which we could never have reached the really high places much less the steeple. Norfolk Pizza, Papa Gino's (Medfield), Shaws (Medfield), Roche Bros.(Millis), Burger King (Medway) and Whole Foods (Bellingham) also donated huge, delicious lunches and drinks for our hungry, thirsty workers whose boots were on the ground every day--and on staging, ladders and lifts--to work diligently amid sunshine and showers. We urge the public to patronize these vendors and thank them when you can, for helping our historic restoration program which concluded on Thursday, June 11.
    Thank you, all, and enjoy our building at 28 Rockwood Road, home of Norfolk Grange #135.
    - BW, Norfolk Grange

    [Update 7/28: corrected tpyo in grange address - Wm.]

  • 6/25 8:06pm   Moving sale on Saturday, June 27 starting at 8 am, 58 Park St., Norfolk. Items to be sold: round black kitchen table & 4 chairs, dressers, book shelves, side tables, kitchen items, etc.
    - TD

  • 6/25 8:05pm   Rocky's Auto Body is fantastic. Marcia and Rocky are great to work with and extremely knowledgeful in the art of auto restoration and repair. They have restored three of my collector cars and have done fantastic work! Rocky is one of the last true "metal fabricators" left in this business. Great family and a great job always. A 5 out of 4 on my scale!
    - CMW

  • 6/25 8:03pm   Moving soon... Free items at 20 Tucker roadside (girls bikes need a little work, dresser, bed side rail (prevents children from rolling off the bed). Also have a free large four drawer metal file cabinet, and an extra large BBQ grill needs work. There are a few items for sale. 2 firewood stands (2x4 and 2x6 construction) 20.00 each. 2 new, almost full portable propane tanks 20.00 each. 2 life pro extra large room infrared heaters with remotes 45.00 each (bought in January at 140.00). Call 505-507-8377 with questions.
    - DB

  • 6/25 8:02pm   I am looking for a company to clean gutters, can anyone recommend someone?
    - RS

  • 6/25 8:00pm   2015 KP Grad seeks yard work or other unskilled jobs until college begins on Aug 8. I???m hard working and have my own transportation. epkaelbling@gmail.com
    - LK

  • 6/25 7:59pm   Volunteers Needed to Raise Funds for King Philip Track & Field Team!
    We are looking for any and all volunteers who would like to see KP Track & Field reach their fundraising goal in order to buy much needed equipment for our team and we have an easy fun way to do it! We have been asked to staff the registration booth again this year at the Finish at the 50 (a 5K and 10K race) at Patriot place. For the past three years we have used this as a fundraiser and raised over $6,000 for the programs. This is an easy way to make some real money for little effort, but we need your help.
    Each of the registration shifts requires 22 volunteers. Shifts are 3.5 to 4 hours long, and anyone 16 or older can volunteer. Shifts are available on the following dates and times:
    Wednesday, July - 1 3:00-7:00, Thursday, July 2 - 3:00-7:00, Friday, July 3 - 12:00-3:30 and3:30-7:00.
    Sign up to volunteer at www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c45afa62da3f58-20151. Signing up is simple - just go to the website, select the shifts or shifts you can work, click the "Submit and Sign Up" button at the bottom, and then fill in the form. friends@kingphiliptrack.com
    - BB, Friends of KP Track/XC

  • 6/25 7:56pm   CS: It is you who have a [...] problem or you cannot read. Normally, I ignore you but I must answer your comment about me. I did not say anything remotely like what you allege, and wouldn't, and you know it. You raise the question of his/her [medical] condition. Why? Are you going to reach out to him/her? What is behind this preposterous, baseless interpretation? I am astonished your comment was not censored.
    - AB-G

  • 6/21 5:28pm   Happy Summer Solstice!

  • 6/21 5:10pm   The Norfolk Cultural Council would like the residents of Norfolk to take a few moments to complete a survey found by hovering over the following link, holding the CTRL key and simultaneously clicking on the link [should open the page in a new tab - Wm.] www.surveyexpression.com/Survey.aspx?id=c7170f30-eefc-4fac-a1c7-42dc9f0bcd35 There are three questions. Follow the instructions for each question, then click the Submit block when done. The Norfolk Cultural Council thanks you for taking time to complete the survey. We will use the informa tion to help guide us providing the programs that the community wants.
    - RT, NCC

  • 6/21 5:08pm   If anyone this spring is looking for somebody to do any landscape work at all, feel free to contact PGD properties. This is our second year working landscape in the Norfolk, Wrentham & Plainville Area, and with a year of experience, we are excited to be landscaping again this spring. Whether it is Lawn Mowing, Weeding Mulching, edging, or anything else involving Lawn care, we got you covered. With low convenient prices, and a steady work ethic, no job is too dirty.
    Email us: PGD.properties@gmail.com
    - BD

  • 6/21 4:52pm   Thanks for recommending us, SM! We appreciate your referrals - it's our only advertising.
    - MS, Rocky's Auto Body

  • 6/15 11:15pm   I drove around the Route 115 roundabout by the Town Common and library at 11:38 A.M. on Sunday, 6/14. It was very hot with full sun. Can someone tell me why the Common was being irrigated with sprinklers at high noon, when it's against the DPW rules to water except by hand, and at a time of day when they're losing 40% of it through evaporation? Don't your timers work for 4 A.M.?
    - KB

  • 6/15 11:13pm   Family in Norfolk looking to secure a part time/permanent caretaker to help out with our family. We have some needs during the summer but more as the new school year begins in the fall. Specifically, we would be interested in someone who has a car and can watch our 2nd grader in the early mornings everyday (7-8:30) until he gets on the bus, after school 3 days a week from (3:30-5;30/6). We also would prefer someone who has some flexibility to care for him during no school days and that can pitch in and help take him to sporting events from time to time. Finally, it would be helpful if you have had some experience with toddlers as we have twin boys (2.5 year olds) that we may need some back-up care on rare occasions.
    If you are interested and live in town or nearby Norfolk please call me at 617-913-9233
    - DMG

  • 6/15 11:12pm   Storage space available, 40' X 8' X 8' cargo container. Located in Norfolk. Call 508-958-1323 for more info.
    - SB

  • 6/15 11:06pm   I would like to thank the members of the Grange for doing a fabulous job of painting the Grange Hall and restoring this beautiful building. Now we can all be proud of this treasure to our town. It has been a long effort getting the structure ready for paint. BRAVO for all your work and perseverance.
    They had lots of help but several of the members themselves were out there priming and painting along with many many volunteers. Many businesses donated materials and professional painters donated materials, their skill and managerial skills to get the job done. I am not the person to thank them by name as I'm just a bystander. I do know the businesses who donated food to feed the volunteers during the week and a half it took to get the job done. So I'm asking you to go into these places buy food and thank them for supporting our community and our historic and now beautiful Grange Hall.
    Dunkin Donuts,
    Nicks Norfolk Town Pizza
    McDonalds in Millis
    Papa Gino's in Medfield
    Whole Foods Bellingham
    Roche Brothers Millis
    Shaws in Medfield
    Burger King in Medway
    - Betsy Pyne, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 6/15 11:05pm   The Acoustic Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Project - TALZTOP continues its 3rd season with shows in Norfolk, MA, Dedham, MA, Hyannis, MA and Foxboro, in June and July .
    The Acoustic Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Project -- TALZTOP, will perform fully acoustic concerts at the following Venues to close out its 3rd season:
    Saturday, June 20, 2015 8pm at Grange Hall, 28 Rockwood Road, Norfolk, MA. General Admission tickets are $10 at the door.
    Saturday, June 27, 2015 8pm at Mother Brook Arts & Community Center, 123 High St, Dedham, MA. General Admission Tickets are $10 and are available at the door.
    Sunday, July 5, 2015 10am at the All Star VH1 Jam on the Green, 397 Main St, Hyannis, MA. Free to the public with 12 bands throughout the day and evening, raffles and donations accepted, this event is a fundraiser for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.
    And the culmination of another amazing season of Acoustic Led Zeppelin Music:
    Saturday, July 11, 2015 8 p.m. at the Orpheum Theatre, 1 School Street, Foxboro, MA. General Admission tickets are $10 in advance and $15 the day of the show at the door and may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets at (800)838-3006 or www.brownpapertickets.com
    TALZTOP is made up of more than 20 members originally hailing from the Massachusetts area as well as California, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Washington, DC and Japan. Their unique "completely unplugged" style which combines the harmony of 9 voices and instruments including mandolin, melodica, toy piano, ukulele and Japanese instruments shamisen and sanshin, offers an extraordinary experience for Led Zeppelin lovers.
    "We recreate Zeppelin's music catalog in a way that's unique from any other tribute band," says Steve Marchena, of Walpole, MA TALZTOP founder and music director. "As huge Led Zeppelin fans ourselves, we promise our audience a unique concert that they will not forget. Our set list has expanded to include everyone's favorites and is different at each show"
    Interviews and additional photos and videos are available on request.
    TALZTOP Orchestra Members: From Abington, MA: Bob Mercier (Guitar, Mandolin) From Attleboro, MA: Betsy Pabon (Violin, Cello) From Brooklyn, NY: Ippei Ichimaru (Cello, Ukulele, Shamisen, Sanshin) From Littleton, MA: Jim Hollister (Drums) From Nashville, TN: Adam McOwen (Violin, Mandolin) From Needham, MA: Mike Cence (Voice) From Northborough, MA: Vincent Peters Cirigliano (Voice) From Norwood, MA: Terry Grissino (Voice, Clarinet, Flute,), Peter Gugliotta (Guitar), Joe Hart (Cuatro, Banjo), Tom Levesque (Voice, Guitar), Devin Powers (Guitar, Mandolin) From Roslindale, MA: Mark White (Upright Bass), Mary White (Voice) From Sharon, MA: Rosanne Evans (Voice), Dave Hannaford (Voice, Ukulele, Harmonica) From Stoughton, MA: Michael Figuiredo (Assistant Musical Director, Guitar), Kevin Hammer (Melodica, Harmonium, Toy Piano) From Sudbury: Ashley Yarnell (Voice) From Walpole, MA: Ray Brouwer (Cello), Nancy MacCallum (Voice, Harmonica), Steve Marchena (Founder, Musical Director, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica) From Westwood, MA: Peter Albert de Reyna (Upright Bass)
    - CL

  • 6/15 11:03pm   Just got a sub from Aroma, the sub shop across from Fore Kicks. One of the best I've ever had, Chicken stir fry. And the employee-owner? Was very nice.
    - JAB

  • 6/15 10:54pm   How long is it going to take the town officials to figure out that the bricks in the rotaries around town that always need to be replaced are a colossal waste of tax payers money? Its not rocket science folks
    - BC

  • 6/15 10:54pm   TK - Take it over to Ron Santos at Santos Autobody in Millis! We were very happy with both pricing and quality of his body work on one of our cars, and he went above and beyond to help out when we jammed the hood when replacing the latch on another occasion. Only thing is that he's always busy, but with good reason. Tell him you were sent by the Norfolk guy whose BMW hood was jammed shut - he'll remember that one!
    - VR

  • 6/15 10:53pm   There is quite possibly a medical condition associated with the homeowner that AB-G would like the Board of Health to throw out of town. Hoarding is a medical condition that could be at play. Instead of being judgmental, perhaps the community could be compassionate and help could be offered.
    - CS

  • 6/15 10:52pm   Take me out to the Ball Game!! If you would love to see a game this season Barry has 6 Great Seats available: Section: 31 Row: 2 Seats: 11-16
    Contact him directly for availability and pricing Barry Z. 781-589-4989 barryzimmerman@bulfinchgroup.com
    - JC

  • 6/15 10:51pm   Camp Lucky Ducky has a few openings in our program for children between the ages of 5-12 years old. Choose 2, 3, or 5 days per week. Weekly activities include: Swimming, Gardening, Crafts, Field Trips, "Kids in the kitchen" learn how to prepare several no cook recipes, Playground Time, and so much more... Enroll Today! (508) 528-2626 Visit our website for: schedule, enrollment forms and more. www.luckyduckydaycare.com/#!summer-camp-for-kids/cnth
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 6/15 10:47pm   EL! You got him back! Thank God. Can you tell us some of the details? How did he get away in the first place? Had someone taken him in? How long was he gone?
    - AB-G

  • 6/15 10:45pm   Lions Announce Norfolk Runs 5K Road Race Donations
    The 9th annual Norfolk Runs 5K Road Race sponsored by the Norfolk Lions Club and the Norfolk Dunkin' Donuts was held on Sunday, April 26, 2015. This year the race had approximately 100 5K runners and 1K Fun Run participants. Many local businesses supported the race with raffle donations and cases of water. The entire event, including the post race cookout, was funded by the Norfolk Dunkin' Donuts.
    The Lions are proud to announce that due to the great success of this event, donations of $1,206 each have been awarded to the DARE to Dream Summer Day Program and to the King Philip High School SADD Chapter.
    The DARE to Dream Summer Day Program provides fun summer activities to 3rd through 8th grade students in our local communities. It includes alternative activities to reinforce the concept that we can all have fun while staying drug free. This program which is both educational and recreational is held at the Sweatt Field Complex in Wrentham. More information about this program can be found at www.daretodreamsummer.com.
    Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide. SADD's unique approach involves young people delivering education and prevention messages to their peers through school- and community-wide activities and campaigns responsive to the needs of their particular community.
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 6/15 6:04pm   Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer Fall 2015 Registration now open!
    Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer (NLYS) invites players age 3 (as of September 1, 2015) through high school to register for their Fall 2015 season today.
    You do not have to live in Norfolk to join in the fun! To register, please visit the newly designed website at: www.norfolklionssoccer.com
    If you have any questions, please contact info@norfolklionssoccer.com or 508-528-8015.
    - CD, NLYS

  • 6/15 6:03pm   TK - Without question, the best place for Autobody repair is Rocky's Autobody on Pond Street.
    - SM

  • 6/15 6:02pm   Looking for on-site service/maintenance for Husqvarna riding mower/tractor. Tune up and repairs as needed. Sticky choke right now. In Norfolk.
    - EM

  • 6/15 6:01pm   Led Zeppelin fans are in for a treat on Saturday night, June 20th, when The Acoustic Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Project comes to the Norfolk Grange Hall. Please come and see what Steve Marchena and TALZTOP are all about. The group performs acoustic-only, using no microphones or amplifiers; just their voices and their instruments. We, here at Ivy Music Academy, are happy to share that the founders of the project are both our guitar instructors Steve Marchena and Michael Figueiredo. Reaching out to a large network of musicians they know, the group has swelled to about 35 musicians. About 20 members of the group will perform at the Grange. The Acoustic Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Project will perform at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 20th, at at the Norfolk Grange Hall, 28 Rockwood Road in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Advance tickets are $10.
    For more information about the group or to purchase tickets, visit talztop.com< Tickets may be purchased at Ivy Music Academy, as well.
    This is a wonderful way to support our local musician, develop community, and enjoy Led Zeppelin like never before!
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 6/15 6:00pm   Would anyone be willing to recommend a local home cleaning person?
    - SC

  • 6/15 5:58pm   I strongly recommend Ivy Music Academy for any parent considering private music lessons for their child. My son has been attending Ivy for the past two years for guitar lessons. At 12 years old, he is quickly falling in love with guitar and has greatly enjoyed his lessons. We are moving out of state and I can only hope to find an instructor half as good as his current instructor at Ivy. He has an excellent foundation for what will hopefully be a lifetime of music.
    - JS

  • 6/8 11:44pm   Seeking a driver for the summer. 3 fixed days per week, late mornings. Starting end of June thru end of August. Approx. 3 hours a week. Good pay. Please contact Janice Healy at 617-230-1477 for details. Thank you.
    - JH

  • 6/8 11:39pm   Can anyone recommend a reasonable/fair auto body shop in the area? I have a used passenger car door that I bought and was going to try to install myself but I'm chickening out! Thanks for any feedback you can provide!
    - TK

  • 6/8 11:38pm   Drill Press - floor model, 1/2" chuck made by Delta Rockwell in a time when quality meant . something. Cast iron table. $150. Built very robust.
    Call Jack 508-528-0875
    - JFO

  • 6/8 11:34pm   Seeking a temporary home (rough board) for a horse in town while barn is being constructed. Also, looking to buy used riding helmet, saddle (black/English) and any other horse tack/supplies. Please contact me via norfolknet if you can help us out. Thanks for reading. [Use box519@norfolknet.com - Wm.]
    - CP

  • 6/8 10:48pm   Teenagers wanted for summer yard work in Norfolk. Must be 16 and have transportation. Call Jack - 508-528-0875
    - JO

  • 6/8 10:47pm   Ivy Music Academy is now enrolling new students for the Summer semester which starts on June 29th. We offer piano, voice, violin, guitar, clarinet, flute and saxophone lessons. Please e-mail us at ivymusicacademy@gmail.com or call us at (781)-647-5390 for more information about the schedule.
    You can register online through our website www.ivymusicacademy.com. No registration fee will be applied for the Summer students.
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 6/8 10:43pm   Re the house at the corner of [in town] (I think), I have spoken 2 or 3 times to selectmen and I have been told nothing can be done as it's private property. There is a Board of Health in Norfolk; I'm sure they know all about it. It's beyond [an eyesore]. It's got to be rife with snakes and rats. [...] You might try calling the B of H yourself.
    - AB-G

  • 6/8 10:41pm   Thank you for all the caring eyeballs, the searching and driving around, the posting of flyers and the compassion to help us find our lost Sven. We got him! He is home now safe & sound! We met some friendly and generous Norfolkians in the process -- so lucky to be part of this dog-loving town! Thank you!!
    - EL

  • 6/8 10:40pm   If we have to remove our small Yard Sale signs off our lawn in 24-48 hours, why are boats, large utility trailers, mobile homes, plastic tent garages, 6 ft tall piles of grass clippings, twigs and a row of business utility vehicles allowed to be left permanently on front lawns?
    - WC

  • 6/8 10:39pm   DY, I recommend Pool Pals out of Wrentham. Their phone is 508-264-4000. We have used them since they started their business well over 10 years ago. Good luck!
    - TW

  • 6/2 6:19pm   Nothing's New Antiques & Uniques will be having a 20% off sale this Saturday June 6th from 10:00am-5:00pm. Lots of Unusual Items, Garden and Early pieces.
    224 Dedham Street (Rt 1A), Norfolk, MA 02056
    - NL, Nothing's New Antiques

  • 6/2 6:17pm  
    Hello Parents and Families,

    We are having a community night called " The Fight Back Festival " on June 5 in support of two students in our high school who are currently fighting their battle against cancer: Greg Jacobson and Colin Kelly. We would love to show them that their tri-town community is here to support them. The event will begin at 4:00 pm on June 5 located at the King Philip High School football field. It is $10 for entry.. $5 for children 12 and under and for citizens 60 and over. You will be given a wrist band so you may come and go all day as you please!

    There will be various games, crafts, activities, raffles, cotton candy, ice cream, food, and baked goods! We will have live bands playing music at around 5:30 pm. Our first act is KP Talent show stars Nick Blitchington and Rachel Raposa. Next we have the amazing Suncooked ft. Maggie Quealy who are a traveling KP alumni band. Around 8 pm we will be showing " The Sandlot" on our football field ... Bring your own blankets, folding chairs, etc! It is going to be an amazing night and we would love to see as much as the community as possible. All proceeds will be going directly to the families in need.

    - LM

  • 6/2 6:07pm   I went by a home at the corner of [in town] and couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was more trash outside the house than there is at the Transfer Station. Must be infected with rodents. Does Norfolk have a Board of Health?
    - PRB

  • 6/2 6:05pm   Looking to buy a gently used car as soon as possible!! Will consider all offers. Please call 508-384-0466 with a price estimate and vehicle history.
    - KG

  • 6/2 6:02pm   Come celebrate the release of the Seventh Edition of Norfolk's literary journal, The Norfolk Quill. A reception will be held on Tuesday, June 16 from 7-9pm in the Community Room at the Norfolk Public Library. Come meet the authors, enjoy some refreshments, and get your first peek at the latest Quill.
    Copies of The Norfolk Quill will be available for purchase with proceeds going to benefit the Norfolk Public Library.
    - Margo Ball, Editor, The Norfolk Quill

  • 6/2 6:01pm   To PL, We also had ceiling damage from ice dams and Friends Plastering out of Franklin did an awesome job on our popcorn ceiling.
    - RSD

  • 6/2 6:00pm   Anyone had any business with All Seasons Pool & Spa Service, Walpole recently?
    I was supposed to have my pool open with them, but nobody showed up. Do not respond on phone calls for a week, no reply on voice message. Just wondering if anyone had better luck working with them. Any recommendations on another pool service company?
    - DY

  • 6/2 5:56pm   I am a Norfolk resident and have paid taxes in this town for 20 years. I was completely shocked how KP High School handled the 2015 Graduation today [Sunday, 5/31]. The weather forecast did not make an outdoor graduation seem doable. KPHS administration literally put people at risk today. You had elderly, families literally running around in downpours not knowing what to do. I am disgusted. We can do better - the adminstration should be held accountable.
    - RB

  • 6/2 5:51pm   The Norfolk Community League's 5K Run/Walk is on for Saturday, June 6th at 9am, Holmes Field! This year's race benefits Norfolk Advocates for Children, a non-profit agency that assists children who have been physically and sexually abused. Visit www.norfolkadvocatesforchildren.com for more information. Please register for the race at www.norfolk5K.racewire.com and support kids in our community that need your help. If you register by June 1st, the race is $25 and children under 12 run free. Same day registration is $30 and runs form 8am-8:50am. This race kicks off the Lions Community Day celebration and is a wonderful event for runners/walkers and families. This event is one of the reasons our town is such a great place to live. Hoping for a great turnout!!
    - MA

  • 6/2 2:59pm   Happy birthday, Norfolknet! It was 16 years ago today, on June 2 1999 that Norfolknet first appeared online. It was a different internet back then... [click here to see a copy]
    - Wm.

  • 5/31 2:11pm   Are you looking for help this summer for your kids?!? Summer camps can be super expensive, and then you have to worry about having someone pick your children up and bring them to camp. An easy alternative is a summer nanny. I have 6 years of babysitting/nannying experience as well as my own transportation! I am fun, outgoing and organized and love working with kids. Looking for 2-5 days a week, preferably full time. I have a flexible schedule as well. Feel free to email me at kristenfabiano@gmail.com, thanks!
    - KF

  • 5/31 12:49pm   3-Piece Dining Room Set (Table with 6 Chairs, China Cabinet, Sideboard) asking price, $3000, or best offer. Call 508-369-3820
    - VM

  • 5/31 10:40am   Any suggestions on upright piano movers? Thank you,
    - TSD

  • 5/31 10:24am   I am an academically recognized Ursuline Academy senior and National Honor Society VP. I am available for tutoring elementary thru middle school students in English, Math and Spanish during the summer. Available beginning July 1. Contact ckahearn36@gmail.com.
    - CA

  • 5/31 9:57am   We are looking for someone to mow our lawn during the summer. Please contact anrpatel1@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks!
    - AP

  • 5/31 9:56am   All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday June 6, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. FMI, please call the church office 508-528-0262.
    - DLJ

  • 5/31 9:55am   Ivy Music Academy is happy to announce that we will participate in the Annual Norfolk Lions Community Day on June 6th, 2015. BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS AND COME TO SEE US!!!
    Free clarinet, flute, saxophone, and violin lessons will be offered right on the spot!
    Please join us to enjoy our music and sweets...!
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 5/31 9:54am   Reply to JM regarding replacement window company - K&C Industries, Inc in Franklin. is a small company that produces their own high quality windows at great pricing. I highly recommend them.
    K&C Industries, Inc., kc-ind.com, tel:1-800-520-4606
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    - LAD

  • 5/31 9:50am   Missing dog: male Bernese Mtn Dog with tags jumped fence on Seekonk Street Friday 5/22, has been spotted several times. Very shy of people, please do not chase but call 508-333-6592 with any sightings, we are so grateful for community help to bring our Sven home safely
    - EL

  • 5/31 9:46am   Multi-Family Mega (13 Homes) Yard-Sale Saturday, June 6, 9 AM to Noon, Rain Or Shine, Please No Early Birds. Margauxs Way/Lois Lane - 115 To Holbrook St. To Margauxs Way
    Types Of Items For sale: Kitchenware / Small Appliances / Glassware / General Housewares / Adult Clothing / Furniture / Luggage / Cds, Books / Lots Of Other Treasures
    Let's Make A Deal - Cash Preferred
    - AG

  • 5/31 9:41am   Seeking Outdoor Chaise Lounges - Gently Used & Small Outdoor Table.
    Hello, just wondering, perhaps one of you wonderful neighbors might be upgrading your poolside furniture or patio furniture and you might have a gently used set of chaise lounge or two that need a new home?? And perhaps a small table? We are new to the pool furniture thing and are on a budget... you never know!
    Please contact me at: 617-522-2588.
    Thank you.
    - PRR

  • 5/31 9:39am   We are looking for a nanny for our children in Norfolk, MA (boys, 3 and 4). Must be available Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m.-5:00 p.m. with ability to stay up to an hour later once or twice a month. We may also request you to do a morning drop-off on rare occasions. We require that you have your own car to pick up boys from preschool and for other fun adventures. Long term position. Please email csantagate@rqteam.com if interested. Thank you!
    - CS

  • 5/31 9:38am   We would like to replace our central A/C. The unit is almost 15 years old and not very efficient. Our home is a 2 level ca. 2200 sq. ft colonial. Any suggestions for contractors to get the job done would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    - RP

  • 5/31 9:36am   I hope everyone who has a lost dog finds it safe and sound. And I hope that people who post signs around town asking for help finding their dogs have the courtesy to make a note of every tree and telephone pole to which they've attached a poster, so that they may go back one week later to take every single one of them down. Good luck. And thank you.
    - JC

  • 5/27 12:57am   My apologies for not updating the page sooner, and for the time-sensitive messages that I missed, and thank you all for checking in on me. Not to worry, I'm fine, but our family computer crashed, and without help I can't keep up with the volume of junkmail that floods the inbox. I've rebuilt and upgraded the computer, so help is on the way again! Thanks for your understanding and patience.
    - Wm.

  • 5/27 12:21am   Love animals...and.... make some money!
    Attn foxboro, Dedham, Norwood, Westwood, Wrentham, Walpole, Norfolk, Medfield, Franklin Residents!! Do you love animals and enjoy the outdoors? Growing pet care service is looking for qualified dog walkers/pet sitters to add to our staff. Candidate must be reliable, responsible, trustworthy, punctual, conscientious and friendly. Prior experience with dogs (personal and/or professional) a plus. Individual must feel comfortable with all types of breeds and temperaments and must be willing to work in all types of weather.
    - Must possess a valid Massachusetts drivers license, have a car and the ability to read maps
    - has a cell phone with texting capabilities
    - is available weekdays during normal office hours; weekend work may also be required.
    - lives in Foxboro, Norwood, Westwood, Dedham, Walpole, Medfield or Franklin but can help service Norfolk, Franklin, Wrentham, Medfield, Foxboro and Millis areas
    - willing to travel to local surrounding communities
    - having the ability to take pets into your own home for overnight care is a plus
    Walkers will earn money for each pet visit, along with a gas allowance for travel. Some of our walkers/sitters earn over $1,500 per month with a very flexible, part-time schedule. If you are interested in a long-term, part-time position with a growing business, please contact us.
    To apply for this position, please email us with a resume and cover letter briefly explaining why you would make a good candidate.
    Great for those looking for Mother's Hours. Serious candidates only, please. This is NOT a temporary position.
    - BY, Leashrly Life

  • 5/27 12:17am   Norfolk Community Day, Saturday June 6
    The Norfolk Lions in conjunction with a number of local organizations are in the final planning stages for the 23rd annual Norfolk Community Day to be held on June 6th at the Holmes Complex on 22 Myrtle Street in Norfolk. Community Day events officially start at 11:00 AM, however the day will be kicked off at 9:00 AM with the annual Norfolk Community League 5K Run/Walk.
    Events at this year's Community Day include a children's art contest, touch a DPW truck, golf ball drop 50/50 raffle and many new and old favorite amusements including the Circus Obstacle Course, Knights & Dragons Bounce and Slide, Soccer Shoot, The Joust and the Bungee Bull Ride.
    The black top entertainment will include a number of local groups who have participated for the last 22 years. Also for the first time this year a new group, Johnny Fireseed and the Junkyard Dogs, will perform music on instruments made entirely of recycled material. This year's schedule of events is:
    On the Main Stage:
    King Philip World Percussion/Steel Drums 11:00 AM
    Kathy Ryan Dance Studio 12:00 PM
    Henry the Juggler 12:40 PM
    Kids games & contests (hula hoop, musical chairs & balloon toss) 1:30 PM
    Johnny Fireseed and the Junkyard Dogs 2:00 PM
    Pie eating contest, golf ball drop & silent auction winners 2:45 PM
    The Inspiration Performing Troupe of Norfolk 3:15 PM
    On the Dining Area Stage:
    Good Tymes Banjo Band 12:45 PM
    DJ Peter Conte All Day
    Children's amusements All Day
    Fire engine, hay wagon and train rides All Day
    Foam Fun (play in foam sprayed by NFD) 3:45 PM
    Come join the food, games and fun that are all sponsored by various local groups. Many of our local organizations are selling goodies to raise funds and providing literature so we can all find out what's going on around town. It's a great day for everyone to get together and celebrate Norfolk.
    Did you know that food pantry supplies are at their lowest during the summer months, especially toward the end of the summer? To help alleviate this problem, the Lions are running a food drive at Community Day. Our goal is to Stuff-A-Truck full of food to be shared between the Norfolk and Franklin food pantries. Some items that are always needed are cereal, baked beans, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, laundry detergent and toiletries. Please help us to reach our goal by bringing your donation to Community Day so we can fill that truck!
    The Norfolk Lions could not undertake this fun event without the wide-spread assistance of all those who volunteer their funds, materials and time. The Lions would like to thank the Norfolk Fire, Police and Highway Departments and the Norfolk Recreation Department for their ongoing support. We are also pleased to acknowledge our platinum, gold and silver sponsors for this year's Community Day. Platinum: Holmes Transportation, 1776 Financial Services, Dedham Savings Bank, Foxboro Federal Savings Bank, Zolli Enterprises; Gold: Carpentry by Tom Antonellis, George T. Cronin & Sons, Dover Trucking, Dunkin Donuts, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Environmental Partners Group, Federated Church of Norfolk, Minuteman Press of West Newton, Norfolk Community League, Norfolk Cultural Council, Peter Conte, Roche Brothers, Rodman Ford, RJ Ross Funeral Home, Snead Retirement Consulting, Stop & Shop; Silver: Berkshire Hathaway Page Realty, ECO Structures Inc., Elite Foods, Printmaster Tee Shirts & More, St. Jude's Church and Taylor Rental of Norfolk.
    The Lions are a non-profit organization known for working to end preventable blindness. Norfolk Lions participate in a vast variety of projects important to our community and proceeds of Community Day are donated back into local charities or to meet community needs. For more information regarding Community Day, you may contact the Norfolk Lions Club at norfolkcommunityday@gmail.com or call Frank Z. @ 508-520-0203 or Patti M. @ 508-520-0540.
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 5/27 12:16am   I have Ursuline Academy school uniform items available for sale, size women's small, fitting a teen girl 5'3" to 5'5", 105 - 120 1bs. I have a mint condition hunter green uniform blazer that sells new for $155 (note, if you have a student entering UA as a 7th grader this blazer will fit them all the way thru high school!), 3 white polo shirts and 2 navy polo shirts that sell new for $18 each, and one polar fleece with school emblem that sells new for $45. Everything is available for $85. Please contact me at kbckwc@gmail.com if interested.
    - KC

  • 5/27 12:15am   Any suggestions for a good Sealcoating Company? Any reviews of Mike's Sealcoating? I seem to see them around Norfolk, a lot.
    - BM

  • 5/27 12:14am   I have a kitchen ceiling, around 10 years old, that has been damaged by ice dams. The ceiling is a sand swirl design and I can't find anyone who does this type of plastering. Does anyone have any knowledge of someone who is still doing this type of plastering? It's a large kitchen and I really don't want to change the look of the ceiling if at all possible.
    Thank you!
    - PL

  • 5/27 12:12am   Lucky Ducky Daycare is accepting applications for Fall Registration. Preschool (ages 2.8-5 years old) session begins Sept 1, 2015 HOURS: Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. We also offer Before & After School childcare for (grades K-5) check out this special offer! www.groupon.com/deals/lucky-ducky-daycare
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 5/27 12:11am   Please help us find our sweet, shy dog Sven! He is a Bernese Mtn Dog, about 65 lbs... black with puffy tail, white stripe on face, tan markings. He may be hiding in woods and trails by power lines, may be near Seekonk, he got loose on Friday. Please do not chase, if you see him call 508-333-6592... we miss him so, during cookouts he may be lurking seeking food! Thank you for your help!
    - EL

  • 5/27 12:09am   Baby hostas free to a good home. Come and dig them up. box518@norfolknet.com
    - AB-G

  • 5/27 12:01am   Calling all kids and tweens! Yoga at The Organic Angel 114 C Pond St. in Norfolk begins in June! Classes are by age. See the description below. Email or call Angela to RSVP or with any questions: 781-738-1577. All classes are 1 hour in duration for $15 per child.
    Yoga for kids ~ ages 4 to 5; Wednesday: June 3, 10, 17, 24 from 9:30 to 10:30am $15
    Bring your little one to The Organic Angel for some stretching and fun. This class offers children a fun introduction to yoga through imaginative journeys by using animated poses, music, stories, art, games and a magical relaxation.
    Yoga for kids - ages 6 ~ 10; Tuesdays: June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 from 3:30 to 4:30pm $15 This class is a great way for your child to unwind after a long school day in a warm, fun, nurturing environment. Your child will have the opportunity to explore the practice of yoga and experience the benefits it has on the mind, body and spirit. Each class will have a yogic theme such as peace, love, acceptance honesty, and environmentalism which will be introduced through discussion and stories. Class will include techniques to focus the mind including breathing exercises and guided visualizations, yoga poses that improve coordination, body awareness, balance and flexibility, partner poses and yoga games.
    Yoga for tweens - ages 11 - 13; Thursdays: June 4, 11, 25 at 3:30 to 4:30pm $15
    This class is designed to help tweens build self esteem and to provide techniques which enable them to learn how to reduce stress through relaxation and breathwork. This class introduces the practice of flowing through yoga poses which build heat and connection as well as improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Class will also consist of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga games and restorative poses. Themes such as choosing positive thoughts, healthy coping strategies and learning how to love ourselves will be explored through discussion. Class will end with creative journaling or an art project and a blissful savasana.
    These classes are taught by Denise Leonard. Denise is a certified yoga teacher through the yoga alliance and is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradition as well as a level one Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner. She completed her 200 hour teacher training through Finding Inner Peace and has also completed her 500 hour teacher training through The Yoga Studio focusing on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.
    - AC, The Organic Angel

  • 5/26 11:57pm   Can anyone recommend a local Tile company for a kitchen backsplash job?
    - MB

  • 5/26 11:46pm   Looking for a couple college kids to help with some landscaping projects at my home in Norfolk. Immediate start. Call 617-980-9025
    - MM

  • 5/26 11:43pm   Experienced painter needed, must have own transportation. Please call 508-440-5673 Mike
    - MC

  • 5/26 11:42pm   Please join us on May 30th at 9 am to run/walk to find a cure for diabetes. There will be breakfast buffet following the race. We will also have many raffles. Some raffles include: Lexus Car Detail, oil changes, Dunkin Donut gift basket, 3 month gym membership or 6 month tennis membership at the Adirondack club, golfing at Maplegate Country Club and gift cards to Zebras, Horse and Carriage, Bourques, Nicky's, and many more. Any questions contact Joan at joana3213@aol.com
    - JA

  • 5/26 11:40pm   Notice: Meeting 7:00 pm tomorrow June 21 at the KP Middle School to hear a presentation and discuss the proposed Southwood Hospital Redevelopment Plan. George Vallone of the Hoboken Brownstone Company will be presenting his plans for the former hospital. Mr. Vallone has been working with the Town Zoning Working Committee on the development plans and agreements with the town in preparation for a Zone Change at Fall Town Meeting.
    Please plan on attending to hear about the project and ask questions.
    - RG, Town Planner

    [the post was sent on May 20 but referred to June 21. - Wm.]

  • 5/26 11:29pm  
    - MW

  • 5/26 11:34m   I am looking for a plasterer to hang a piece of sheetrock and plaster the seams to leave it ready to paint. Rich P., 781 706 9714
    - RP

  • 5/26 11:29pm  
    - JN, KPMA

  • 5/26 11:27pm  
    - SP

  • 5/26 11:20pm   Are there any local bingo games in the area??
    - BR (#1)

  • 5/26 11:19pm   Looking for recommendations in the area for infant daycare. I'm switching jobs and need to find a new center or home for my 11 month old in September for three days a week. Thank you in advance for any suggestions, reviews or contact information. [Contact box517@norfolknet.com]
    - ZM

  • 5/26 11:17pm   Ivy Music Academy enrolls new students for the summer semester which starts on June 29th.
    We offer piano, voice, violin, guitar, clarinet, flute and saxophone lessons.
    Please e-mail us at ivymusicacademy@gmail.com or call us at (781)-647-5390 for more information about the schedule.
    You can register online through our website www.ivymusicacademy.com. No registration fee will be applied for the Summer students.
    - VS, Ivy Music Academy

  • 5/26 11:14pm   Norfolk-based Happy Feat Fundraiser recently donated over $10,000 to New Hope, Inc. located in Attleboro, MA, an organization that works with victims of domestic and sexual violence. New Hope combines a multi-faceted approach to support victims as well as promote behavioral and systemic changes to reduce violence at the individual and community levels.
    Happy Feat is a ladies-only fundraiser held annually in support of various charities. This year's event was held on Saturday, May 2 at Lake Pearl Luciano's, and featured music, dancing, food, drawings, and auctions. The Fundraiser has grown larger every year, and nearly 200 women attended this year's event.
    Since its inception in 2010, the Happy Feat Fundraiser has donated more than $30,000 to charities. Past recipients include Women to Women Partnership at St. Mary's Center for Women and Children, Fisher House Boston, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for brain cancer research, the American Red Cross, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease.
    For more information, visit Happy Feat on Facebook or email Eileen Stetter at happyfeatfun@gmail.com. Photo: (l to r) Terry Ferraris, VP of Happy Feat, Eileen Stetter, Founder and President of Happy Feat, and Marcia Szymanski, Executive Director and President at New Hope, Inc.
    - GA

  • 5/26 10:57pm   Hello. Would anyone know the name of a local company or contractor (must be licensed and insured) that can install an egress window in a concrete basement wall? We have a casement window now but would need it enlarged. This would of course have to have a permit by the Office of the Building Inspector here in Norfolk and meet all requirements as determined by him. Thanks so much.
    - AG

  • 5/26 10:55pm   Do you need childcare this summer? Camp Lucky Ducky offers the perfect solution for your childcare needs. Take a virtual tour www.luckyduckydaycare.com or like our Facebook Page to receive special offers $ fun tips for your family! facebook.com/LuckyDuckyDaycareNorfolkMa
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 5/26 10:53pm   Looking for a way to keep cool this summer? Take figure skating lessons from a former national champion in synchronized skating. Qualifications include: 2 time national champion in synchronized skating, Senior moves in the field, International Ice Dance, and former Team USA member. I offer low prices and a flexible schedule. Please email jantonellis01@gmail.com for more information and references. Thanks!
    - JA

  • 5/26 10:52pm   Hi, does anybody have any feather and wedge sets (for splitting stone) that they no longer need or want? Please send me an email at bp4402@hotmail.com if you have some to get rid of. Also looking for stones if you want some out of your yard! Just a homeowner working around the yard, I am not a professional. Thanks for reading!
    - BP

  • 5/26 10:40pm   Summer Babysitter/ Nanny Available. I am a 19 year old college student with availability from late May to mid-August. I have my own car to drive kids to activities. I am CPR and First Aid certified and I am available to work all week. I have experience working with children as a counselor at a Girl Scout camp during summer 2014 and from many years of babysitting during high school. I can provide references upon request! If interested, please email: csilvest@hamilton.edu. Thanks!
    - CS

  • 5/26 10:39pm   We have an older home (46 years) and are looking to get the original front door replaced. We'd prefer a licensed contractor. Any recommendations or suggestions? Also looking to have our foundation checked out. Any advice? Thanks!
    - BW

  • 5/26 10:37pm   The beige and white cat pictured her is my daughter's sweetheart named Merri. She is MISSING from our home at 22 Berkshire St. in Norfolk. She is an indoor cat and has been missing since 3PM 5/8. Please pick her up if you see her and call me 508 298 9725. Thank you.
    - KW

  • 5/26 10:36pm   I am looking to hire a sturdy/strong high school or college age person to help with a small project or two at my home here in Norfolk. Please drop me a note if you or you know of someone who can offer this service at: paulin83021@mypacks.net and leave some contact info so I can get in touch with you to discuss times, hourly pay rate etc.
    Many Thanks
    - BF (2)

  • 5/26 10:32pm   6th Annual Norfolk Community Day Youth Art Show; Promoting Our Community through the Arts
    For the 6th year the Norfolk Lions are sponsoring a youth art show open to all Norfolk residents in grades 1 through 6. The art work submitted should represent a 'Scene around Norfolk/Your Community'. The Youth Art Show, where all the art work will be displayed, will be held at Norfolk Community Day on June 6, 2015 at the Holmes Complex, 22 Myrtle St., Norfolk. In addition, all art work will become a part of a slide show that will be broadcast on Norfolk Cable TV.
    This show is free to all participants, with one entry per person. Artwork submitted on paper may be no larger than 11-inches by 17-inches. This year we will also accept art work of other mediums. Each entry must include an entry form taped to the backside of the art. Entry forms are given to all children in the Norfolk public schools. Additional forms are also available in the main lobby of the Norfolk Public Library.
    Entries will also be judged by a panel appointed by the Norfolk Lions in three age groups: grades 1 and 2, grades 3 and 4, and grades 5 and 6. Winners will be selected based on artistic creativity, neatness and originality. All entries will receive an award and winners in each age group will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and honorable mention ribbons. But that's not all - the 1st place winners in each age group and one Grand Prize winner will also each receive gift certificates! These winning entries will be displayed at the Norfolk Library, for all to see, for two weeks after Community Day.
    The contest entry deadline is 5 p.m. on Friday, May 29. Entries can be placed in the collection boxes at the Freeman Kennedy or HOD schools, or mailed or dropped off in person to:
    Norfolk Lions, c/o Sally Grant, 40 Grove Street, Norfolk, MA 02056
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 5/26 10:31pm   I'm considering installing replacement windows throughout my 30 year old house. Can anyone recommend a contractor or company that has done a good job for them? Any commendations on brand of windows? I don't want premium priced but good quality for a fair price.
    - JM

  • 5/26 10:30pm   Could someone tell me if the KP high school track is open for public use (assuming, of course, that the track teams are not practicing). If so, what are the hours?
    - JC

  • 5/26 10:29pm   One last chance Norfolk! Vote for Patrick Touhey for school board, a man who will be ahead of the curve- as he shown by battling the ridiculous Common Core debacle while the pols stick their heads in the sand like common Cape oysters. Journalists have called Common Core an orphan waif with politicians denying paternity.
    But you know how it is. It's not a joke, these are your kids, their education, and you have the ability to change it.
    You know you can. vote Touhey!
    MON of the Wild West
    - MON

  • 5/26 10:28pm   Has anyone had any luck trying to get a hold of Norfolk Irrigation this Spring? I want to continue to support them, but their voicemail box has been full for over a week now. Any alternative suggestions for some minor work after a tough winter? Thank you.
    - CS

  • 5/26 10:23pm   BR (#1) - D&D Mulch and Landscaping in Bellingham.
    - LR

  • 5/26 10:19pm   Has anyone had any experience with Verizon FIOS tri-play? I'm considering switching from Xfinity but wanted to see what others thought. Are there dramatic savings, does the internet work well, is it painless to switch? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank for your help!
    - AW

  • 5/3 10:08pm   A pair of glasses were found at the Pond Street Recreational Complex (soccer field) on Tuesday, April 28. If you think they may be yours, please call or email Norfolk Recreation. Our number is 508-520-1315 and our email is recreation@virtualnorfolk.org. Thank you,
    - AP, Recreation Director

  • 5/3 10:07pm   Any mulch deliveries in the area that are avordable?
    - BR (#1)

  • 5/3 10:06pm   I didn't realize there are two different versions of the Country Gazette. The one I received at home on May 1 did not have the article on page A-2 that my friend's paper had. The article headline is ``Questions Raised over Candidates Record''. One might think it was referring to a candidate's voting record, but if you have a chance to see the article, you'll realize it is his behavior record that is in question including a recent arrest (December). The article is about Kevin Doolin, a current Recreation Commissioner. I think a person that has had ``at least a half a dozen incidents where the police have had to intervene'' as this article states based on information from the Norfolk Police, should not hold any elected or appointed position and he should certainly not be elected to the position of Selectman. Mr. Doolin, please withdraw and please resign.
    - RP

  • 5/3 10:03pm   There is an election on Tuesday, May 5th [...]. I pulled it from The Sun Chronicle.
    NORFOLK -- As is usually the case for a town election, there is a race for board of selectmen in Tuesday's annual town election.

    Recreation commission member Kevin Doolin looks to unseat one-term Selectman Scott Bugbee, the board's current chairman who previously served on the recreation commission.

    Voters will cast their ballots at Freeman-Kennedy School on Boardman Street from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


    Scott Bugbee Age: 51.

    Family: Wife Liz. Two children, Tucker and Emily.

    Education: Bachelor of science in business administration with concentration in finance from the University of Vermont.

    Occupation: Director of sales, Investment Metrics

    Political Experience: Recreation commission 2010-2013; Board of selectmen 2012-present.

    Party Affiliation: Republican.

    Top Priority: ``I want to continue what I have started on many fronts. I want to continue the expansion of the commercial tax base which means continuing to work on bringing appropriate commercial expansion to our downtown area as well as in the town's other commercial areas. I want to continue the possible regionalizing of certain town services to provide the most efficient and cost effective services for our town. I want to continue to work with the other committees and boards that work so diligently to serve Norfolk.''

    Position on Issue 1: What needs to be improved in town?

    ``Obviously we need to continue to work on improving our roads. This is a high-profile concern especially after the extreme weather we had this winter. I believe our schools and public safety departments are operating well but we are always looking to make improvements to better serve the residents of Norfolk.''

    Position on Issue 2: How would you help maintain town services and hold down taxes?

    ``I think that it is vital to expand the town's commercial tax base but it is equally important to maintain Norfolk's small town charm. We have not had an operating budget override since 2005. During this time we have had to make budget cuts and staff reductions, but we have been able to avoid making cuts in services to our residents. I am director of sales at Investment Metrics in Norfolk and have also worked as an investment adviser for over 10 years so I feel that my financial background is an asset during the budgetary process.''

    Favorite book or movie: Movie ``It's a Wonderful Life.''

    Who would you most like to have dinner with and why? ``Honestly I want to have dinner with both of my children and wife, all four of us together.''

    Quote: ``9/11 Never Forget.''

    Kevin Doolin Age: 54.

    Address: 13 Sweetland Farm Road

    Family: Married to Angie Doolin and children Erin and Conor.

    Education: Suffolk University, bachelor of science in journalism

    Occupation: Owner of K.D. Cleaning Co.

    Political Experience: Currently serving a three-year-term on recreation commission.

    Party Affiliation: Unenrolled

    Top Priority: Addressing high taxes and improving town roads.

    Position on Issue 1: What needs to be improved in town?

    ``The escalating Norfolk residential tax rate to $17.66 per $1,000. This is burdening our senior citizens and middle class wage earners. Norfolk residents and taxpayers deserve great public roads in addition to our great schools and public safety. If elected, I would propose a warrant article spring or fall during my term and earmark the $250,000 town savings/earnings from Norfolk's Recycling/Transfer Station's two solar arrays'' for roadwork.

    Position on Issue 2: How would you help maintain town services and hold down taxes?

    ``Norfolk needs line-item budgeting so residents and taxpayers are given a clear picture and ability to make personal town financial judgments. We need to unbundle the budget. One of my first year goals would be to reduce Norfolk's $30,000,000 budget by $1,000,000. We need to substantially reduce Norfolk's litigation costs. Let's broker compromise and support residents, business owners, developers and land owners.''

    Favorite book or movie: Movie ``Inside Llewyn Davis.''

    Who would you most like to have dinner with and why: ``Pat Metheny. My inspiration through life. Music nurtures the soul.''

    Quote: ``Stay involved. Speak up for the children. And no matter what, shoot straight.''

    - LP

  • 5/3 10:02pm   Babysitter/Nanny available for May and June - I am a 22 year old college graduate who will be moving back to Norfolk in mid-May until the beginning of July. If you are in need of someone to watch your young children before your high school babysitters get out of school, I'm your girl! I have my own car to drive kids to and from activities and appointments, and am willing to work all week. I have experience with children through my many years of babysitting as a teenager, full time nannying for two summers, and as a camp counselor at the Adirondack Club the past two summers. References available upon request. If interested, please email: khilfran@fandm.edu
    - KH

  • 5/3 10:01pm   Every year, Norfolk residents and runners from neighboring towns participate in the Norfolk Community Day 5k Run/Walk. This year, the event is scheduled for June 6, 2015 at 9am, starting and ending at Holmes Field, Myrtle Street, Norfolk. All race proceeds will be donated to Norfolk Advocates for Children (NAC), a partnership of public and private agencies that work together collaboratively to help children who experience physical, sexual and domestic abuse. (norfolkadvocatesforchildren.com). The Norfolk Community League is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Norfolk residents and strengthening community spirit. NCL is very proud to support NAC and its mission.
    The Norfolk Community Day 5k Run/Walk is a measured USTA certified course, along Norfolk's rolling country roads. The race will be professionally timed by Racewire. The registration fee is $25 for individuals. Children 12 years old and younger can participate for free, or for $20 if they want an official race number and time. Walkers and strollers are welcome!
    Registration at the race begins at 8am or to register in advance visit norfolk5k.racewire.com. For more information about NCL, please visit norfolkcommunityleague.org.
    - AB, NCL

  • 5/3 10:00pm   To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, ``what's with the two wheel eating canyons on Seekonk St? It's been more than a few days and nothing done yet. Couldn't that part wait until whatever they're going to do is ready?
    Who knows what Medfield is doing but at least they finally patched things up yesterday and today.
    - BF

  • 5/3 9:59pm   Local Norfolk mom (also a teacher) available for childcare this summer. References available. Call 508-397-3129.
    - NT

  • 5/3 9:58pm   Teen Study Nights: AP edition at the Norfolk Public Library 139 Main St., Norfolk MA
    Thursday, May 7 / Tuesday, May 12 / Wednesday, May 13
    It's time for AP exams. What better place to study than the library? The entire library will be open until 10:00pm FOR TEENS ONLY to study, have *free pizza* while it lasts, purchase snacks for 25 cents, and, hopefully, relax a little bit! The library will close to the public at 7:30 and will be open until 10:00pm for students from *any* high school. Just check in at the reference desk so we know who's in the building!
    Contact Marissa Antosh, Youth Services Librarian, at 508-528-3380 x5 or mantosh@sailsinc.org
    - MA, Norfolk Public Library

  • 5/3 9:37pm   Summer Camp Norfolk, Ma: Full-Day (Monday thru Friday 7:00 am - 5:30 pm)
    Camp Lucky Ducky runs from 7/6/15-8/28/15
    Our summer program begins, when the Norfolk Public Schools academic year ends. Camp Lucky Ducky runs for 8 weeks. Children between the ages of 5-12 years old will go on a variety of weekly field trips, swim, learn Spanish from a professional language teacher, help in the garden, try science experiments, make arts & crafts, and so much more. Your tuition includes- roundtrip transportation from Lucky Ducky Daycare to all of the field-trips, 2 freshly prepared meals & 1 snack each day. All of the weekly highlights and schedule of events will be posted on our website soon. Take a virtual tour www.luckyduckydaycare.com Register for 1 week or all eight. E mail learn-with-us@luckyduckydaycare.com if you need additional info.
    - YR, Lucky Ducky Daycare

  • 5/3 9:36pm   Ladder - Fiberglass 24 foot, Type 1A. Brand new condition, always garaged and seldom used, 300 pound capacity. Paid $275 new but will sell for $195. Call 774-571-8838
    - DC

  • 5/3 9:35pm   An invitation to experience Reiki: Beginning on Saturday, May 9th, The Organic Angel at 114C Pond St in Norfolk will be offering Reiki Clinics to the community. This is an invitation for anyone who wishes to experience Reiki from a certified Reiki Practitioner. At the clinic, you be assigned a practitioner who will explain Reiki, the session, and proceed with hands-on-healing. During the session, the client will be fully clothed on a massage table while receiving a treatment. Sessions will be 30 minutes that will include discussion plus 20 minutes on the table. Cost is $20. Please email angela@theorganicangel.com with questions or to schedule an appointment. Reiki Clinics will be offered the 2nd Saturday of each month between 12-4pm. For more details about Reiki, check out our Reiki page on www.theorganicangel.com
    - AC, The Organic Angel

  • 5/3 9:34pm   [KP hosting annual Percussion Night on Weds 5/6 at 7pm in the high school gym. Concert is free, and open to all.]
    - JN

  • 5/3 9:33pm   To the person looking for garage door information - I recently used Pioneer Garage Doors in Walpole and had a very good experience. Prompt, friendly service and competitive pricing. Call them at 508-668-8136.
    - MP

  • 5/3 9:32pm   Who in the Norfolk area can be contacted to check out our well ?
    - BB (#1)

  • 5/3 9:31pm   To the person who discards their Winston cigarette boxes and Bud Light beer cans on Boardman Street - please stop. I picked up over 50 Bud Light cans and 20+ Winston cigarette boxes today. Thank you in advance for curbing this behavior.
    - BHS

  • 5/3 9:30pm   Anyone want to get rid of an old exercise bike they no longer use? Thanks!
    - LR

  • 5/3 9:28pm   Received this announcement about a new restaurant in Westwood staffing up --
    NEW Bonefish Grill Hiring More Than 120 Westwood-Area Residents Various positions available
    WHAT: Bonefish Grill has a great fish story to tell as it opens its doors on Monday, June 1. The restaurant, that will feature market-fresh fish and wood grilled specialties, hand-crafted cocktails and an extensive wine list, is now hiring more than 120 Westwood-area residents. Applications to join the Bonefish Grill team will be accepted for various positions including angler, host and kitchen staff and will be available online at http://www.Bloominbrandscareers.com/Bonefish and enter 68206 for Westwood and complete the online application. For more information, visit www.bonefishgrill.com
    LOCATION: University Station, 174 University Ave. Westwood, Massachusetts 02090
    - Wm.

  • 5/3 9:26pm   I have a Craftsman 40 in. rear mount de-thatcher and a 2 barrel grass catcher for a Sears riding mower. If interested make me an offer. 508.553.9129
    - RC

  • 5/3 9:24pm   Lost 3 generation iPod on the baseball opening day. Please contact me if you have heard anything about it. Thank You box515@norfolknet.com
    - LP

  • 5/3 9:23pm   I was wondering if anybody in the area fixes lawnmowers? Please contact me at fitzk22@hotmail.com. Thank you
    - KF

  • 5/3 9:19pm   Today I attended the funeral of Jim Foley. For those of you that do not know Mr. Foley, he was a firefighter / EMT, former Deputy Fire Chief and former head of the highway department for the town of Norfolk. Today while driving through town I noticed that the flag on the Town Hill and at the Town Hall were at half staff, however the flag at the fire department was not. I'm not sure if the town had the flags at half staff for Mr. Foley or not but I do know that if the town ordered the flags at half staff then ALL town facilities must follow. I am a 10 year veteran of the Air Force and I find this to be disrespectful. The fire department should be ashamed of itself for its lack of respect for the death of a person who dedicated years to serving the town. I demand the fire department post an apology to not only the Foley family but also the town for such a display.
    Justin Snow - former Norfolk resident and also step son to the deputy fire chief of Norfolk.
    - JS

    [Update for my previous post. The town has told me that they have reached out to the Foley family and have apologized. - JS]

  • 5/3 9:17pm   I am looking for someone who can machine embroider the back of a light jacket. I just need one word, so it's not a big job, but it's a meaningful one. If you machine embroider or know of anyone who does, please let me know at anrpatel1@yahoo.com. Thanks.
    - AP

  • 4/21 7:23pm   24 Foot Fiberglass Ladder - Made by Louisville, Type 1A, 300 pound capacity. In new condition, hardly ever used and always garaged. Paid $275 but will sell for $195. Call 508-528-6569.
    - DC

  • 4/21 7:19pm   Free Creative Playthings swing set. Includes slide and swings. Sadly, kids have outgrown. If you are willing to come and disassemble it and take it away, it is yours.
    Call Chuck at 508-520-4567
    - CB

  • 4/21 7:18pm   Babysitter/nanny available for the Summer - I am an ``empty nester'' who has years of experience raising a family as well as babysitting. I currently take care of 2 wonderful girls (ages 8 and 10) which includes driving them to/from after school activities, homework help, making them dinner and having fun!! This summer, I am looking for 1, 2 or 3 days per week. Please feel free to email me at: lisa1213@earthlink.net. Thank you.
    - LS

  • 4/21 7:17pm   Found a remote control plane in the woods by Freeman today. Anyone who is missing it can contact us box514@norfolknet.com
    - LC

  • 4/21 7:16pm   Response to JFO: I have SolarCity solar panels and car charger installed in Norfolk. Service was great from start to finish. Happy to give you a look at our setup.
    - SGP

  • 4/21 7:15pm   NB, the DPW will take them according to the DPW worker sitting next to me.
    - TG

  • 4/21 7:11pm   Babysitter/nanny available for the summer - I am a responsible 19 year old just finishing my freshman year at Furman University who enjoys spending time with children. I am looking for 4 or 5 days per week and have experience with children of all ages through babysitting, coaching basketball, tutoring and volunteering at youth lacrosse clinics. I have my own car and am more than willing to drive children to/from summer activities/camps if necessary. References available upon request. Please feel free to contact me at: mckenna.mcmorrow@furman.edu Thank you.
    - MM

  • 4/21 7:07pm   Opening of Fales Memorial Park on Sunday, April 26, 2015
    The Ceremony for Opening the Fales Memorial Park Preserve will be conducted at 2:00 P.M. at 24 Campbell Street, Norfolk, by the Arch Bridge. This location will serve as the main entrance to the Park. The land that has been designated as Fales Park at Highland Lake in 2008 was purchased with Community Preservation funds. This tract on the east side of Highland Lake replaces the original 13 Acres of Fales land that Bertha Fales donated to the Town of Norfolk in 1943. The original parcel was located north of Campbell Street on the west side of the Stop River. This land was taken by eminet domain in 1980 and became part of the Chales River Valley Natural Storage Area under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Norfolk Historical Commission has spearheaded the effort to establish this park commerorating the contributions of the Fales Family to the Town of Norfolk. Finally 72 years after Bertha donated land for a Memorial Park it will become a reality on April 26, 2015. The Norfolk Historical Commission and the Walpole Historical Society invite you all to join us to mark this occasion.
    - BB, Norfolk Historical Commission

  • 4/21 7:06pm   Pioneer Doors in Bellingham (I think) did a great job putting up my doors. Also I was extremely pleased with David Brown of Wrentham's work on my shrubs. I think he's called The Old Tree Cutter. He is reasonably priced, cleaned up perfectly and was very personable and accommodating. (NN reader who was troubled by my criticism of other businesses: Happy now?)
    - AB-G

  • 4/21 7:05pm   The cafe is on its way. Supposedly their sign is going to share space on the wall facing Walgreen's but the PT office has claimed the better spot. I wonder how that could have happened?
    - AB-G

  • 4/21 7:02pm   Norfolk Lions Community Day, Saturday June 6, 2015
    Save the date! June may seem like a long way off, but the Norfolk Lions Community Day team is already planning this annual event. This years event resurrects the original Old Tyme Day theme from years past when times were a little slower and more affordable. Community Day 2015 will take place on Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 11:00 until 4:00. Once again the Holmes Family has graciously agreed to host the event at their property at 22 Myrtle Street, Norfolk.
    This will be the Lions' 23rd year bringing a day of family fun and entertainment. The Lions goal is to provide a country fair type environment including music, dancing, games, petting animals, hayrides, train rides, pie eating contest , foam for kids to play in, food and historical displays. This is an event for the entire Norfolk Community to come out, celebrate and get to know neighbors. The Lions welcome your participation and invite any Norfolk business, organization, neighborhood or group to participate in Community Day. Groups and organizations (including corporations) can take part in a number of ways, whether by setting up a booth or tent, sponsoring an activity or entertainment, or simply by becoming a sponsor. There is no set fee to participate, but we do ask that you provide something in return. For example, if your company wants to have a booth, then you should have something to offer that will add to the fun such as a game or activity, or provide financial support that will be used towards other expenses. You can also sponsor an event or entertainment. We are flexible; just tell us what you have in mind.
    Help make Norfolk Community Day 2015 one of the best and join the fun. You may contact the Norfolk Lions Club at norfolkcommunityday@gmail.com or call Frank Z. @ 508-520-0203 or Patti M. @ 508-520-0540.
    - PS, Norfolk Lions

  • 4/21 7:00pm   re: MW asking of farmers markets in 4/15. Three options come to mind: #1 have it hosted in an organization parkinglot like grange on 115 or St Jude's #2 Have it at Gumps farmstand (now town owned community park on 115) you'd ask town manager or selectmen. #3 pick up weekly at moose hill Sharon Organic farmshare. link - http://www.massaudubon.org/get-outdoors/wildlife-sanctuaries/moose-hill/farm-share-csa
    - MN

  • 4/21 6:59pm   Hello. Would anyone have a set of the large, unpainted Melissa and Doug type preschool children's building blocks that they would like to sell? They must be clean and in excellent condition for my grandson. If so, please contact Alan at 508-528-1976. Thank you.
    - AMG

  • 4/21 6:58pm   NB: Please check with Town Hall. A few years ago, one of the Girl Scouts created a collection box for used flags. I think it is still there but I'm not sure.
    - TS

  • 4/15 10:44pm   Submissions Wanted for the Seventh Annual Edition of The Norfolk Quill!
    Norfolk's community literary journal is seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, and memoir for its seventh annual edition. Send your submission (3000 words or less) to: ReadMyLit@gmail.com
    Please include a short bio which will be printed in the journal if your submission is accepted for publication. Submissions must be received by April 28, 2015.
    - MB, The Norfolk Quill

  • 4/15 10:43pm   WPC Pest and Termite Control is a small, local pest management company offering service to the Norfolk area. Our competitive prices and detailed services make us a great choice to protect your property against the destructive nature of termites and other wood destroying insects. We also provide wildlife services, flea and tick treatments, and general home protection plans. Call today for a free home inspection. 508-596-5352.
    - PH, WPC Pest and Termite Control

  • 4/15 10:42pm   FOR SALE: Bruno Electra Ride LT Model SRE-LT Stairway lift. Purchased and installed in 2011, used minimally for one month then taken down and stored. Basically brand new. Paid $3,000 asking $1,500
    Contact Maureen at mcappuccino@verizon.net if interested
    - MRC

  • 4/15 10:27pm   Important!! Thursday 4/16/15 7:30 PM - Franklin, MA - Meeting Re: The Proposed Fracked Gas Pipeline Through Norfolk, Medway Franklin, Millis, Walpole, Etc. [From Pennsylvania to Weymouth and up to Maine!!]
    To all Residents of Franklin, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, Walpole!! Atlantic Bridge Fracked Gas Pipeline Meeting
    There is a second meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 16, at 7:30 PM at the First Universalist Society in Franklin, 262 Chestnut St, Franklin. This is for those who are concerned about a proposed gas line that would run through our towns. This proposal has lots of very serious problems and we can discuss many of them. For more information call Jim H. at 508-528-4888.
    Please go to this website for more info!: www.nofrackedgasinmass.org
    Fracking boom will not tackle global warming, analysis warns

    Nature paper shows abundant gas would squeeze out renewable energy and likely increase overall carbon emissions

    [theguardian.com article]

    - PRR

  • 4/15 10:26pm   In response to 4/9 5:02pm Hello, Can anyone recommend someone who fixes garage doors? Thanks, - LR Laviolette Garage Doors in Franklin does great work. 508-528-9267
    - TL

  • 4/15 10:25pm   Free Event: Join Stu Klane, local author of "Wisdom, Magic, and Miracles - Tools for today; Wisdom for life" for his book debut and discussion on Tuesday, April 21st from 7-8pm at The Organic Angel at 114 C Pond St. in Norfolk. The hour will highlight how these wisdomtic sayings from his book changed his life from depression, anxiety, and fear into freedom and happiness. Following the highlights, there will be a question and answer session. Upon completion of this event, a weekly book discussion will take place every Tuesday night from 7-8pm for $10 per person. Please RSVP your attendance for this free event with angela@theorganicangel.com.
    - AC, The Organic Angel

  • 4/15 10:24pm   Want to know more about how the proposed Spectra Atlantic gas pipeline expansion will affect our community? There is an informational meeting on Thursday, April 16 at 7:30 pm at First Universalist Church in Franklin, 262 Chestnut Street. This is a great opportunity to become better informed about this pipeline (which will carry frakked gas up past Maine, for export overseas), and will run through parts of Norfolk and Franklin. Contact Carolyn for more information at carolyncbarthel@gmail.com.
    - SR

  • 4/15 10:23pm   Just a reminder, in the Town of Norfolk, all dogs licenses expire December 31st. If you have not gotten your best friend a 2015 license, you have until April 30th before we begin charging late fees. The Town Clerk's office hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM until 6PM to license in person. You can also mail a check made out to the Town of Norfolk and include a self addressed, stamped return envelope, or at the Town Clerk's online store on the Clerk's webpage at www.virtualnorfolk.org/public_documents/norfolkma_clerk/index.
    - CG, Norfolk Town Clert

  • 4/15 10:22pm   NCL's Mom & MeEvent 2015 Rock Wall Climbing& Team Building Experience. Friday, May 8th 6-8pm 661 Prospect St., Norwood Agerecommended: 6 years & UP $17 perperson for NCL Members $20per person for non members
    Forthis event, The Norfolk Community League wanted to include some of the olderchildren who may have outgrown the annual Santa & Easter Bunny Breakfastsor the annual Fall Hayride! We wanted to offer an exciting night that wouldgive them the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and have a littlefun... together with their moms!! Thisis a partner event; both Mom & Child will participate in the climbing and team building activities.
    The 2 hour program will include: * Pizza,salad, drinks, dessert * RockWall climbing, Rope obstacles * TeamBuilding Challenges for Mom & Child/children
    There are only a limited number of spots! Get your tickets viaPayPal NOW at: www.norfolkcommunityleague.org/events Ticketdeadline May 3rd.
    Forquestions please contact Colleen O'Shea or Tricia Frazier at familybased@norfolkcommunityleague.org
    - AB, NCL

  • 4/15 10:21pm   Does anyone know of a local group that disposes of worn American flags? Boy scour troop or VFW maybe? Thanks,
    - NB

  • 4/15 10:20pm   Looking for experienced roofers/laborers! Please call Robbie at Robert Roofing & Gutters, Inc. 857-247-8709 to inquire. Thank you!
    - Robert Greene, Robert Roofing & Gutters

  • 4/15 10:18pm   2005 Lincoln Town Car for sale. Excellent condition and has always been garaged. Has under 51k miles, mostly highway. Leather interior with Signature Package. $8900. Call Jane 508-353-1748.
    - JA

  • 4/15 10:16pm   To all of the parents in Norfork, Wrentham and Plainville who had parties last night and allowed drinking, let me tell you something, I really don't appreciate it. If you're going to have drinking parties in your home you should approve it with the parents of the children that are invited yes the children. I am disgusted all of you.
    - (upset parent)

  • 4/15 10:15pm   Hi - I'd like to find out if anyone could recommend a local tax advisor. Thanks
    - PC

  • 4/15 10:14pm   Can someone shed some light on who (or which town department) I would contact regarding bringing a Farmers Market to Norfolk? Thank you,
    - MW

  • 4/15 10:13pm   What ever happened to the coffee shop that was supposedly coming to town? The space it was going to occupy is now turning into a Physical Therapy office.
    - MW

  • 4/15 10:12pm   High school landscapers trying to make a few bucks before college. Any landscaping jobs/odd jobs can be done.
    Clean ups - mowing - mulching - weeding - edging - trims - fertilizing etc.
    Text/call 5088381804
    - PL

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    Have an event coming up? Let others know, mail it in clk. Old items are archived.

    6/6 All You Can Eat Breakfast Saturday June 6, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. Federated Church of Norfolk, 1 Union Street in Norfolk center. The menu includes made to order omelets, made from scratch pancakes, ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, caramel French toast, and mini cinnamon rolls. Adults $7, seniors $5, & children under 10 eat for free. FMI, please call the church office 508-528-0262.

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    Moving Sale

    Leather Sofa, Love Seat, and Coffee Table, Side Table, and Console Table ($800)

    Complete Office Furniture, with Table lamp and a Nice Chair ($100)

    Full-size Bedroom Set ($150)

    Dresser, Nightstand, Lamp ($90)

    Tables ($20) each


    Please call 508 404 8303

    [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7]  

    Thule Summit Cargo Box

    Good condition
    $100 or best offer !

    Call 508/479/3893
    ( Norfolk )


    Storage Space Available

    Storage space available, 40' X 8' X 8' cargo container. Located in Norfolk. Call 508-958-1323 for more info.


    Swing Set For Sale

    For sale:

    Creative Playthings swing set, Lexington model with 5' platform, sandbox below, and picnic table top and benches, easily removed if kids are using the sandbox.

    Cost new was $2,179.00. Plenty of life left in this set, but wood ramp next to slide could be replaced. Any other replacement parts, such as new swings if you wanted the set to look like new, are readily available from Creative Playthings locally in Holliston or Norwood. Weeds in the picture are included free!

    Buyer must arrange for moving set, or I believe Creative Playthings may provide this service. Priced for quick sale: $325.00, Please call 774-284-0463, located in Norfolk.


    Vintage Market at the Grange!

    Vintage Sale June 6, 2015, 9am-2pm.


    Moving Sale

    Items available:

    Maytag Neputune Washer and Gas Dryer
    Bedroom (headsets) and living room furniture
    Dining table

    Please call 508 404 8303.


    Dining Room Set

    3-Piece Dining Room Set (Table with 6 Chairs, China Cabinet, Sideboard) asking price, $3000, or best offer

    Call 508-369-3820

    [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8]


    Rare PDP CX 6 Piece Drumset

    Premium rare PDP CX series 6 piece drumset, pearl snare, sabian splash and china and stand included

    PDP CX Series 5 Piece Drumset (WHITE PEARL) $900 or best offer - Includes:10", 12" (not pictured) rack toms, 14", and 16" floor toms, 20" bass drum, Pearl 14 x 5.5" MCX Masters Series Snare and 10" and 18" AA Sabian splash and China included!Used for a few years, looks and sounds great. Only blemish is a bend in the metal on the right leg of the bass drum, but still stands up perfectly. If you would like to hear what the kit sounds like, here are some videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ij3p1yAcMc, www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqPLxk80fAE

    Contact: 774-210-2850 or tuckahf@hotmail.com

    [Photo 2, photo 3]


    Multi-Family Mega (13 Homes) Yard-Sale Saturday, June 6, 9 AM to Noon

    Rain Or Shine, Please No Early Birds

    Margauxs Way/Lois Lane -115 To Holbrook St. To Margauxs Way

    Types Of Items For sale

    Small Appliances
    General Housewares
    Adult Clothing
    Cds, Books

    Lots Of Other Treasures

    Let's Make A Deal- Cash Preferred


    Painter to Hire

    Experienced painter needed, must have own transportation.

    Please call 508-440-5673



    Farmers Table and Chairs

    Farmers table with 4 chairs. $250 or best offer. Please call 508-254-6794

    [Photo 2]


    Figure Skating

    Looking for a way to keep cool this summer? Take figure skating lessons from a former national champion in synchronized skating. Qualifications include: 2 time national champion in synchronized skating, Senior moves in the field, International Ice Dance, and former Team USA member. I offer low prices and a flexible schedule.

    Please email qjantonellis01@gmail.com for more information and references. Thanks!


    Swing Set

    Child swing set - It has been Power washed, but needs a fresh coat of paint. Sold as. Buyer will disassemble and transport.

    Asking $800.00

    If interested, call Brian at 617-549-0655


    Summer Babysitter/ Nanny Available

    I am a 19 year old college student with availability from late May to mid-August. I have my own car to drive kids to activities. I am CPR and First Aid certified and I am available to work all week. I have experience working with children as a counselor at a Girl Scout camp during summer 2014 and from many years of babysitting during high school. I can provide references upon request!

    If interested, please email: csilvest@hamilton.edu.


    $75 - Great condition art/Lego activity center.

    Call 617.895.7374

    [Photo 2]


    FREE changing table + crib

    Pick up ASAP

    [Photo 2]


    NordicTrack Sky Machine - Electromagnetic Resistance (no belts)

    A classic in the home fitness world, the Classic Pro Skier is still a fan favorite for its effectiveness. Smooth, natural motion of Nordic skiing offers exercise without injury or discomfort, while adjustable resistance and elevation let you easily adjust the intensity of your workout. Independent resistance controls for the arms and legs give you training variety. The LED feedback window tracks time, distance calories burned and pulse. $95. Call 508-528-6569.


    Weight Lifting Set and Bench

    All metal weights, barbell and dumbbells. 110 pound set. Weight bench with squat rack and leg extension attachments. Great for beginners of any age. $25 and easy pick up! 508-528-6569


    2012 Ford Focus SE Hatchback/black

    5 Spd Manual Trans 85550 miles.
    Original owner/one operator combined city and highway getting great gas mileage 26/36.

    Nothing wrong with this car. Garaged with no accidents. Non smoking. All service records, manuals, window sticker. Interior in excellent condition. Exterior in great condition with exception of a few dings and surface scratches from winter. No rust. Just had multipoint inspection at Frankln Ford, installed new battery, front brakes/rotors and oil change. $7900. or best offer. Title free and clear.

    Call 508-561-5601 or email box513@norfolknet.com


    ChildLife Swing Set

    ChildLife swing set from Walpole Woodworkers along with a large plastic playhouse for sale. Both need TLC and are sold as is. Buyer will disassemble and transport. Asking $100 for both. If interested, call Scott at 508.615.0131


    Experienced Roofers Sought

    Looking for experienced roofers/laborers! Please call Robbie at Robert Roofing & Gutters, Inc. 857-247-8709 to inquire. Thank you!


    2005 Lincoln Town Car

    2005 Lincoln Town Car for sale. Excellent condition and has always been garaged. Has under 51k miles, mostly highway. Leather interior with Signature Package.
    $8900. Call Jane 508-353-1748.


    Growing pet care company looking for Administrative Assistance

    Great opportunity for someone looking for Mother's hours and to grow with an expanding business.

    Appropriate candidate:

    Is extremely detail-oriented and organized
    Can work well independently in a fast-paced environment
    Has excellent communications skills (both written and verbal)
    Is looking for a long-term position in pet care

    Responsibilities include:
    -Basic administrative duties such as calling clients, scheduling appointments, follow up, data entry, and billing
    -Implement and manage recruitment efforts for the business
    -Must be versed in using on and offline recruitment sources
    -Interview, check references, and hire for all open positions
    -Promote business online through directories and other low-cost sources
    -Develop, manage and expand monthly business e-newsletter
    -Experience with MailChimp and top social media sites
    -Support team in the management of all the day-to-day activities of the business such as client communications and timely responses to requests, generating invoices, making deposits, setting up and managing schedules, and more.
    -Marketing support and follow up

    Approximately 40 hours a month

    Remote, work-from-home position (approx 10 hours a week where some weeks will be more and other weeks will require less time).
    Individual must have their own computer and access to mobile phone (with a data plan), experience texting, emailing and the ability to manage and navigate web-based software.
    Training is detailed so only looking for someone interested in a long-term, permanent position.
    Please respond via email with salary requirement, a resume and letter of inquiry of why this would be an ideal position for you. Email: junebug1306@yahoo.com.


    Delta Rockwell Drill Press

    Delta Rockwell Drill Press - 1/2" chuck.. floor model - belt driven - 4 speeds.

    solid cast iron construction.

    $125 508-528-0875


    Landscape Service Offered!!!

    J&M Landscape guarantees cheaper prices than your current service. We mow, weed whack, mulch, edge, plant, etc....

    Please call or text
    Or email


    Babysitter / Nanny Available for the Summer 4 or 5 Days per Week

    - I am a responsible 19 year old just finishing my freshman year at Furman University who enjoys spending time with children.

    - I have experience with children of all ages through babysitting, coaching basketball, tutoring and volunteering at youth lacrosse clinics.

    - I have my own car and am more than willing to drive children to/from summer activities/camps if necessary.

    - References available upon request.

    Please feel free to contact me at: mckenna.mcmorrow@furman.edu Thank you.

    4/6, 4/21  

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